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Sydney’s Best Breakfast You Can Eat

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    Sydney has a fantastic restaurant culture, and some of the city's greatest breakfast options are open early. If you're in need of a good restaurant to eat breakfast in Sydney, your search is over because we've compiled a list of the top 10 options. This list has something for everyone, from authentic Australian cafes to restaurants serving delectable Asian fusion fare. You can now plan to begin your day with a satisfying meal at one of the many great Sydney breakfast restaurants.

    Sydney has a plethora of excellent options for breakfast, making it difficult to choose where to dine. What follows, then, is a rundown of the top breakfast options in Sydney. You can go to any of these cafés and get something to eat that will satisfy your hunger. In these cafés, you can get a full breakfast or a nutritious, light meal. The best breakfasts in Sydney can be found outside, so go find them!

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    Sydney’s Best Breakfasts To Try

    Breakfast. The breakfast of champions, an unofficial companion to caffeine, and a meal that tastes exponentially better when someone else prepares it for you. Whether you're looking for a laneway cafe with some of the best coffee in Sydney's west or a takeaway toastie place in the CBD, Sydney's streets are loaded with all types of breakfast awesomeness. The reality is that there is an abundance of options. So, to assist you in finding your way through the maze that is Sydney's breakfast scene, we've sought out the finest of the best.

    Goodfield’s Eatery

    As well as the positive energy, we enjoy the comfort food served here. Goodfields Eatery is a mainstay for Lindfield residents. The father-and-son team of Anthony and George Karnasiotis (formerly of The Butcher's Block) are responsible for this verdant haven, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.

    The butter-roasted lobster tail on seeded bagel with poached eggs and homemade crustacean hollandaise is the restaurant's most famous breakfast item. Alternatively, the hotcakes topped with homemade passionfruit curd, toasted coconut, blueberries, and crème fraiche flavoured with vanilla beans are hard to beat when you're in the mood for something sweet.

    Cafe Once Upon A Time

    When it comes to cafes, West Ryde's Cafe Once Upon A Time has to be the most picturesque and authentic. The outdoor courtyard of this pet-friendly home is adorned with lush vegetation, fairy lights, and antique furnishings. With options like a loaded pancakes, Belgian breakfast, Monaco French toast (with maple syrup, banana, pineapple, and passionfruit), and old standbys like eggs on toast, an egg, bacon, and hash roll, and a gritty breakfast wrap swamped in tomato relish and tomato salsa, this cafe is a dream come true for breakfast lovers.

    Dachshund Coffee

    Here's the deal: the breakfast roll at Daschund Coffee is so delicious that you'll want to order two of them so that you may savour the experience twice. This breakfast paradise is the trinity of any morning ritual, as it offers the best whole food components, plant-based feeds, and great coffee.

    The egg, chipotle, and halloumi combination with relish on the breakfast roll sounds delicious, but you should also check out the specialised toast menu (with feta, hummus, nut butter, or miso-tahini with toppings) and the "doggy" menu. Smoothies, kombucha, iced tea, and Simon Says cold-pressed juice are all available to wash down the meal.

    Shot On Military

    Shot On Military is arguably one of the greatest cafés in Sydney for a hearty breakfast, especially for those of you who want to start your day with a lot of food. Breakfast items such as Shakshuka, eggs benedict, french toast, burritos, stuffed with scrambled eggs, avocado, and balsamic sauce are available from the extensive but not overly complicated menu. The Irish breakfast is a veritable feast consisting of a variety of meats and starches served on sourdough bread with melted butter.

    Gram Cafe And Pancakes

    To find the best breakfasts in Sydney, you must visit Gram Pancakes, the famous chain responsible for some of the best soufflé stacks in Tokyo. To ensure that their pancakes have a cloudlike texture, the company sent their executive chef all the way to Sydney to share his secrets with the locals. After the egg whites have been whisked until thick, they are folded into the batter and steamed under metal domes until golden. The result is a cake that is so light it practically melts in your mouth.

