The Best Dance Classes In Sydney

The Best Dance Classes In Sydney

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    A number of excellent dance classes in Sydney will help you get out on the dance floor and start having fun. We have every kind of dance you can imagine, from salsa & street dance to dancing and ballet. Don't forget to bring your most comfortable shoes.

    The best sensation in the world is walking uninhibitedly onto a dance floor. Perhaps you have some tricks up your sleeve, and perhaps you have finally broken free of your inhibitions. In any case, taking dance lessons is your greatest bet for reaching that peak of dance bliss.

    We put our dancing skills to the test at some of Sydney's top studios so that we could better advise you on your adventurous movement endeavour. Feel free to stop by any one of these six classes whenever you'd like; there's no need to commit to a full week of instruction to get your groove on and try out some hip-shaking, twirling moves.

    Dancing is not only fantastic for your mental health after giving birth, but it is also a great kind of exercise that will help you feel better physically.

    We believe that taking dance classes as an adult is a great way to boost confidence, learn a skill, stay physically active, and have a great time, regardless of whether your prefered genre is hip hop or tap.

    Learning some new dancing moves is the best way to spice up your time in Sydney with fun and excitement. Classes taught by some of the city's most accomplished dancers cover everything from ballroom to hip-hop. No matter how much or how little dance experience you have, these lessons will help you see this stunning city in a whole new light.

    In no uncertain terms, then, these are Sydney's top recommendations for adult-oriented dancing classes.

    sydney latin dance australia reggaeton open level

    Open Level Reggaeton Latin Dance Australia

    Learn the basics of salsa and samba at this welcoming Broadway studio. Still, reggaeton is the cure for a body that longs for energetic, grounded dance with ferocious style. While dancing experience is not required, you will need to hurl yourself into the fast-paced beat during Latin Dance Australia's drop-in class (LDA).

    These open sessions are taught by Debralee Scarselletta, 38, as well as Sera Fichera, 27, two strong women who are both world-class professionals with a knack for guiding their students to master the hip grinding, breast pumping, booty dropping, and body rolling that characterise their free-flowing combinations.

    Scarselletta notes that while the movements have "a distinct hardness and aggression," they are also "beautiful and flowing in its fluidity." It's a high-energy style with roots in the earth, it can also be laid-back and rustic.

    Singers from Puerto Rico, such as Daddy Yankee and Ozuna, are popularising reggaeton by incorporating its rhythms and culture into pop music. The style developed out of Latin American club activities combined hip hop & Afrobeat influences. Fichera explains, "Reggaeton music has a certain beat, and the motions that we learn in class convey the music."

    Scarselletta is in the first row of one of LDA's main theatres, teaching the students how to sync their dance steps to the music. They're working up a sweat face-to-face with the mirrors with at least 40 additional grinding bodies, being either great news for those in the back row who want to shimmy or a great opportunity for those up front who are feeling brave.

    A thrumming song begins with a series of slower warm-up grooves mixed with stretches, after which the dancers focus on a series of individual moves throughout the duration of the song. After 3 minutes of squatting with the booty on the floor, the thighs start to burn and the core muscles feel like they're exploring new terrain.

    Always smiling, Scarselletta ensures that our chest pops or drops stay thanks to her expert dancing skills. "I prefer lighthearted exchanges, nothing too serious,"

    She throws in some sloppier moves and quick mini-combos, which they follow gleefully in preparation for the comic climax. The hapless bunch forms two concentric circles and begins pumping out freestyle flows. In the end, they find each other and hook up, saying "Hey, sweaty stranger, let's grind," before engaging in a hilarious round of dual booty shakes. Everyone in here looks relieved and happier now that they've had a good shake.

    As Scarselletta puts it, "it's a terrific outlet, unlike us [teachers]. After a long day, if we're feeling annoyed or fatigued from working so many hours inside the studio, we always look forwards to getting back in there and simply having a good time.

