what are the best dog friendly hotels in sydney

What Are The Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In Sydney?

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    Is taking your dog to Sydney in your travel plans? Stop right there! Here, you'll discover the top dog-friendly hotels in Sydney where you and your pet can comfortably relax. Sydney is well-known for its lively culture and positive outlook towards pets. A wide selection of hotels welcomes dogs, making it easy to locate a place to stay that meets your needs. Let's take a trip to Sydney and find the best hotels for dogs the city offers.

    Where to Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

    Pick a hotel that provides the necessities for your pet.

    When travelling with a dog, you must bring a lot of extra stuff in case the weather is bad or you are hungry. Any place that provides a pet "welcome pack" with necessities like toys, snacks, bowls, and bags for cleaning up is a godsend for my dog Ernie and me because he usually has more luggage than we do. There are a lot of places to stay that allow pets.

    Food Giveaway

    Always keep an eye out for the candy jars. Treats and clean water bowls should always be on hand at any dog-friendly hotel worth it's salt. Look for dog beer and 'Pawsecco' on the bar at some pubs and hotels and special doggy menus featuring anything from sausages to T-Bone steak for your four-legged friend.

    Possibility Of Going Anywhere

    Although pets are not permitted in most hotels' dining establishments, they are often allowed in the hotel's bar and lounge sections. If you plan on bringing your dog to a restaurant, it's important to let the staff know beforehand so they can provide a suitable table. Also, ensure you know the hotel's policy on leaving your dog alone; some hotels are fine with leaving your dog in the room while you go out to dinner, while others need you to stay with your pet at all times. 

    Think About Rest Stops

    Your dog will feel right at home in any place with a garden and feel much more at home if the area is fenced in. Any outside space, whether a tiny beer garden or expansive grounds, is welcome to roam. Staying on the ground floor is preferable since no one likes to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

    Be Wary of Overpaying

    While most pet-friendly hotels do not charge extra for cleaning, a few exceptions exist. Real dog-friendly hotels usually provide discounted or complimentary pet stays.

    Attractions Within Walking Distance

    Taking your dog for a walk every day is recommended as exercise and mental stimulation. Some hotels and bars provide thick folders with recommendations for dog-friendly day trips, while others have hidden gems like country parks outside their doors. Staff members, especially those who are also dog owners, are a great resource for advice.

    Companions in Play

    In general, we greatly appreciate any establishment that welcomes dogs. The employees will most likely treat your dog with extra care and attention and be more sympathetic to your situation. Ernie has walked with other hotel dogs and their owners, who have proudly shown off the region to the canine guests.

    How Many Dogs?

    Ensure you know the maximum number of dogs to stay in a room before booking. While some communities restrict pet ownership to small dogs and cats, others welcome various animal companions. It's a positive sign of a hotel's open-mindedness if its website says it welcomes dogs. When in doubt, ask.

    Non-Worry Floors

    If the prospect of muddy paws on white carpets gives you the willies, ask for a dog-friendly room with flooring. The lack of carpeting in many hotel rooms and bars makes cleanup a breeze. If you're travelling with a puppy or older pet and worried about a "little accident," consider this.

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    Sydney's Central Business District's Finest Pet-Friendly Hotels

    Pier One

    You can bring your dog to Pier 1. This hotel welcomes pets and offers a special "Puppy Package" with a dog bed, a premium Furf food bowl and water bowl, private pier access from your room, a doggie minibar, and dog-friendly in-room dining options.

    Dogs are welcome during the "Doggy Degustation" at the Gantry.

    Little Albion

    Little Albion, a renovated convent with a rooftop garden, is a top Sydney boutique hotel. 

    The bar is open 24/7 on an honour system, so feel free to prepare your drinks, grab a bottle of wine or some snacks, and relax in the bar or on the private roof terrace.

    The Langham

    One of the few five-star hotels in Sydney that welcome pets is The Langham.

    Breakfast in bed, a Pawesome Pet gift bag, a three-hour pet sitter, and a pet afternoon tea welcome amenity are all part of The Langham's Pampered Animals Staycation package. You may have a great high tea experience here.

    Your pet's stay can be enhanced with "add-ons" like paw-pedicure, facial, or grooming.

    The Hughenden Hotel

    Human or dog hotel? No clue. Due to its high quality and lovely atmosphere, this Woollahra secret scores a perfect 10. For comfort, the Hughenden Hotel has numerous modern rooms, a wide patio, and a nice bar.

    Four "Queen" rooms allow pets and feature patios or balconies. Dog birthday cakes and high teas can be ordered in advance. 

    Medusa Hotel

    Despite its location on a quiet stretch of Darlinghurst Road, Medusa will transport you to the heart of Soho.