    Pancakes with matcha tiramisu and chocolate banana French toast are both available. A hidden savoury option is also available. Here come the pancakes Benedict. Here's a stack of three pancakes topped with two fried eggs, cheese, hollandaise sauce, and double-smoked bacon, so wonderful you'll want to gulp it down.


    girdlers cafes

    Nothing beats Girdlers, from the stunning decor to the healthy fare they make. Sustainability is the bedrock of Girdlers; the shop sources from nearby businesses, uses recyclable materials for packaging, and uses organic coffee beans and processing methods (free from herbicides, pesticides, and nasty chemicals). The "Holy Avo," made with avocado, grilled halloumi, green sauce on rye sourdough, crispy kale, fresh herbs, and organic poached eggs, is the show stopper (you can also opt-in for gluten-free seeded brown bread).

    Oceans Narrabeen

    Located just a short distance from the shimmering waves of Narrabeen Beach, Oceans Narrabeen is a genuine delight for the spirit. The ultimate slashie, this establishment serves as both a cafe and a restaurant or bar, and features exposed brick walls, Edison light bulbs, and large wooden tables, as well as enough outdoor seating for those who like to wolf down their breakfast and go on with their day. All appetites are sure to be satisfied with the extensive selection of huge breakfast burgers, acai bowls, eggs rancheros, sandwiches, corn fritters, and bircher muesli on hand.

    Single O

    If you're looking for the best coffee in Sydney, look no further than Single O. Surry Hills regulars know they can always count on the café to get a great cup of coffee made with Single O's consistent beans. Although it is primarily a place where people may pick up supplies for their own coffee makers, the shop offers a lot more.

    For a great breakfast or brunch in the heart of Surry Hills, you can't go wrong with a visit to Single O. Simple poached or fried eggs on toast with avocado, chives on caraway seed rye with achiote cashew cheese, and the outstanding blue eye cod with prawn, mandarin, dill puree are just a few of the all-day menu's most popular dishes.

    Room 10

    When it originally debuted in Potts Point in 2010, Room 10 was a trailblazer that demanded more from Sydney's cafes. The laneway cafe has been a reliable recommendation for breakfast in Sydney for over ten years. Why? Most of the enchantment comes from the breakfast sandwiches, which are rich and satisfying and always the ideal way to kick off a day of carb-fueled bliss. It's no surprise that, despite stiff competition, this cafe continues to generate long lines, thanks to the consistently high quality of their Mecca coffee.

    Odd Culture

    To what do you think a blood pancake with a pig jowl, fried egg, and maple syrup spiked with chillies would amount? If you wake up wanting something a little more decadent than your usual breakfast of avo on toast with honeycomb butter, and crumbed eggplant then the hefty breakfast treat is now one of the greatest ways to start the day. Shortly after opening its doors, Odd Culture, a two-story restaurant or bar in Newtown, introduced a novel morning menu.

    Not many other methods take this one. You won't find standard fare like poached eggs on corn fritters, toast, and avocado toast here, but you will discover heartier options like blood pancake. Also available: smoked ocean trout on a potato waffle with creme fraiche and a soft egg, or steak and eggs with tomato salad and fermented red pepper butter.

    Although the bacon sandwich with tonkatsu sauce and the buttermilk pancakes with miso caramel and banana are more conventional choices, you should try the more out-there offerings.


    The daily overflow at Room 10 has become an annoyance to the residents of Potts Point who are eager to devour one of the cafe's famous breakfast sandwiches or the great morning omellete wrap.

    To combat this, cafe owner Andrew Hardjasudamra opened Pina across the street on Llankely Place, serving breakfast items that are a step up in quality from the standard Sydney fare. Since then, Pina's popularity has skyrocketed, surpassing that of Room 10; on weekday mornings and afternoons, it's now common to see a line of people waiting to be seated outside the restaurant.

    The menu keeps tabs on everything from scrambled eggs to a fried egg roll stuffed with delicious cheese, pastrami, and a secret ingredient that has quickly become a fan favourite, making it ideal for a weekend brunch. If you're looking for the best breakfast or brunch in Sydney, you might want to check out Pina.

