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Where To Find The Best Coffee And Cafes In Sydney?

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    Sydney is a stunning city with many attractions, but at times it's nice to just kick back with a cup of coffee and take it easy. Fortunately, Sydney is home to a plethora of fantastic cafés where you can have a top-notch cup of joe. Sydney has a wide variety of wonderful cafes and other places to hang out, so whether you need a quiet place to focus on your work or study or a lively spot with great people, you'll find it here. A few of Sydney's finest coffee shops are listed here.

    No need to keep hunting again for best coffee in Sydney; you've found it. To ensure that you can always find a great place to have a cup of coffee, we've produced a list of a greatest coffee shops and cafes inside the city. We've covered you whether you're in the city proper or out in the 'burbs. If you're ready to start adventuring, check out our list.

    Sydney's Best Coffee

    While Australia's right to claim the flat white is up for debate, our insatiable appetite for coffee is not. Some of the most skilled, creative, and technically proficient roasters and baristas work with us. There appears to be a new coffee brewing method, gadget, or definition of "excellent coffee" every month.

    Coffeehouses like this are shaping the future while also providing us with the best of the essentials. Your last remaining choice is how you'd like your coffee prepared.

    Sideshow And Single O Cafe

    Single O (formerly known as Single Origin Roasters) started in 2003 and quickly became a staple of Sydney's burgeoning third-wave coffee scene. And it remains a pressing issue today. It was the first self-serve batches brew bar to open in Sydney in April 2019. The bar's taps are reminiscent of those seen at craft beer breweries (from which they took their design cues), and this allows the cafe to offer four different beers at once.

    Single-origin coffees, espresso, and carefully made mixes are the mainstays of the shop run by Dion and Emma Cohen. It's been sort of a byproduct to inform the people of Sydney about things like beer's history, brewing techniques, and source areas.

    A lot of time has passed since then, and the café may not have its own roaster (all of the coffee is roasted at the Flora Roast Company), but the quality of the espresso has only improved.

    The interior of the modest cafe is warm and inviting, with Brett Chan artwork decorating the walls and a row of wooden tables and chairs running along the sidewalk. The coffee, the seasonal feed, and the brew-specifics will all be delivered to you at once. Don't be shy about inquiring about coffee, and peruse the available roasts to take home and brew on your own.

    Head next door to their latest member, Sideshow coffee bar (designed and constructed by Ross Nicholls), for a dramatic exhibition of V60s, cold drips, and other general gadgetry, or for some extra science and a cup of coffee to go.

    Ona Coffee

    Ona Coffee’s The Marrickville location in Sydney is different from its other popular spots in Canberra, such as The Cupping Room, Ona Fyshwick, Ona Manuka, & Highroad. Whereas brunch is more important than coffee elsewhere, in this region, coffee is king.

    Coffee lovers can choose from a wide range of blends, each with its own distinct flavour profile and origin, whether they prefer their brew unsweetened, with milk, or filtered. There is a rotating selection of premium reserve coffees by the glass at Ona Marrickville. These are also vacuum-sealed in single-serve portions and frozen after being roasted & aged to perfection.

    Matcha-green wall paint and plenty of natural light help keep things simple so the coffee can shine.

    You can see the baristas' tools—a beautiful black San Remo coffee maker, coffee bean dispensers, and Hario Foldable coffee makers—lined up in a row on their workbench, which is a long wooden island table that doubles as a sat bar.

    The food menu may be limited because coffee is the main attraction, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been thought out thoroughly. There's a citrous house-cured redfish smorrebrod wit lemon aioli, pickle, capers, boiled egg, and rye, and there's an avocado with a boiled egg enabled labneh and a mansion togarashi (spice blend) on rye, among other options.

    Sweet tooths can choose from options like Short Stop doughnuts, Butterbing cookies, or a rye waffle topped with rhubarb, lemon mascarpone, walnuts, and maple syrup.

    In addition to serving as an espresso bar during the day, the café also features a barista training area in the rear. The majority of its students are wholesalers, but the space is open to anybody interested in learning barista basics through advanced techniques or even latte art.