    All of the courtyard rooms at this hotel allow pets, and they all feature fantastic combinations of exotic timber to evoke a classic theatre setting. In addition to high-quality towelling and sheets, you'll also receive luxurious extras like Aesop bath products, Lindt chocolate, a pure wool blanket, and more.

    Larmont Sydney

    Your pet will be well taken care of by the hotel's complimentary wellness clinics, morning yoga, and iPad-based service in the room. There are dog beds, food, bowls, and water in four of the Larmont Sydney Courtyard Suites and four of the Terrace Rooms.

    Penny's Lane is a popular eatery in Sydney's Larmont neighbourhood. Breakfast and lunch favourites include the triple pork and egg panini and the gooey chocolate brownie, both available daily at 6 a.m. 

    Ovolo Hotel

    The Ovolo Hotel in Sydney is perfect. The hotel's fitness facility, indoor pool, restaurant, and bar contribute to guests' well-being.

    The "V.I.Pooch" package is perfect for a trip with Fido. You and Fido may relax with its full complement of amenities. You may expect to receive dog-friendly service, a cosy bed, a mat for eating and drinking, a bowl, a bag of toys, and some snacks for your pet. 

    The Old Clare

    The Old Clare Hotel in Sydney is a nice, homey place. This is what trendy pups wear. This Carlton United Brewery establishment is in the heart of Spice Alley, one of Sydney's most celebrated food precincts. 

    The accommodations in Kent and Abercrombie are the most dog-friendly. Your dog will enjoy the Motion Ceramics dishes, plush toys, and room service. 

    InterContinental Double Bay

    Sydney's most stunning lodging is the InterContinental Double Bay. The rooftop pool at this five-star Double Bay hotel has the greatest view in Sydney and comes complete with cabanas, fluffy towels, cold mineral water, and wait staff.

    Your dog will feel like a king or queen in his or her new dog bed and dishes in your room's sitting area. Your furry friend can order room service, too! Dogs can chow down on farm-fresh chicken and carrots from the butcher or some steamed salmon, peas, or sweet potatoes. 

    Ovolo Woolloomooloo

    Looking for a more abundant hotel experience east of the Harbour Bridge? Try the five-star Ovolo Woolloomooloo instead, nestled between the Royal Botanic Gardens and Potts Point on the historic Woolloomooloo Wharf.

    Direct booking guests can use the hotel's substantial features, such as free breakfast, snacks from the minibar, and drinks from the social hour. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, gym, and indoor pool.

    Your dog, however, is probably more interested in the perks that come with the V.I.Pooch Package. Your pet will get its bed, dishes, and a "Doggy Bag" with dog toys and goodies.

    There is no limit on the number of dogs per room and no weight limit, but there is a $100 cost for bringing in a second dog. Animals should always be supervised in guest rooms.

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    Dog owners in Sydney have a plethora of options for camping with their dogs, offering a variety of outdoor recreation options. These options include dog-friendly beaches, expansive national parks, and even private cow farms. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a first-time camper, there are numerous advantages to taking your dog camping.

    One of the main advantages of camping with your dog is the development of a bond with your dog, making memories that will last a lifetime. Dogs can provide extra security, as they will sound an alarm if anyone or anything enters your camping area. They also offer a chance to train your dog, as staying at a busy campsite allows your pet to socialize with other dogs and you can monitor their development.

    Having a dog along for the ride is a great company if you're out camping alone. Travelling with a dog is a wonderful way to make friends and explore the outdoors. Studies have shown that dogs can boost your mood and outlook on life, making you feel lonely or homesick without your dog.

    Camping is a great way to unwind from your hectic life, but it's also crucial to keep moving. You'll need to get up and about with your dog for toilet breaks and stimulation, and bringing your dog along can make you more likely to go on hikes and other outdoor activities.

    There are several places to camp in Sydney with your dog, including Lake Burrendong, Old Bara Campsite, Ingenia Holidays, Secura Lifestyle, Shoal Bay Holiday Park, Halifax Holiday Park, Merry Beach Caravan Park, Mystery Bay Campground, Coachwood Camping Area, Riverwood Downs, Turon Gates, and Willowdilly River Station.

    These locations offer a variety of activities, including dog-friendly beaches, dog-friendly beaches, and off-leash pet playtime. Some popular locations include Lake Burrendong, Old Bara Campsite, Ingenia Holidays, Secura Lifestyle, Shoal Bay Holiday Park, Halifax Holiday Park, Merry Beach Caravan Park, Mystery Bay Campground, Coachwood Camping Area, Riverwood Downs, Turon Gates, and Willowdilly River Station.