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    Soul Deli

    In the vicinity of Oxford Street, Soul Deli is worth a visit if you're in search of a novel breakfast option. This bright, airy, casual outpost of Surry Hills' acclaimed modern-Korean restaurant Soul Dining is nearly flawless, and it's the perfect place for a pre-work meal on weekdays or a leisurely brunch on the weekend.

    Not only do they have delicious baked items with a South Korean flair, but the breakfast they serve is also top-notch. Pick up some buttermilk hotcakes with Korean fried chicken, or the whole breakfast featuring white kimchi and bulgogi mushrooms. Get a bowl of the bulgogi mushrooms and some of the kitchen's delicious garlic butter noodles if it's getting close to lunchtime.

    White Rabbit Cafe

    When we walk by White Rabbit in Double Bay, it is always bustling with customers. The restaurant only debuted in December 2017. There must be some truth to the rumours, right?! We can attest that everything is delicious. The White Rabbit is our go-to Sydney breakfast spot because of the stunning Coconut and Mango pana-cotta with granola they serve. Oh, and here's some toast from the Butter and Bread Project if you haven't already tried it. Thick, freshly toasted slices of bread slathered in so much butter it may cause a heart attack.

    Speedos Cafe

    There is a tiny café at the very end of Bondi Beach called Speedo's Cafe that serves a fantastic pink pitaya bowl and should definitely be on the list. The coco whip was just for show; without it, it was quite tasty. For good reason, the place is packed on the weekends: it's both entertaining and delicious.

    There is a tiny café at the very end of Bondi Beach called Speedo's Cafe that serves a fantastic pink pitaya bowl and should definitely be on the list. The coco whip was just for show; without it, it was quite tasty. For good reason, the place is packed on the weekends: it's both entertaining and delicious.

    Cornersmith Annandale

    Pickles, ferments, and other produce are available at the Cornersmith cafe in Annandale, and all of it is strictly seasonal and sourced from local, small-scale growers. Unlike its predecessor in Marrickville, this one is vegetarian all the way through.

    There is no identifying signage, and the atmosphere and food are identical to the original location. The philosophy began at Cornersmith Marrickville and has now spread: meat isn't always the main attraction.

    There's fermented pineapple sambal, which is served on a pita sandwich stuffed with cabbage, coriander, snow peas, goat's cheese, black beans, and cheese; kimchi pancakes; toasted sandwiches with pickles and cheese; and more.

    As usual, the café's network of suppliers provides the backbone of the cafe's delicate and refined takes on cafe classics. Nonie Dwyer's charcoal bread served with Kristen Allen's buttermilk ricotta and vegetables culled by the Veggie Man, Shane Roberts, including pickled baby eggplants, beans, peas, and herbs. Making cinnamon waffles with Pepe Saya buttermilk is a fun activity for youngsters.

    The cafe offers DIY picnic boxes and a small deli because it is adjacent to Annandale parkland. As an added convenience, Cornersmith also sells picnic blankets. Within the cafe, the outdoorsy, picnic atmosphere is maintained with high ceilings, large windows (that face out over the park), and a bright, sparsely furnished fit-out.

    The Grounds of the City

    The CBD's grounds are sure to set you back a pretty penny. The owners (and design firm Acme & Co.) went all out, though, and the cafe-attention restaurant's to detail makes it look like something out of the Orient Express.

    Antiques (crockery, knickknacks, books, furniture), cast-enamel doors, plush illustrated menus, copper bar equipment, custom-built stained-glass windows, mobile shoe-shiners, tea delivered by trolley, vintage staff uniforms (and service, there's even a permanent "coffee sommelier"), and a 1920s jazz soundtrack complement the intricate timber joinery.

    In the same vein as its Alexandria counterpart, the sheer variety of activities offered throughout the day at this Grounds location is the most impressive aspect of this location. In the same sitting, you might sample the house cakes and coffee taster platter. On still another, a glass of gin and a platter of dashi oysters. Another option is to order a burger, steak, or half a roast chicken from the bar and have it served with parmesan fries and cauliflower mac 'n' cheese for a change of pace.

