Where Is The Best Place To Buy Oysters In Sydney?

The world agrees that the best oysters are Sydney rock oysters, and the best of these can be found right here on the Barrington Coast.

There's nothing like freshly shucked for a salty-sweet-seaweedy-umami taste of the ocean!

Sydney rock oysters are the country’s finest and most celebrated oysters.

They are Australia’s only native rock oyster (the other native oyster being the angasi flat oyster from South Australia that grows on sand and mud, i.e. not a rock lover).

Sydney rock oysters are indigenous to the east coast (not just Sydney!) from southern Queensland to eastern Victoria. And did you know that the same oyster species (Saccostrea glomerata) also grows across the Tasman, where it’s known as the Auckland oyster or New Zealand rock oyster… but that’s another story?

Long before the first Europeans at Sydney Cove named this delicious mollusc, the Sydney rock oyster had thrived in the waterways of the east coast for thousands of years.

Its original consumers were the aboriginal peoples who pioneered many techniques (now widely adopted by the aquaculture industry), creating sustainable food and an almost unlimited source of sustenance.

By 1876 there was a Royal Commission into oyster culture which in 1880 resulted in Parliament passing laws to enable the formation of oyster leases as we know them today, ensuring the survival of the native Sydney rock oyster.

Did you know that Taree has The Big Oyster? Although The Big Oyster is currently part of a car dealership showroom, it reminds how important oysters are to the Barrington Coast.

The first Wallis Lake oyster leases were issued in 1884 to a Sydney merchant banker who created ‘oyster saloons’ for city CBD workers to enjoy Sydney rock oysters, bringing this seafood into the consumer mainstream.

Among the heritage of oyster growers in the Barrington Coast, you’ll still find the Sciacca family in Wallis Lake from the late 1880s; the Browne family in Port Stephens from 1886; and the Verdict family in Port Stephens (1945) and Wallis Lake (1970).

In Australia, the Sydney rock oyster is sold commercially by 255 farmers at 22 locations along 1500 km of the east coast. Although each region produces different oysters, the Sydney rock oyster is characterised by its deep, rich and lasting sweetness. According to John Susman from seafood consultancy Fishtales, it’s like no other on the planet: “I’ve not eaten an oyster anywhere with its level of complexity, from the feral vegetal notes through the mineral intensity to the astringent copper-like finish,” he says.

“The Sydney rock has a complexity and depth that is way more interesting than the singular characteristics often displayed in Pacific oysters and angasi (native) oysters.”

Sydney rock oysters from East 33’s 152 Series. We’re very pleased to declare that the best Sydney rock oysters come from a collective of oyster growers in the Barrington Coast called East 33. Our finest restaurants can’t get enough of them.

The estuary-fresh Sydney rock oysters from East 33 showcase the flavour profiles of specific regions of coastal NSW. Their 152 Series oysters are from locations around the 152-degrees longitude of the Barrington Coast, including the Manning River, Wallis Lake and the waters of Port Stephens.

So what’s all the flavour fuss about? East 33 lists flavour profiles that cover four main tastes: salty/sweet / umami/seaweed. Manning River oysters are described as: “A full sharp saline bite, clean seaweed notes and dry finish.” Wallis Lake oysters are described as:

“Full, rich, round and long with creamy vegetal characteristics and dry finish.” Port Stephens oysters are described as: “A sweet, full flavour, salty bite and rich long finish.” Is your mouth watering yet?

The Great Lakes Advocate recently reported about the consolidation of nine farmers from across Wallis Lake and Port Stephens under East 33. The undertaking, which includes 154 hectares of farms, an oyster nursery, a licensed Sydney rock oyster export facility and Hamilton's Oyster Bar, will establish East 33, one of the country’s largest producers.

The 152 Series is where the majority of the oysters from the East 33 Collection are produced, with the greater balance of those coming from the Wallis Lake operation. 152 Series oysters are truly the best oysters for the southern hemisphere summer, as they naturally reach their peak physical condition during the warmer months.

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The Best Spots To Score Freshly Shucked Oysters In Sydney

No one sits on the fence when it comes to oysters: either you can’t get enough of them, or you wouldn’t eat them if you were stranded on an island with nothing else to eat.

Broadsheet is on team can’t-get-enough. If you are, too, this is the right guide for you. Some of these restaurants have views of the ocean that you can enjoy as you slurp down oysters by the half-dozen or more (don’t forget to chew – it’s a myth that you should swallow them whole). Other places serve them up with garnishes designed to be paired with wine.

Many of these restaurants are budget-friendly, serving great oysters for $1 or $2 a pop. That’s helping to dispel the idea that oysters are a special-occasion-only food that must be consumed with lots of champagne.

Sydney is one of the best places in the world to eat oysters. Few cities have oysters named after them, and fewer still have a variety that tastes as good as the Sydney rock oyster.

