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Unique Things To Do In Sydney

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    Undoubtedly, Sydney is a fantastic metropolis with a wide variety of attractions. However, it can be difficult to decide what to do due to the extensive options available. To that end, we have compiled a list of the most unusual activities in Sydney to help you plan your trip. Whether you're in the mood for a daring experience or just want to shake up your routine, we've got you covered. Now, without any further ado, let's examine a few of the most exceptional one-of-a-kind activities Sydney provides.

    Without a shadow of a doubt, Sydney is among the world's loveliest and most fascinating metropolises. There is always something fresh to explore in Sydney, with its historic buildings, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural traditions. Here is a list of a few of the greatest alternative activities in Sydney, and if you're seeking something new to do in the city, you're in luck! These experiences, from learning about aboriginal art to floating around the harbour, will cement your fondest recollections of your stay in Sydney.

    Unique Sydney Attractions

    There is a never-ending supply of attractions and activities in Sydney. It's a lovely place to call home and spend time exploring, and it's not just known for its beaches and cafés; the city also offers a wide variety of other activities, from horseback riding to escape rooms to art galleries to surfing and, of course, its delicious cuisine. Because of this, we have no doubt that you will be able to cross an item off your bucket list. So why not look out all 66 exciting things to see in Sydney.

    Wendy Whitely's Secret Garden Picnic

    Enjoy the free fairy-garden atmosphere and five-star vistas of Sydney Harbour. Despite its popularity, it maintains a sense of seclusion and privacy. Zen-like tranquilly. Location so desirable that its natives are reluctant to let outsiders in. The Secret Garden by Wendy Whiteley is a no-brainer for a memorable romantic or social occasion, as it is located in North Sydney, just a few stations on the train near Sydney Central YHA.

    You may spend quality time together by going grocery shopping for your picnic, taking in the sights as you descend the stairs, and settling into the day at a picnic table or a beautiful grassy area. The setting sun makes for a breathtakingly beautiful date ambience. It's a great place for friends to get away from it all and have some stimulating chats and a good time catching up. If you really want to unwind, you can take the book or nothing at all and enjoy the trip all by yourself. Simply said, this is a failsafe location.

    Spice Up Your Life At Spice Alley.

    Spice Alley, featuring dozens of Asian hawker-style restaurants, is located just a short distance from Sydney Central YHA. Highlights includes Japanese dining commons KYO-TO and Vietnamese specialities from Viet. The 350 seats here will allow you and your friends to take in the sights, sounds, and fragrances of Asia without leaving the heart of Sydney. Eat one of the best Asian food in the nation while you strike up a conversation with your newfound friends.

    What It Was Like In Quarantine At (The Haunted) Q-Station

    If you have a love of adventure and the water, you absolutely must try this! You can rent a kayak with Manly Kayak Centre (or take your own) and launch from a small beach in close proximity to Manly Wharf. Manly Canoe Centre also offers tours, so you can rest easy knowing you're in capable hands even if you're not an expert navigator.

    This kayak can be challenging for a variety of reasons, so it's always better to go with a friend to split the effort and double the enjoyment! If at all possible, stick close to the shore. If you need a moment to recharge, head to Store Beach, which is private and serene. As soon as you're ready to continue, you'll make your way to the nearby Q-station, where you may go ghost hunting, snorkelling, or just having a good time at Quarantine Beach.

    Glebe Markets Has Your Next Favorite.

    Glebe Markets have all the variety, colour, and life of a typical suburban flea market. Stroll among booths selling anything and everything cool one can think of, including clothes, books, jewellery, paintings, furniture, and knickknacks. The aisles and rows of vintage clothing kiosks, brimming with vibrant colours, are, however, the most popular.

    You could find your next favourite jeans or a bold statement tee among the new, the handcrafted, and the pre-loved options available here. There is a heavy emphasis on recycling at these well-known markets, with the goal of transforming unwanted materials into something spectacular. When you're hungry, you may choose from a dizzying array of vendors selling everything from the tastiest gozleme around Sydney via Hungarian donuts. Grab some food, pick a grassy spot, and listen to some tunes while you eat in the company of friends and neighbours. Weekends spent at the Glebe Markets, come rain, hail, or shine, are always enjoyable and full of tasty new discoveries.