    The Fine Food Store

    Starting with probably the best coffee in Sydney is the Fine Food Store, the intersection. For the past ten years, they have been offering locals and tourists alike their single-origin, home-brewed coffee. They serve one of the greatest coffees in Sydney Central Business District, and they have seasonal blends like "Sweet lady" and Melbourne's own Sensory Laboratory roast on rotation.

    In addition to the coffee, you can choose from a wide variety of speciality teas, such as the Chinese Red Mystic, the Japanese Green Genmaicha, the Indian and Sri Lankan breakfast blends, and the American black teas.

    The menu and here's a delectable delight as well. Full of burgers, lamb quesadillas, quesadillas, chicken wraps, and chicken sandwiches. The Belgian pancake with caramelised bananas and spicy chorizo is our favourite to enjoy with a cup of espresso. It's a delicious morning meal with just the right amount of sweetness and heat. Vegans and vegetarians, try the cultured mushrooms over potato hash.

    Industry Beans

    industry beans

    At Industry Beans, New techniques for preparing coffee have long been a central focus. They were the first in Australia to instal the innovative Modbar Espresso AV by La Marzocco, an under-the-counter espresso machine, and they started their cafe business in Melbourne more than a decade ago.

    Unlike at the city's other excellent coffee shops, where the giant espresso machines are hidden from view, the unique under-the-counter machines at this establishment give customers a front-row seat to the meticulous process of brewing and pouring a cup of the city's finest brew.

    Classy white coffee dispenser concealing machines are a novel and visually appealing take on the traditional coffee pot. Their trademark espresso blend is called the "Fitzroy Street" mix, and every two weeks they add new pure origins in espresso and filter to the list of available speciality coffees. This is the ideal spot to begin your exploration of coffee.

    The decor of each given Industry Beans cafe will be basic and stylish, characterised by a predominance of white. When you need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the week, come here for an IB grilled chicken burger with beetroot and carrot salad and jalapeno mayo.

    Located in the heart of Sydney's commercial district, this cafe is ideal for a quick meeting or a relaxing break. Don't forget to download their app in advance to place your coffee order, avoid the line, and rack up points with every cup you purchase.

    sydney paramount coffee project

    Gumption by Coffee Alchemy

    Gumption introduces the city to the coffee roasted by Coffee Alchemy, a company that has won acclaim for its efforts. Marrickville Coffee Roasters has won numerous prizes for their coffee, including "Australian Barista Champion" and "Australian Cupping Champion," among others.

    There is only foot traffic inside the Gumption cafe, but there are lots of chairs outside the arcade proper, which is located in Pitt Street Mall's gorgeous but bustling Strand Arcade. We also sell brewing supplies, mugs, and other coffee-related swag, in addition to our excellent single-origin and other carefully sourced coffee selections.

    Make sure to pick up a bag fresh beans on the way out. Visitors to the historic arcade and city workers looking to steal away for a few minutes from their desks can all find what they're looking for here: a decent cup of coffee.

    Skittle Lane

    The inside of Skittle Lane features more muted hues than its candy namesake, with blonde wood, white walls and ceilings, and a black marble coffee bar. The room is bathed in natural light from the expansive windows and is simply decorated with a vase of some empty paint cans or newly-washed cotton balls. This is all really refined and stylish in a Nordic way.

    Skittle Lane is not just an Instagram-worthy venue; they also serve robust beers. A rich, soft, and very well crafted espressi is pumped out of two big, silvery La Marzocco coffee makers, providing the perfect start to your day. There is a short queue extending into the next lobby from the CBD because of this.

    The Ethiopia Abaya pourover is delicious; it has mild, fruity flavours and is served during our visit. It's a well-oiled machine that nonetheless manages to put forth a warm welcome, much like PS40 down the street. Daytime beverages are handled by them, whereas PS40 is in charge of the evening selection.