It's an enormous smack of flavour concentrated across a smaller surface than other types, such as the Pacific oyster. Sydney rock oysters are featured accordingly on the menus of these places. Some renditions are familiar, and others get more experimental.

Slurp your way through the best oysters in Sydney.

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing like enjoying a plate of fresh seafood. If you’re in the mood for a delicious plate of freshly shucked oysters, you’ve come to the right place. Discover our favourite spots to enjoy oysters in Sydney.

Babylon, CBD

Grab a seat at Babylon’s enormous rooftop terrace and enjoy rock oysters with a Middle Eastern twist. Served with labna whey ice, these are undeniably refreshing and particularly more-ish! Available for $6 each in the bar and restaurant.

Bartolo Wine Room, Surry Hills

Head to the newly reopened Bartolo Wine Room in Surry Hills to score a delicious deal. Their Happy Hour on weekday afternoons serves up $2 freshly shucked natural oysters, $3 freshly shucked oysters with house-made spicy tomato granita, along with $10 wines and $7 beers. The best bit? All their oysters are sourced from the Australian oyster coast, only using Appellation oysters to ensure top quality every time.

Catalina, Rose Bay

You are overlooking the water, head to Catalina Rose Bay for a delicious dining experience. This romantic fine dining restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy freshly shucked oysters, with an ever-changing menu of Sydney’s best seafood.

Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo

Are you looking for freshly shucked oysters in Sydney? Look no further than the waterfront seafood restaurant, Cirrus, as one of Sydney’s finest seafood restaurants. Swing by for Sydney Rock oysters, large seafood platters, and so much more.

Empire Lounge, Rose Bay

For the freshest Appellation Oysters, you can’t go past Empire Lounge in Rose Bay. These new and most premium hand-selected oysters are flown in directly by seaplane. Empire Lounge provides a full tasting experience with specific tasting notes to each estuary to give you a truly unique oyster experience.

At Empire Lounge, enjoy hand-selected Oysters served on ice with Yuzu Honey Mignonette and a side of horseradish emulsion ($5 each, $30 for a half dozen, or $55 for a dozen).

Fred’s, Paddington

For top-notch sustainable produce that champions a farm-to-table ethos, Fred’s is the place to visit. Don’t miss their Clair de lune oysters with coriander and white pepper mignonette.

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, Bondi

With top-notch vistas of Bondi’s coastline, Icebergs Dining Room and Bar is one of the best spots to score oysters in Sydney. Enjoy freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters with Meyer lemon granita ($6.50 each).

Maybe Sammy, The Rocks

If you’re going to enjoy cocktails by Australia’s best bartenders (having recently been voted best bar in Australasia for the second year in a row by The World’s 50 Best Bars and scooping a ranking of #11 globally), you might as well accompany them with some fresh oysters. Oysters are available individually for $4 each or by the dozen for $40, and you can choose to accompany them with a raspberry mignonette or lemon and tobacco.

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room, CBD

This spot is a winner when it comes to scoring freshly shucked oysters in Sydney. Head along for a glass of bubbles and a plate of oysters (and don’t miss their oyster happy hour for $1.50 oysters from 6-7 pm).

Opera Bar, CBD

australia's most iconic bar & restaurant opera

Head to Sydney’s most iconic waterfront bar, Opera Bar, for some of Sydney’s best freshly shucked oysters. This festive season, Opera Bar invites you to enjoy a glass of Veuve Clicquot with prawns and Sydney rock oysters for $49pp, all while overlooking the harbour. Plus, they’ll even throw in some bonbons!

Reign, QVB

With one of the best champagne lists in Sydney, Reign is the perfect spot to sip bubbles and oysters in the CBD. Enjoy rock oysters with mignonette or lemon and toast to the weekend.

Saint Peter, Paddington

As one of Sydney’s best seafood restaurants, you can’t go past Saint Peter for a serve of freshly shucked oysters. With seven different varieties to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a range of delicious morsels from the sea.

The Squire’s Landing, The Rocks

If you prefer your oysters with a side of an iconic Sydney view, then head to the restaurant at The Squire’s Landing. They’ve got Sydney Rock Oysters available for $6 each with your choice of Bombay Sapphire to gratinate and pomelo or wood-fired with chipotle butter, and they’ll be served up with one of the best views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House you can find.

Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont

As the name would suggest, Sydney Fish Markets boast an epic selection of fresh seafood (freshly shucked oysters included).

Buy Oysters Sydney

The oyster selection takes a different tack. Today, Sydney Rock Oysters are one of the most sought-after types of seafood. Oysters. East 33, which sells direct to consumers and sells to 130 restaurants a week, wants to position local Sydney rock oysters as a luxury export.

Fresh Sydney Rock Oysters show a creamy, plump body with a clean finish. Reset … [ citation needed ] The name had appeared on maps prepared by Surveyor Wells in 1840.