    For $20, you may walk in on any of LDA's open reggaeton lessons held at their Broadway location on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 10 am. Intermediate students can also take sessions that focus on choreography if they feel so moved. After you've mastered this challenging material, you may visit any of their three Sydney sites to try your hand at bachata, kizomba, Cuban salsa, and more.

    sydney crossover dance studio

    Popping Beginners Crossover Dance Studio

    Crossover Dance with in city is the best option if you want to find a place to take dance courses on an as-needed basis because of the wide variety of styles taught there.

    They are experts in the genre of street dancing and blend local traditions and customs into their performances. Urban Choreo, Hip-Hop, Dance, House, Locking, Streets Jazz, K-pop, and Afro, along with Contemporary Jazz, and more are just some of the more than 15 distinct styles of dance taught there each week in over 70 different programmes for beginners to experienced dancers.

    When you step out of the elevator at Crossover Dance Studios, you'll experience a wonderful sensory overload. While doing so, you pass through graffiti-covered freestyle areas where synchronised dancers perform hip-hop routines to a nonstop electro-funk beat. We thought it would be easy, but after starting Popping for Beginners we realised they were exaggerating.

    It. Is. Difficult. To. Pop. The foundational action entails flexing muscles in time to music, creating the illusion that tiny electric volts were jolting through the body. The first half hour of this one-hour lesson is spent familiarising newcomers with the style, which originated in Fresno, California, inside the early 1970s.

    Very quickly, they see through his ruse and realise that they've been duped into learning his routine. He frequently rearranges the portions in order to try out new combinations at a leisurely pace. Although we've had a blast trying to perfect the hits, ticks, and pops that form the basis of this rap music, funk variety, the sweaty end still doesn't believe they've done so. As a result of the fantastic, contagious atmosphere at Crossover, they can't get enough and keep coming back for more.

    Crossover Dance Studio is a dance studio that seeks to improve your dancing and your mood through a welcoming environment and friendly, professional instructors. As a result, you can always find a method to work off your tension by sweating.

    We offer a Popping Beginners lesson every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, as well as more advanced or freestyle dance classes. If you're still having trouble with the basics, you can attend an Absolute Beginners lesson on Sunday.

    Getting in the game costs $21, but you can save money by purchasing a multi-class pass (an unlimited week ticket is $80, and 10 classes costs $190).

    Ultimo Sydney Dance Company

    The Ultimo home of the Sydney Dance Troupe is just a set of purpose-built, internationally acclaimed dance studios.

    Sydney Dance Company, a major cultural institution in the area, has temporarily relocated its headquarters from its original wharfside home to a more modern facility in Ultimo, where it will remain while the wharfside location gets much-needed, significant renovations. Since 1976, the organisation has taught hundreds and thousands of Sydney residents and tourists how to dance, and they now offer all of their services out of a purpose-built studio.

    Want to let loose and dance like everyone else is looking at any of Sydney's most renowned dance studios? With 64 dance and fitness programmes weekly in Ultimo for ages 16+ plus unlimited online courses inside its Virtual Studio, Sydney Dance Company claims a most extensive public social dancing programme in Australia.

    Every day, professionals in the field teach around sixty-five different courses. You can take a ballet class, a modern dance class, a jazz class (or a jazz exercise class if you really want to work up a sweat), or a Latin funk class.

    Hip hop, tap, theatrical jazz, jazz funk hip hop (JFH), and tap and lyrical classes are also available. Pilates and yoga lessons are available at Sydney Dance Troupe Studios for those who want to supplement their dance training with strength and flexibility. However, from beginner lessons to drop-in sessions to intermediate and advanced workshops, there is something for everyone.

    Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, Swing, JFH, Latin Funky, Tap, Theatre Jazz, and Lyrical are just few of the dance disciplines offered at SDC, which welcomes students of all experience levels. Yoga, Pilates, and Stretch sessions are also offered to maintain flexibility.

    sydney groove therapy, redfern

    Redfern Groove Therapy

    Those dudes are so in with the times that it aches. They have engaging hip hop classes for beginners that feature lots of loud music, basic street dancing movements, and a large number of welcoming people. More importantly, the next day you will feel a pleasant, healthy muscle soreness. It's also a good idea to get something to eat with the group afterwards.