    Even though they don't have a lot of counter space, they can nevertheless make delicious meals on (and between) slices of toasted sourdough. The truffle oil, sliced egg, and parmesan is a really good way to start the day, despite being little under salted (the spice rack is empty of pepper and salt). Try a brioche bun filled with mascarpone for a sweet breakfast treat next. The friday morning delight has the flavour like cinnamon buns but with less of a kick.

    Skip Skittle Lane in favour of another restaurant if you need a hearty breakfast to help your hangover. If you're in the mood for some great coffee and a chill atmosphere, this is the place to be.

    Kingswood Coffee

    Kingswood Coffee You may find the Sydney version of this type of grab-and-go coffee shop in the Central Business District. The rotating menu features hot and cold beverages, a distinctive hot chocolate, chai, tea, and a few sweet treats, all served behind a wooden Royal facade with a La Marzocco coffee maker and two coffee drinkers.

    To satisfy your inner coffee connoisseur, pick up a bag of their freshly roasted Kingswood speciality coffee beans. If you're living in a city or just taking a stroll and find yourself longing for a cup of coffee, stop by this cafe; they utilise the "Steadfast Espresso mix" from Sensory laboratories, and you'll be glad you did. Pastries, croissants, and cronuts are available if your stomach betrays you with hunger.

    Edition Coffee Roasters

    Darling Square has rapidly become a popular destination for Sydney locals on the weekend. The Exchange, an iconic building in the area, and the numerous eateries and nightclubs make this a popular destination just a short distance from Darling Harbour. At the very end of Steam Lane, Edition Coffee Roasters

    is a trendy cafe that won awards for its innovative combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics. Edition coffee roaster offers a one-of-a-kind café experience with its sunken floor sitting (also known as Horigotatsu), fine dining–inspired cuisine (including Scandinavian sandwiches & Japanese pancakes), and smooth, creamy coffee.

    The coffee is available in a wide variety of roasts and origins, including Colombia, Costa Rican, San Francisco, Maringa, and the latest limited offering, Ethiopian - Diamond.

    Now if you don't feel like coffee, you may choose between Chai, Japanese tea, and Chung Feng Jasmine Chai from China. Scandinavian-style open sandwiches, Japanese burgers, and a dish called "Udon with Poor Man's XO and korsuobushi," a serving of juicy pipis topped with delicately flavoured and tender noodles, are all available here. Those with a sweet craving should have the Japanese buckwheat pancake topped with caramel mousse.

    Reuben Hills

    When Russell Beard sold The Source in Mosman and opened Reuben Hills In 2012, he had a goal to make coffee education accessible to anybody who is curious. There are a number of filters & brewing tools strewn about the benchtops downstairs, among the long tables and bare cement walls. Each carefully watches for consumers to approach them with questions regarding their function.

    The beans used in the downstairs café and distributed wholesale around Sydney are roasted in the mezzanine. In addition, every Saturday morning, a free cupping (tasting) session is held for consumers who are interested in learning more about the process.

    Beard's head roaster, Nick Theodore, and he have visited coffee farms across the world to build ties with the people who grow the beans. Partnerships like these not only help them send fresh beans to Sydney all the time, but they also allow them to give back to local people they serve by building up infrastructure and educational initiatives in those countries.

    The items on the menu are based on traditional fare from the countries that produce the beans. That translates to a menu consisting primarily of South American dishes, with a few tweaks made to appeal to the tastes of Australians (Wagyu brisket, pickled slaw, manchego and horseradish mayo on rye).

    Flavors from all around South and Central America and Africa are represented on the menu as beans form new regions find their way to a roaster upstairs.

    Primary Coffee Roasters

    Before he opened Heritage Coffee Brewers on Summer Hill, Dan Kim sharpened his skills as the chief roaster at Brewtown Newtown. His first business effort, Primary, is more of a gallery than a cafe. The inside, which was designed by Jake Brainerd, is a stark white concrete, but is warmed up with blonde oak and wall panelling with a Hamptons flair.

    You can get the best filter and espresso coffees made from 100% single-origin beans. The Sungold Jersey milk from Victoria's Warrnambool region, along with the seasonal blend's half-Ethiopian, half-Colombian origins, results in a beverage with hints of caramel, chocolate, and nougat. You won't find any breakfast pastries or sandwiches at the office, not even the occasional madeleine or croissant from Pennyfours.