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    Missing Good Old-Fashioned Fish And Chips.

    Since Australia is a very large island, it should come as no surprise that the seafood there is spectacular, and there is only one spot in Sydney where locals can get it: the world-famous Sydney Fish Market. The Sydney Fish Market is the largest fish market inside the Southern Hemisphere as well as the second-largest seafood marketplace in the world outside of Japan, so you can be sure that the seafood you eat there is as fresh as it gets.

    You may either do some grocery shopping at one of the many fish markets and bring your catch back to Sydney Central YHA to prepare, or you can relax and enjoy one of the city's myriad excellent restaurants. Guests can choose from a variety of seafood options, from sushi at the japanese restaurant to a seafood feast on a platter with a view of the water. If you're interested in learning new skills, the Sydney Seafood School is the place to go. There, some of Australia's best chefs will teach you how to make delicious canapés and barbecues.

    In An Underground Bar, Sip Cocktails

    However, the first step is to locate it. If you go through a fire exit near an sandwich shop on Pitt Street in Sydney and continue down the lengthy hallway, you will think you have gone in the wrong direction. However, a polished brass fruit door knocker will soon greet you. Door Knock Bar has a wide variety of delicious cocktails and small plates with an unique Japanese flavour, and the ambience has been likened to "feeling like you're in a mate's apartment." The hearty macaroni and cheese croquettes and also the Hey Macadamia martini served inside a tiki cup are two of the restaurant's signature dishes. Fancy oysters, just out of the shell and ready to be shared, are also available. With its intimate atmosphere and low lighting, it's also great for a first date.

    Gallery Of White Rabbits

    Located near Sydney's Central Station, the White Rabbit Galleries is a large venue housed inside a historic Rolls-Royce showroom that specialises in displaying contemporary Chinese art.

    The White Rabbit Collection, which opened in 2009 and is solely dedicated to works from the 21st century, features two thousand pieces by around seven hundred artists. The exhibition is the result of a private collector's desire to show Sydney residents work that reflects the creative vitality and technical ability of art produced in China and Taiwan.

    The Gallery, which spans four levels, hosts two major exhibitions per year, each of which necessitates a complete rehang; as a result, the Gallery must be closed for several days each time, typically in February and August, while the installations take place. However, there is no charge to view the exhibits in their entirety, and guided tours are provided without charge every day at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm for those interested in learning more about the artwork on display.

    The Gallery's Tea House, located on the ground floor, is an ideal spot to unwind before or after a visit with a variety of fine Chinese & Taiwanese teas, delicious handmade dumplings, or a cup of quality coffee.

    Rose Seidler Residence

    This Rose Seidler House is "the most talked discussed house in Sydney" when it was finished in 1950. This North Sydney neighbourhood is home to a hidden architectural gem: Wahroonga.

    Young Harry Seidler wrote this unconventional take on the typical suburban house for his parents. In Australia, Harry Seidler, an Austrian immigrant, was the first to completely express the Bauhaus tenets and modernist approach. The Rose Seidler House, which he designed for your mother in Sydney, was a huge success and ultimately drew him all the way from Austria to Australia, where he went on to have a very fruitful career.

    Both on the inside and out, the revolutionary design brought together architecture, art, with technology to showcase a bold concept for the future of human habitation. His work is now widely recognised as one of Australia's most outstanding instances of mid-century modern residential design. The furnishings and fittings alone are a remarkable collection of post–World War II design. Most of the area is still native bush. You may get a good look at the surrounding Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, that you should visit either before or after your hike.

    Sundays are the only day of the week when visitors can enter the Rose Seidler House, and tickets must be purchased in advance online.

    Sydney Aquarium SEA LIFE

    Visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and get up close and personal with some of the world's most stylish penguins for a fun and educational family day.

    Join the SEA LIFE Penguin Adventure and get a close look at a King or Gentoo penguin colony in their natural habitat. Take the youngsters on a raft ride through an interactive exhibit based on the island of Macquarie.