    Ceviche of snapper is served, and it features buttermilk, hazelnuts, apples, and wakame. Or, try the chirashi salad, which resembles poke and consists of brown rice, crunchy cos, lime, cucumber, a mountain of avocado, and your protein of choice. Though there is a lot of variety on the menu because it is updated frequently.


    Happyfield is a welcome addition to this predominantly Italian neighbourhood because of its delicious food, friendly service, and Five Senses coffee pumped out of a bright yellow espresso machine.

    The restaurant has the atmosphere of a traditional American diner, thus you can expect "real" pancakes, which are pancakes that can be folded without breaking, have half a finger's thickness, and are doused in melted Pepe Saya butter and Canadian maple syrup.

    Served on an English muffin with chipotle aioli, folded eggs, melted cheddar, and homemade chicken sausages, the McLovin Muffin is a delicious breakfast option. Top your bowl of Bircher muesli with toasted coconut, tamarillo, mint, and orange and grapefruit slices. Sprinkling a mixture of mushrooms with dukkha and serving them atop a bed of whipped ricotta and feta is a delicious way to round out any meal.

    If you're looking for a lunch that pays homage to Haberfield's Italian heritage, try the mortadella and provolone ciabatta, or treat yourself to the more elegant crisp-skinned barramundi with cavolo nero. An superb nitro cold brew and a dark caramel coffee with a creamy, golden foam are served in frosted small mugs, besides the usual flat whites and lattes.

    Happyfield serves breakfast and lunch and has a liquor licence. A few wines and drinks are available, along with a tiny range of locally brewed beer. Using vodka and slightly sweet Clamato juice, the Hail Cesar is Canada's take on the classic Bloody Mary.

    Yellow paint was applied to the pressed tin ceiling, new banquet tables were installed, and the plaster was peeled back to reveal the brick walls by owners Jesse Orleans and Chris Theodosi. The high table in the middle of the room was tiled by Theodosi's dad. The suburb from which it draws its name inspired the restaurant's name, Happyfield; the bright yellow and sage green decor, Theodosi's yellow socks, and the lively, friendly atmosphere all contribute to a positive mood.

    Sydney Restaurant Hubert

    Reuben Hills

    In 2012, after selling The Source in Mosman, Russell Beard founded Reuben Hills with the intention of democratising the coffee-learning process. Several filters and brewing equipment are strewn over the lower level benchtops, which are surrounded by exposed cement walls and long tables. Each attentively watches for customers to initiate a discussion about what it does.

    The beans used in the downstairs café and distributed wholesale around Sydney are roasted in the mezzanine. A public cupping (tasting) session is held every Saturday morning for consumers interested in learning more about the process.

    Beard's head roaster, Nick Theodore, has been all over the world meeting and forming partnerships with coffee growers. Collaborations like these help them get fresh beans to Sydney and support local communities by funding infrastructure and education projects.

    Dishes on the menu are reinterpretations of traditional fare from the areas where the beans are cultivated. It's largely South American food, but with an Australian touch, like fried chicken and a sandwich that's not a Reuben (pickled slaw, wagyu brisket, horseradish mayo on rye and manchego). Foods from all around Central and South America and Africa, whose flavours have been influenced by the arrival of beans from new locations, are now available on the menu.

    Two Chaps

    When listening to Two Chaps, keep in mind that it is somewhat unpolished. It has bicycles placed on the walls, a galley kitchen, and open steel shelving containing heavy bags of wheat. In 2014, a pre-owned oven, windows, and furniture pieces were used to furnish the room, which was then set off by The Fresh Prince of Bondi's recycled timber planter boxes.

    Even the cuisine is prepared with a focus on simplicity and getting down to the basics. The vast majority of the ingredients are either created from scratch or are organic and locally sourced or produced by the guys themselves.

    Daily baked goods, seasonal salads, sandwiches, and heartier dishes round out the vegetarian menu that takes inspiration from the Mediterranean. On-site baking includes an organic ciabatta in white or whole wheat, as well as a durum semolina loaf. We serve fresh pasta and local cheeses for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights at Two Chaps.