    In summary, camping with your dog in Sydney offers numerous advantages, including bonding, security, training, off-leash playtime, and a variety of outdoor activities. With a little planning and planning, you can enjoy a memorable and enjoyable camping experience with your furry friend. Wollondilly River Station is a primitive campground located three hours outside of Sydney, offering off-leash dog play and a variety of activities. It is best suited for seasoned campers and offers no different prices for peak and off-peak times. Delicate Campground is a remote visit just north of Port Macquarie, with fifty unpowered campsites available.

    Marks Park offers a dog share-basket on the northern side, providing a sense of community. The Hawkhorne Canal Reserve offers a long grassy run, Café Bones, and canine training classes. Sydney Park offers 40 hectares of gently undulating hills and winding walkways, bike rentals, a children's playground, and picnic spaces with barbeques. Bungarribee Park offers an enclosed park for training dogs, while Centennial Park offers 158 hectares of off-leash space for dogs to enjoy. Observatory Hill Park offers a breathtaking view of the city and port, perfect for jogging.

    Content Summary:

    • This article shows you all the best places to camp in Sydney with your dog.
    • Dog owners in Sydney are spoiled for choice regarding outdoor recreation, with options ranging from dog-friendly beaches to expansive national parks.
    • There are numerous advantages to taking man's best friend with you into nature, whether you're going on a family camping trip or going solo with your dog: Spending time outdoors is a great way to develop your bond with your dog and have fun together.
    • When you're alone in the wilderness, your dog can be an extra layer of security.
    • A dog is great extra security for those who camp in the wilderness.
    • A chance to train your dog: camping provides a welcome respite from daily routines.
    • Having a friend along for the ride: Your dog is a great company if you're out camping by yourself.
    • Travelling with a dog is a wonderful way to make friends and explore the outdoors.
    • Cost savings: paying for boarding or a dog sitter can add up quickly if you're taking a lengthy camping trip.
    • Many campgrounds don't charge extra if you bring your dog along.
    • Visit Old Bara Campsite if you and your dog want to experience authentic wilderness camping.
    • Ingenia is the best place to camp in New South Wales with your dog since it is situated on the banks of a beautiful tidal stream.
    • Shoal Bay Holiday Park is a great place to go camping with your dog because it is right across the street from one of the best beaches on the east coast of Australia.
    • The same pet regulations as in Halifax mean that you'll have to work this park's peak periods, but once you do, you'll be rewarded with easy access to Shoal Bay Beach, barbeque pits, picnic spots, and a network of trails for walking and cycling.
    • You'll find Merry Beach Caravan Park right in the middle of the beach at Murramarang National Park.
    • There is no sugarcoating the fact that Mystery Bay Campground is stunning.
    • Coachwood Camping Area "Sounds great" to anyone who witnessed The Blue Lagoon.
    • You'll need a 4WD to reach the Coachwood Camping Area, located three and a half hours northwest of Sydney.
    • The Telegherry River location has a rainforest lagoon for dog and human paddling.
    • Off-leash pet playtime is permitted with owner supervision.
    • All pets are welcome at Wollondilly River Station.
    • This primitive campground is about three hours outside of Sydney.
    • There are no different prices for peak and off-peak times.
    • Delicate Campground is a "remote visit" just north of Port Macquarie.
    • Camping with a caravan or on the beach is permitted, and canine companions are warmly welcomed.
    • Marks Park has a welcoming dog share-basket on the northern side where you may leave or pick up dog equipment like ball launchers, frisbees, and doo-doo bags, making you feel like part of the pack.
    • Get Coco a cappuccino, load up on dog treats, and relax with a cup of joe as you mingle with the many furry patrons and see the Sunday morning canine training classes.
    • Sydney Park Forty verdant hectares of gently undulating hills and winding walkways make this the ideal place to let your dog run free in the city.
    • The Warrigal Run, located within the Western Sydney Parklands, is one of the largest dog parks in Sydney.
    • One million dogs a year are expected to visit Centennial Park, where they can run free in one of the park's 158 hectares of off-leash space.
    • There are also many coffee shops to choose from.
    • This elevated location offers a breathtaking view of the city and port, making it the ideal place to take Spot for a jog.
    • If you need some caffeine, stop by the Trust Café.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can search online travel websites, and hotel booking platforms or use dedicated pet-friendly accommodation directories to find dog-friendly hotels in Sydney.


    Yes, most dog-friendly hotels in Sydney charge additional fees or a pet deposit to cover any potential damages or cleaning required after your stay.


    Some hotels may have dog size or breed restrictions, so it's important to check with the hotel beforehand to ensure your dog meets their criteria.


    The policies regarding dogs in common areas and restaurants vary among hotels. Some may allow dogs in designated areas, while others may not permit dogs in these areas.


    Sydney offers several dog-friendly attractions and activities, such as dog parks, beaches, and walking trails that are located near many dog-friendly hotels in the city.

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