    Mecca Coffee

    Perhaps one Sydney's most prominent coffee roasters and cafes has several locations, but the one where the beans were roasted has recently undergone extensive renovations, making it the undisputed champion. The presence of lofty ceilings, a mezzanine, and maybe even a penthouse from which a chosen few may survey the entirety of the space is not only a luxury, but a need. coffee mecca, it's a great café in its own right.

    Additionally, they offer a wide variety of coffee preparations, including espresso, pour-over, and more.

    Paramount Coffee Project

    Located with in former Paramount Pictures studio, this brewed awakening is a mecca for coffee connoisseurs. An ever-changing menu highlights the latest beans from across the world, and the in-house brew bar is where experts find the greatest uses for each of the many available coffee varieties. The food is fantastic as well; it's a take on Southern American cuisine.

    sydney edition coffee roasters haymarket

    Sample Coffee

    Here's the skinny: every day, St. Peters' industrial Precinct is filled with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee thanks to Sample, who've become one of city's most productive roasters because to their dedication to just using beans from fair trade sources and seeking out rare single origins.

    Stitch Coffee

    Nawar Adra, a former employee of Brewtown and now the proprietor of a few of Alexandria's most famous roasteries, Stitch Coffee supplies coffee beans to several popular cafes in the area, including Cavalier 2.0 & Marrickville's two chaps, and has done so for some years. Now, the roaster has opened its first retail location on Broadway, a popular strip for students not far from the neighbourhood of Glebe. There, they will sell ethically sourced espressos, a variety of home brew equipment, and merchandise created by Evi-O studios.

    White Horse Coffee

    The skinny: A local roaster claims the Shire has Sydney's greatest number of coffee connoisseurs per capita. White Horse are flourishing in the city's south, with cafes selling coffee beans all along the south coast, from Sutherland to Cronulla. But there is one catch. Some of their own eateries are closed on Sundays. The true loons, for sure.


    In Sydney, there are a variety of great cafes where you can have a great cup of coffee. We have compiled a directory of the finest coffeehouses and cafés in the city to assure that you will never go thirsty. The Cupping Room, Ona Fyshwick, and Ona Manuka are all well-known locations in Canberra, but the Sydney outpost, The Marrickville, is something entirely new. There is a diverse selection of blends available to customers, many of which have its own unique flavour profile and geographical origin. Premium reserve coffees are available by the glass, and the selection changes regularly.

    The best cafes in Sydney may be found in the downtown area. The cafe pioneered the use of the La Marzocco Modbar Espresso AV machine in Australia. In addition to "Australian Barista Champion" and "Australian Cupping Champion," Marrickville Coffee Roasters has received various more awards for their coffee. The two large, silver La Marzocco coffee machines churn out a thick, velvety espressi. Skittle Lane is an Instagram-worthy bar with excellent beer selection to boot.