    The food scene in Sydney is second to none, and the best places to get a filling breakfast can be found when the sun is still up. From traditional Australian cafes to eateries serving delicious Asian fusion cuisine, we have created a list of the top 10 choices. You should venture outdoors to locate Sydney's best breakfasts. For Lindfield locals, nothing beats the butter-roasted lobster tail on seeded bagel with poached eggs and homemade crustacean hollandaise at Goodfield's Eatery. Some of the best coffee in western Sydney can be found at Cafe Once Upon a Time, a laneway cafe that also serves as a toastie takeout spot in Sydney's central business district.

    The outside courtyard of this pet-friendly home is a breakfast lover's paradise, with dishes including stacked pancakes, Belgian breakfast, Monaco French toast, and classics like eggs on toast, an egg, bacon, and hash roll, and a gritty breakfast wrap smothered in tomato relish and tomato salsa. Shot On Military serves hearty breakfast items like Shakshuka, eggs benedict, french toast, burritos filled with scrambled eggs, avocado, and balsamic sauce, and the Irish breakfast is a veritable feast consisting of a variety of meats and starches served on sourdough bread with melted butter. Daschund Coffee provides the best whole food components, plant-based feeds, and great coffee. Tokyo's renowned Gram Pancakes sent their executive chef to Sydney to teach the locals how to make their signature soufflé stacks. The cafes Girdlers and Oceans Narrabeen in Sydney both serve organic, healthful food that is prepared in a sustainable manner. Oceans is known for their morning burgers, acai bowls, eggs rancheros, sandwiches, corn fritters, and bircher muesli, while Girdlers is famed for their "Holy Avo," which consists of avocado, grilled halloumi, green sauce on rye toast, crispy kale, fresh herbs, and organic poached eggs.

    For over a decade, Sydney locals have relied on Single O as their go-to breakfast recommendation, and Room 10 has been a pioneer in pushing Sydney's cafes to improve. Blood pancake, smoked ocean trout on a potato waffle, and steak and eggs with tomato salad and fermented red pepper butter are just a few of the new items on the morning menu at Odd Culture, a two-story restaurant or bar in Newtown. Across the street on Llankely Place is Pina, a cafe that provides breakfast dishes of higher quality than is often found in Sydney. Daily overcrowding in Room 10 has become a nuisance, which has led to a surge in demand for Pina's services. Visit Pina for Sydney's finest breakfast and brunch.

    Breakfast at Soul Deli, White Rabbit Cafe, Cornersmith Annandale, or Speedo's Cafe are all excellent choices in Sydney. Soul Deli is an airy, casual offshoot of the popular modern Korean restaurant Soul Dining in Surry Hills, and it's the ideal spot for a quick midweek lunch or a leisurely weekend brunch. Coconut & Mango pana-cotta with granola, available at White Rabbit Cafe, a trendy new eatery that opened in December 2017 is not to be missed. The little Cornersmith Cafe, located at the extreme end of Bondi Beach, is where you should go for a delicious pink pitaya dish.