    Of course, that's not all of it. In addition to the majestic dugongs, amazing sharks & sawfish, wonderful echinoderms, stingrays, and millions of tropical fish, you can also witness a broad variety of other intriguing wildlife.

    Thrill Ride On Sydney Harbour

    An adrenaline-pumping trip to Sydney wouldn't be complete without a high-speed jet boat ride across Sydney Harbor filled with spins, splash, fishtails, and dashes.

    View Sydney Harbor's most famous landmarks, such as the Opera House and Harbor Bridge, while listening to insightful commentary from local guides. The ride and experience it provides are truly unique and unforgettable, and if you're visiting Sydney with a special someone, it can also serve as a romantic touch to your trip.

    New South Wales Art Gallery

    If you're looking for the best public gallery in Sydney, look no farther than the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which is also often considered to be among the best in all of Australia. The Gallery, which first opened its doors in 1871, is widely regarded as one of the world's finest art museums.

    New, spacious, and bright galleries showcase modern and contemporary art, and many of them provide breathtaking views of Sydney as well as the harbour. At the same time, the colonial and nineteenth-century Australian masterpieces housed in the historic Grand Courts building are among the finest in the world. Asian art, European old masters, plus Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander paintings are all celebrated in their own galleries.

    A location of unparalleled enchantment, filled with works of art from across the ages. You may easily spend a couple of hours here but there is always always new to see.

    Everyone is welcome to visit the Art Gallery in New South Wales at no cost to view the permanent collection or attend most special events.

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    Eye On Sydney Tower

    In order to conquer your fear of heights, you should. If so, you should travel to the Skywalk there at Sydney Tower Eye, an exceptionally tall outdoor structure which allows you to roam around outside the tower and get a bird's eye perspective of the beautiful city from all angles. In any case, if you find that too taxing, you can always visit the viewing platform and take in the stunning panorama of the city from above.

    The Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck and Skywalk, in addition to a 24-hour, hop-on, hop-off Sydney Harbour Cruise from Captain Cook Cruises, are available as part of a discounted package trip.

    The Reserve At Barangaroo

    Sydney's newest harbour foreshore park, Barangaroo Reserve, will soon become a major tourist draw if word gets out.

    Barangaroo Reserve is a great example for urban renewal, since it was created by transforming one of Sydney's first industrial sites into the a six-hectare headland park for locals and visitors to enjoy.

    Just a few short years ago, this area was a bleak concrete container terminal, but now it is a welcome park home to more than 75,000 trees and shrubs native to the area. There are long paths for walking and biking, as well as several places to stop for a picnic and dip into the water.

    As you gaze out at the harbour bridge and the calm water, you may find yourself transfixed. And those magnificent sandstone stairs... No one should be surprised to learn that Barangaroo Reserve utilised less Sydney sandstone than any other construction project in Australian history.

    Named for a powerful Cammeraygal woman from Sydney's colonial past, Barangaroo Reserve is steeped in Aboriginal & cultural history. There are signposts all across the park that explain the area's significance to Australians.

    It's extraordinary, gorgeous, and serene, allowing you to feel like you're in "natural" despite being in the middle of a 21st-century metropolis. The best way to see everything is to take a long stroll from Darling Harbour, through the Rocks, and out to Circular Quay.

    Fantastic Race - Scavenger Hunt Sydney

    The Fantastic Race is another exciting option. A trip to Sydney is an unforgettable adventure. Explore Sydney on foot while you search for hints and solve puzzles. In Sydney, this is one of the best things to do if you're looking for a rush.

    St. George Open Air Cinema Has An Outdoor Cinema.

    outdoor cinema sydney

    Movies, munchies, and city summertime all find a home at this waterfront facility. During warmer months, the St. George Outdoor Music Cinema is a fantastic alternative for anyone wondering what to do while in Sydney. It's not a bad thing to invest the evening to take your beverages outside and watch a big screen.