The Woolloomooloo pub serves Sydney rock oysters with a shallot vinegar — and considering they are usually $4 each, this is a bit of a bargain. Best Place to Buy Oysters is Online. Related Pages Oysters: An Explainer Storage. Our Sydney Rock Oysters are harvested daily and delivered directly from the farm to you.

06 of 06. Farmed or wild, with their shells or shucked, our oysters guarantee the highest quality in both taste and texture. – A true gourmet delicacy with a soft silky texture, providing a smooth, creamy infusion on the palate. Broadsheet is on team can’t-get-enough. Unopened (unshucked) Sydney Rock Oysters can live out of water for some weeks if handled correctly.

Unfortunately, our Harris Farm seafood meal kits are unavailable for delivery at your selected delivery time. The best oysters in Australia grow in New South Wales (around Sydney Harbour), South Australia and Tasmania.

We supply wholesale oysters throughout Queensland, NSW and Sydney for restaurants and cafes, as well as direct to our local customers from our Coopernook premises. These Signature oysters can currently be delivered directly to your door in Sydney.

Check below if we have delivered to your address yet. Enjoy your oyster with a stunning view of Sydney Harbour. Riley St Garage makes a fancy starter a lot more affordable with $2.50 oysters Wednesday to Friday from 5-6 pm. They are usually found in the intertidal zone to 3 m (9.8 ft) below the low-water mark.

You will not find fresher oysters anywhere on the coast because these beauties are grown right in our backyard! Woolworths Fresh Sydney Rock Oysters 12 pack $ 16. $ 24.95 Per Dozen. There are three oysters to choose from as starters, and they also feature later on in the seafood platter, served with mignonette sauce.

$16.00 / 1EA. It's an enormous smack of flavour concentrated across a smaller surface than other types, such as the Pacific oyster. Would you like to? Unfortunately, our Loose Salad Boxes are unavailable for delivery at your selected delivery time.

Saint Peter's is one of Sydney's best seafood restaurants and is renowned for serving it in unexpected ways (such as the snapper sausage served on an English muffin). Map. Best eaten fresh on a half shell. View map.

Guaranteed fresh Australian oysters, locally farmed by local Australian farmers and measured against the highest standards of taste and freshness. The oyster selection takes a different tack. Rappahannock Oyster Co. Rappahannock Oyster. See restaurants with gift cards. Order fresh, Pacific Oyster Large for sale in Sydney, Melbourne & Central Coast. Ostrea angasi.

Large Pacific oysters are sweet and the world’s most cultivated oyster for this reason. Other places serve them up with garnishes designed to be paired with wine. Salamanca Seafood Company Basa Skin Off Fillet Value Pack 400g Salamanca Seafood Company Basa Skin Off Fillet Value Pack 400g $ 7. It typically takes 2-3 days to harvest and ship.

On a crystal clear lagoon, surrounded by the forest between Tathra and Bermagui on the New South Wales South Coast, rows and rows of oysters grow. Since 1899 Rappahannock Oyster Co. has been a family operation out of the Chesapeake Bay. It wouldn't be a champagne bar without oysters—Sydney Rock Bistro (Small) Per Dozen $ 17.

At Holbert's, consumers buy directly from the farm gate, which sees through the entire three-year process of creating a premium-grade oyster. Shucked oysters are shipped in a clear plastic tub vacuum sealed. Average 15g edible weight and 7-9cm shell length, though they have reached 45cm; generally larger than Sydney Rock Oysters.

It's an enormous smack of flavour concentrated across a smaller surface than other types, such as the Pacific oyster. Buy Oysters Online - Oyster Bar Large, beautiful oysters with soft silky textures and distinct flavours.

To Buy View Oyster Kilpatrick Recipe and other Oyster Recipes on our website. The oyster here is served with cold-pressed lemon dressing, but it's the world-famous view out over the beach that truly elevates the taste. Quick Buy.

Place-To-Buy-Oysters 3Best seafood restaurants in Sydney

Saint Peter

Named after the patron saint of fisherman, Saint Peter is an Australian fish eatery serving sustainably sourced seafood all day, every day. The dream restaurant, right? The menu changes daily depending on fresh off the boats, but expect juicy oysters, fish rillettes and raw wild Kingfish.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish has been a staple of Sydney’s fine dining scene for over ten years, with a menu packed full of the very best ingredients from Australian and New Zealand waters. The beautiful Harbour views don’t hurt, either.

For the ultimate showcase of what’s good to eat here, order the seafood platter: oysters, sashimi, charcoal roast scallops and more.

Aces Seafood

This is an important place for seafood in Sydney. Aces Seafood prides itself on serving the freshest seafood delivered daily from the Sydney Fish markets, and you can taste the quality in every bite. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s superb. Flaky fish in golden breadcrumbs with crispy chips or a garlicky lobster are must-eats.

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