    Content Summary

    1. The food scene in Sydney is second to none, and the best places to get a filling breakfast can be found when the sun is still up.
    2. To save you time, we've produced a list of the top 10 breakfast restaurants in Sydney.
    3. You can make a reservation at one of the many excellent Sydney breakfast eateries now.
    4. Sydney is home to a number of great breakfast spots, making it hard to choose where to eat.
    5. Sydney's streets are stuffed with all kinds of breakfast goodness, from laneway cafes serving some of the greatest coffee in Sydney's west to takeaway toastie places in the CBD.
    6. Truthfully, there is a plethora of alternatives to consider.
    7. So, to help you navigate the confusing landscape that is Sydney's breakfast scene, we've tracked down the cream of the crop.
    8. The Goodfield Cafe We like coming here for the upbeat vibes and the homey meals.
    9. Coffee for Dachshunds Here's the deal: Daschund Coffee's breakfast bun is so good that you should get two of them so that you can enjoy it twice as much.
    10. Defense Forces Targeted by Gunfire If you want to start your day with a lot of food, Shot On Military is one of the best cafés in Sydney for a full breakfast.
    11. Irish breakfast is a true feast, with a wide choice of meats and carbohydrates served on sourdough bread with melted butter.
    12. Pancake House And Cafe In Gram Gram Pancakes, the legendary chain behind some of Tokyo's best soufflé stacks, is where you want to go for the best breakfast in Sydney.
    13. When it comes to beautiful interiors and delicious, nutritious food, nothing tops Girdlers.
    14. The Letter "O" Alone Single O serves up some of the finest coffee in all of Sydney. Regulars in Surry Hills know they can get a consistently excellent cup of coffee at the café, thanks to Single O's reliable beans.
    15. In the heart of Surry Hills, Single O serves you delicious breakfast and brunch options. Popular items from the all-day menu include the simple poached or fried eggs on toast with avocado, the chives on caraway seed rye with achiote cashew cheese, and the exceptional blue eye cod with prawn, mandarin, dill puree.
    16. Room 10 Room 10 was a game-changer for Sydney's coffee scene when it first opened in Potts Point in 2010.
    17. For more than 10 years, locals and visitors to Sydney have relied on this laneway cafe as their go-to breakfast spot.
    18. Breakfast sandwiches are where much of the magic happens since they are so incredibly filling and are the best possible way to start off a day of carb-fueled joy.
    19. Odd Culture, a bar and restaurant on two floors in Newtown, debuted an innovative breakfast menu not long after it opened.
    20. While staples like avocado toast, toast, and poached eggs atop corn fritters aren't on the menu, heartier dishes like blood pancake are.
    21. Pina Residents of Potts Point have grown frustrated with the daily overflow at Room 10 as they wait in line for the cafe's renowned breakfast sandwiches and the fantastic morning omellete wrap.
    22. Aware of this trend, Andrew Hardjasudamra, proprietor of the café across the street on Llankely Place named Pina, began selling breakfast dishes that was of higher quality than the norm in Sydney.
    23. Since then, Pina's popularity has surged, surpassing that of Room 10; lines of people waiting to be served outside the restaurant in the mornings and afternoons on weekdays are now commonplace.
    24. The restaurant's scrambled eggs and fried egg roll, which is filled with cheese, pastrami, and a secret ingredient, have become fast favourites, making the restaurant a great choice for weekend brunch.
    25. It has been said that Pina serves the best breakfast and brunch in all of Sydney.
    26. Psychedelic Takeout Joint If you're looking for something different for breakfast in the Oxford Street area, Soul Deli is a good choice.
    27. Nearly faultless, this modest offshoot of the highly regarded modern Korean restaurant Soul Dining in Surry Hills is ideal for a quick midweek lunch or a leisurely weekend brunch.
    28. The baked goods have a South Korean twist, and the breakfast is great as well.
    29. You can choose the full breakfast with white kimchi and bulgogi mushrooms, or just the buttermilk hotcakes and Korean fried chicken.
    30. Cafe White Rabbit White Rabbit in Double Bay is constantly packed when we pass by.

    FAQs About Sydney’s Best Breakfast

    Prices in Sydney's restaurants vary. Breakfast at a standard cafe (food plus a coffee or juice) can cost anywhere up to $20 for a full English breakfast or other substantial meal. A main meal in a mid-range restaurant is around $25 - $35. Upper mid-range averages around $35 - $45.

    You can expect due to the expense of living in Sydney that average net salaries (before tax) are a bit higher than in some of the other cities. If you are moving to Sydney for a full-time job your salary may fall somewhere around the average net salary of $6,443.38 per month.

    Average Daily Costs. While meal prices in Sydney can vary, the average cost of food in Sydney is AU$55 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Sydney should cost around AU$22 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

    “Sydney has been one of the best cities to eat in for the last five years,” he says. “The culture around dining might not be the best, but the quality of produce and restaurants, as well as the range of cuisines and price points is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

    • Lamingtons.
    • Weet-Bix.
    • Pea and ham soup. 
    • Damper. 
    • Macadamia nuts.
    • Emu.
    • Anzac biscuits.
    • Witchetty grubs. This nutty-tasting grub has been an indigenous mouthful of Australian food for centuries.
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