    Randwick Golf Course Offers Golf With A View

    The Randwick Golf Club, which opened in 1960, is a popular venue for golfers visiting Sydney. This particular gold course, however, stands out because to its breathtaking panoramas of Long Bay and the Pacific Ocean. In addition, there is a gourmet restaurant, a clubhouse, and weekly live music on Sundays.

    Breakfast At Carriageworks Farmers Markets

    The first meal of the day is the most crucial, so why not start with it at the Carriageworks Farmers Market? Crusty homemade bread, boutique cheeses, and more can be found at the Sydney farmer's market, the ideal first stop on your checklist of things do in Sydney. Bird Cow has great bacon and egg buns.

    Camden Valley Hot Air Balloon

    Camden Valley is an absolutely stunning location for a balloon ride. There is a champagne breakfast at the end of each one-hour hot air balloon ride with Balloon Aloft. If you're searching for something fun to enjoy in Sydney next weekend, this is a fantastic suggestion.

    Swim In The Bondi Icebergs Pool.

    If you're looking for something to do in Sydney, you can't go wrong with a visit to the Bondi Iceberg Pools, arguably the most photogenic swimming spot in Australia. This enormous pool has all the amenities of a modern pool, but it also puts you in touch with the ocean by placing you directly above its surface.

    Strike Bowling Is A Great Place To Spend The Night.

    Strike Bowling on King Street Wharf is a brand new waterfront bar serving up gourmet fare and refreshing drinks. Bowling, of course, is an essential part of any night at Strike, so test your talents on one of the ten lanes.

    Newtown's Mary's Burgers

    You might be wondering why this huge burger joint is included among the strange Sydney landmarks. That's because Mary's was converted from a STI clinic and now serves beer and burgers. A flashing red light in the window makes it noticeable from a distance. The burgers & drinks have been given the all-clear, thank goodness. This tacky hangout serves some of the greatest Bloody Marys in town. A piece of advice: take in the local street art while you're here.

    Palm Beach

    Palm Beach, a beachside enclave in Sydney, is famous both nationally and internationally for its high real estate prices and celebrity residents. Then why is it included on our weird things list? Well, it's also the setting for the popular Australian soap opera "Home & Away." As a result, this location is frequently used for filming, and fans of the industry sometimes stop by to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars at work.

    Luna Park

    This amusement park is interesting and fun to visit even though it isn't completely out of the ordinary. We totally agree that Luna Park is awesome! The park's design, rides, and ornamental signs all give off a nostalgic, 1930s vibe. Experience Coney Island and the many slides by hopping on the Wild Mouse. Having a hot dog as well as some candy floss is mandatory. Plan ahead by snapping a photo of yourself inside the massive gullet.

    Virtual Reality Sydney - Virtual Room

    Those who enjoy the thrill of trying to escape a room may appreciate this alternative. Sydney's Virtual Reality combines the best of escape rooms with VR technology and a full 3D movie experience to create an unforgettable, out-of-this-world journey.


    When it comes to major cities, Sydney is right up there among the most attractive and intriguing in the world. Sydney's rich cultural heritage, picturesque beaches, and ancient landmarks ensure that the city always offers something new to discover. We have produced a list of some of the top alternative activities in Sydney, including horseback riding and escape rooms. Not far from Central YHA is Spice Alley, home to dozens of Asian hawker-style restaurants. A small beach is available for launching kayaks rented from or brought in by the Manly Kayak Centre. When you think of a normal suburban flea market, you probably think of Glebe Markets.

    As the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney Fish Market is also the largest seafood market outside of Japan. At the Sydney Seafood School, you can learn from some of Australia's greatest chefs how to produce tasty canapés and barbeques. In a former Rolls-Royce showroom, you'll find the White Rabbit Galleries. Relax with a selection of premium Chinese and Taiwanese teas in the Gallery's Tea House. One of the finest examples of domestic mid-century modern architecture in Australia is the Rose Seidler House.

    Get up close and personal with some of the world's most fashionable penguins at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. Join us on a raft ride through an interactive Macquarie Island display designed with kids in mind. One of Australia's finest public art museums is the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Barangaroo Reserve, the newest harbour front park in Sydney, is quickly becoming a popular destination. You can get a great view of the city from the Skywalk and Observation Deck of the Sydney Tower.