    Content Summary

    1. Sydney is a beautiful city with lots to see and do, but every once in a while, it's wonderful to just relax and have a cup of coffee in the city's many cafes.
    2. Sydney has a lot of great cafes where you can get a really good cup of coffee, which is great news.
    3. Sydney is filled with amazing cafés and other hangout spots, so whether you're looking for a quiet location to get some work done or a busy place to meet new friends, you'll be able to find it in Sydney.
    4. You can stop looking now that you've located Sydney's finest cup of joe.
    5. We have compiled a directory of the finest coffeehouses and cafés in the city to assure that you will never go thirsty.
    6. We've got you taken care of whether you're downtown or in the suburbs.
    7. The Finest Cup of Coffee in Sydney
    8. No one can deny that Australians have an insatiable need for coffee, even though our claim to the flat white is still being argued.
    9. Monthly, it seems, a new brewing method, gadget, or standard for what constitutes "good coffee" emerges.
    10. Single O's Cafe and Sideshow Single O (formerly Single Origin Roasters) was founded in 2003 and has since become an integral part of Sydney's thriving third-wave coffee culture.
    11. In April 2019, it opened as Sydney's first bar where customers could help themselves to individual batches of beer.
    12. You'll get your coffee, seasonal reading material, and brew-specific ingredients all at once.
    13. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the coffee and examine the selection of roasts to take home and brew on your own.
    14. Visit their newest addition, Sideshow coffee bar (created by Ross Nicholls), next door for an exciting display of V60s, cold drips, and other devices, or stop by for a little extra research and a cup of coffee to go.
    15. An Ona Coffee While the other popular Ona Coffee locations in Canberra—The Cupping Room, Ona Fyshwick, Ona Manuka, and Highroad—are similar, the Sydney outpost at The Marrickville is unique.
    16. This is a place where coffee reigns supreme, unlike other places where brunch holds greater sway.
    17. Whether you like your coffee black, with milk, or filtered, there is a blend out there for you. Each blend has its own unique flavour profile and provenance.
    18. Ona Marrickville offers a rotating range of high reserve coffees by the glass.
    19. Although the food selection may seem constrained given the café's focus on coffee, be assured that every detail has been carefully considered.
    20. Short Stop doughnuts, Butterbing cookies, and a rye waffle with rhubarb, lemon mascarpone, walnuts, and maple syrup are just a few of the sweet treats available.
    21. The Fine Food Store, at the crossroads, serves what is arguably the greatest coffee in all of Sydney.
    22. Coffee preparation innovation has always been a priority at Industry Beans.
    23. They opened their cafe in Melbourne, Australia, more than ten years ago, and they were the first to instal the revolutionary Modbar Espresso AV by La Marzocco, an under-the-counter espresso machine.
    24. Customers at this restaurant get a front-row seat to the careful process of brewing and pouring a cup of the city's finest brew, unlike at the other good coffee shops where the big espresso machines are hidden from view.
    25. The "Fitzroy Street" blend is their signature espresso offering, and every two weeks they rotate in fresh pure origins for both espresso and filter.
    26. If you're new to coffee, you've come to the right place.
    27. Industry specific decor White will predominate at Beans Cafe, which will give it a minimal, modern look.
    28. Come here for an IB grilled chicken burger with beetroot and carrot salad and jalapeño mayo if you need a midweek pick-me-up.
    29. Coffee Alchemy for Optimism Coffee Alchemy is an award-winning coffee roasting firm, and Gumption is introducing its beans to the city.
    30. In addition to "Australian Barista Champion" and "Australian Cupping Champion," Marrickville Coffee Roasters has received various more awards for their coffee.
    31. Even though the Gumption cafe is only accessible on foot, the beautiful but busy Strand Arcade on Pitt Street Mall has plenty of seating available outside the arcade proper.
    32. Anyone looking for a good cup of coffee, whether they are tourists in the historic arcade or city workers with a few minutes to kill, may do it here.
    33. This is Skittles Alley Unlike its sweet namesake, the inside of Skittle Lane is much more subdued, with blonde wood, white walls and ceilings, and a black marble coffee bar.
    34. Skittle Lane is an Instagram-worthy bar with excellent beer selection to boot.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee

    Red beans have a nicer smell and are less acidic. Red beans are used to produce lighter coffees. The longer that coffee beans have been roasted – the healthier they are. Decaffeinated coffee comes from a chemical process where the caffeine is taken out of the beans.

    The four main coffee types are Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica and all four of them have radically different taste profiles.
    • Arabica. 
    • Robusta. 
    • Liberica. 
    • Excelsa.

    Finland — 12 kg/26 lbs — Finland is the world's biggest consumer of coffee on a per-person basis. The average Finn drinks nearly four cups a day.

    Arabica is the most popular type of coffee, hands down. Depending on who you ask, many coffee enthusiasts prefer using Arabica beans due to its taste. Typically used for black coffee, Arabica beans have a sweeter, more complex flavor that you can drink straight.

    According to a story written down in 1671, coffee was first discovered by the 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder Kaldi.
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