    Both the Sydney Scavenger Hunt and the Fantastic Race are sure to be the highlight of your holiday. The Bondi Iceberg Pools are a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Sydney. A hot air balloon journey over Camden Valley would provide breathtaking views. Located on King Street Wharf, the brand-new Strike Bowling is a riverfront bar with upscale dining. The rides at Luna Park were influenced by both classic Coney Island attractions and the Wild Mouse, both of which opened in the 1930s. If you're looking for an out-of-this-world experience, look no further than Virtual Room, a Sydney-based VR attraction that fuses virtual reality with 3D film.

    Content Summary

    1. Sydney is undeniably a wonderful metropolis that offers a great deal to its visitors.
    2. We hope our guide of the most offbeat things to do in Sydney will help you make the most of your time there.
    3. Without further ado, let's have a look at some of the most fascinating and unusual things to do in Sydney.
    4. Sydney is, without a question, one of the world's beautiful and most fascinating major cities.
    5. Sydney's rich cultural heritage, picturesque beaches, and ancient landmarks ensure that the city always offers something new to discover.
    6. If you're looking for something different to do in Sydney, you're in luck, since we've compiled a list of some of the city's best alternative activities.
    7. Your best memories of Sydney will be forged through activities like exploring aboriginal art and floating around the harbour.
    8. Exceptional Sights in Sydney
    9. You can never run out of things to do or see in Sydney.
    10. It's a great place to live and visit, and it has more to offer than just beaches and cafes: from horseback riding and escape rooms to art galleries and surfing and, of course, amazing food, the city has something for everyone.
    11. Lunch in Wendy Whitely's Private Garden Experience the enchanted ambience of a fairy garden without spending a dime, and take in breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour.
    12. Take a book, or nothing at all, and relax on your own during the entire ride.
    13. Just a short walk from Sydney Central YHA lies Spice Alley, home to dozens of Asian hawker-style restaurants.
    14. Enjoy some of the finest Asian cuisine in the country while chatting it up with your new pals.
    15. The True Story of Life in (the Real) Q-Quarantine Station's You should give this a shot if you enjoy both excitement and the sea.
    16. Launch from a little beach near Manly Wharf using a kayak you rented from Manly Kayak Centre (or brought with you).
    17. Store Beach is the ideal place to unwind and gather your thoughts when you need a break.
    18. You'll head to the nearby Q-station as soon as you're ready to continue, from where you may enjoy ghost-hunting, snorkelling, or other fun activities at nearby Quarantine Beach.
    19. When you think of a normal suburban flea market, you probably think of Glebe Markets.
    20. There is a bewildering variety of food vendors here, serving everything from the best gozleme in Sydney to Hungarian doughnuts.
    21. Gather some friends and neighbours, pack a picnic, and head to the lawn where you can enjoy your meal while listening to some tunes.
    22. Glebe Markets weekends, rain, hail, or shine, are always fun and full of delectable new discoveries.
    23. It's no surprise that Australia has fantastic seafood, given that it's such a big island, yet there's only one place in Sydney where locals can purchase it: the world-famous Sydney Fish Market.
    24. The seafood in Sydney is guaranteed to be fresh because the Sydney Fish Market is the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere and the second-largest seafood marketplace in the world outside of Japan.
    25. The Sydney Seafood School is a great option for anyone looking to expand their skill set.
    26. The atmosphere at Door Knock Bar has been described as "feeling like you're in a mate's apartment," and the bar serves a wide selection of tasty cocktails and small meals with a distinctive Japanese flavour.
    27. Fancy oysters, freshly shucked and ready to be shared, are also on hand.
    28. The White Rabbit Galleries is a huge venue near Sydney's Central Station that is located within a former Rolls-Royce showroom and focuses on presenting contemporary Chinese art.
    29. The White Rabbit Collection, which has been available since 2009 and displays only works from the 21st century, has over 2,000 pieces by over 700 different artists.
    30. A private collector wanted to share the innovative spirit and technical mastery of contemporary Chinese and Taiwanese art with the people of Sydney, so they staged an exhibition to do just that.
    31. The four-story Gallery organises two major exhibitions annually, each of which requires a total rehang; as a result, the Gallery is closed for several days at a time, usually in February and August, while the installations take place.
    32. The Home of Rose Seidler When it was completed in 1950, the Rose Seidler House was dubbed "the most talked-about house in Sydney."
    33. This unique take on the traditional suburban house was written by young Harry Seidler for his parents.
    34. His design for your mother's home in Sydney, the Rose Seidler House, was so well received that it lured him all the way from Austria to Australia, where he went on to have a very successful career.
    35. All of the furnishings and fixtures installed after World War II are works of art in and of themselves.
    36. Tickets to the Rose Seidler House can be obtained in advance of a Sunday visit only through the website.
    37. Aquarium of Sydney LIFE IN THE SEA For a day of fun and learning, take the family to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium to meet some of the world's most fashionable penguins.
    38. Participate in the SEA LIFE Penguin Adventure and observe a King or Gentoo penguin colony in its natural setting.
    39. Join us on a raft ride through an interactive Macquarie Island display designed with kids in mind.
    40. Exciting Harbour Cruise Through Sydney Visiting Sydney without taking a high-speed jet boat ride over Sydney Harbor full with spins, splashes, fishtails, and dashes is like not seeing half of the city.
    41. The Art Gallery of New South Wales The Art Gallery of New South Wales is widely regarded as the best public gallery in Sydney and one of the best in all of Australia.
    42. A place of incomparable magic, brimming with masterpieces from every era.
    43. Focus On The Sydney Tower You should try to overcome your fear of heights.
    44. In that case, you should visit the Skywalk at Sydney Tower Eye, an exceptionally tall outdoor structure that allows you to walk around outside the tower and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful city from all angles.
    45. You can save money by booking a package deal that includes both the Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck and Skywalk and a 24-hour, hop-on, hop-off Sydney Harbour Cruise with Captain Cook Cruises.
    46. A Reserve In the Barangaroo area If word gets out, Barangaroo Reserve, the newest park along Sydney's harbour shoreline, will become a popular destination.
    47. One of Sydney's earliest industrial areas, Barangaroo Reserve, was converted into a six-hectare headland park for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.
    48. Barangaroo Reserve, named after a significant Cammeraygal woman from Sydney's colonial era, has a rich Aboriginal and cultural history.
    49. Spectacular Race: A Sydney Scavenger Hunt Another fun alternative is the Fantastic Race.
    50. For those who are looking for something to do in Sydney during the warmer months, the St. George Outdoor Music Cinema is a great option.
    51. Golfers will enjoy the scenic surroundings of Randwick's course. After first opening its doors in 1960, the Randwick Golf Club has been a favourite among golfers visiting Sydney.
    52. To start the day, we ate breakfast at the Carriageworks Farmers Markets. Because it's the most important meal of the day, why not have it at the Carriageworks Farmers Market?
    53. The Sydney Farmer's Market is the perfect first stop on your list of things to do in Sydney, where you can pick up some crusty baked bread and boutique cheeses, among other treats.
    54. Balloon Ride Over the Camden Valley A balloon ride over Camden Valley is an experience you won't soon forget.
    55. The Bondi Iceberg Pools are the most photogenic swimming spot in Australia and a must-see if you're in Sydney.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney

    Sydney is a vibrant city known for its yacht-studded harbour, superb beaches and the iconic Opera House with its towering sail structure.

    Sydney is most famous for: Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney Opera House. Amazing zoos (Taronga & Sydney Zoo) -Iconic Beaches (Bondi, Coogee, Manly to name a few)

    Phillip originally named the colony 'New Albion', but then the colony acquired the name 'Sydney', after the British Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney. Sydney has many influences upon its style.

    An international survey has ranked Sydney as the tenth most desirable city in the world.

    The Emerald City. Sydney — a coastal metropolis whose five million residents make it the largest city in Australia — is famous for many things. The glittering harbour, complemented by landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge
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