    Groove Therapy near Redfern is the place to go if you're looking for a dancing class with low lighting, no mirrors, and a wonderful sense of camaraderie. Their beginner adults dance class is ideal for those who have never taken dance lessons before and are nervous about trying it for fear of looking like they can't do it. On Mondays, there's also a free open jam.

    In Sydney, an adult novice dance class called groove Therapy aims to forego pretentiousness in favour of good times and easy moves. They turn down the lights, crank up the volume, and prohibit any use of mirrors.

    A person who avoids dance classes because they are afraid of falling behind is missing out on Groove Therapy. This has nothing to do with perfecting dance, impressing an audience, or vying for a spotlight. We'll spend the next hour learning some basic dance steps and encouraging you to relax and have fun. This was the inspiration behind Sydney's adult beginner dance class.

    Different types of street dance from the United States, Jamaica, Africa, Latin America, and beyond will be covered in this lesson. With its infectious blend of dance, hip hop, dancehall, and afro beats, this album is guaranteed to make you smile from start to finish.

    sydney dance domain, st peters

    St Peters Dance Domain

    The new and exciting Dance Domain can be found in Sydney's trendy Inner West. Costly registration fees, mandatory uniforms, and skimpy stage costumes are all things they frown upon.

    Dance Domain is a studio that welcomes students of all ages and skill levels to dust off their jazz shoes, with students ranging in age from 21 to 60.

    There is no pressure or expectation placed on the children who attend their dancing courses, so they are free to be themselves while still developing a lifelong appreciation for dance and education. They avoid cheesy songs and garish dances (so long, lycra & leg warmers!! ), and their year-end shows are fun, inexpensive, and low-maintenance (no sewing costumes!!).

    Their dancing classes are changing the game for people of all ages, from toddlers to college students. Instructors are a youthful, dynamic, and talented group who all believe that everyone should have access to dance classes due to its transformative potential.

    Learn the fundamentals of tap, jazz, ballet, or lyrical dance in just one hour each week over the course of four weeks at this dance studio's Adult Mini-Courses. These programmes are ideal for those who have never worked out before since they provide a challenging workout without feeling like work.

    The studio was designed with the focus on students, providing a fun and secure environment in which they may feel at ease. Dance Domain is designed to make children and their families feel comfortable right away, from the "sofa garden" to the artwork created in dance workshops during school breaks to the waiting area stocked with toys, puzzles, and novels.

    No more restless, unproductive youth during school breaks thanks to their well-attended workshops. In addition, we offer free after-school care and an early drop-off option to help busy families.

    To foster innovation and artistic prowess among the student body and prepare them for upcoming exams and HSC practicals, Dance Domain provides free studio use to students enrolled in dance and drama classes. Students can borrow costumes from us for free to use at any school event, including Halloween, dress up days, and plays.

    sydney dance central, surry hills

    Surry Hills Dance Central

    Dance Central Sydney seems to be a studio in Sydney's Surry Hills that hosts regular dance classes and hosts workshops for both beginners and more experienced dancers. If you're looking for a great place to learn new dance styles, you can find more information by calling or checking out their website.

    This studio is a terrific place to break a sweat in the heart of the city, and it's only a quick walk from Central Station. Dancehall, reggaeton, afro-fusion, or R&B courses feature high-intensity music and demanding routines. Don't get discouraged if you don't take up the moves right away; the emphasis is on having fun (and getting exercise!) while learning something new. Lessons in jazz, tahitian dance, and other forms are also available.

    Dance Central offers a wide variety of dance lessons and seminars for people of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professionals, in styles ranging from street and urban to Latin ballroom. The studio on Cleveland Street is open seven days a week, and drop-ins are welcome at any time.

    Hip Hop, Funk, Cuban Salsa, Bombay, Jamaican Dubstep, BreakDance, Reggaeton, Burlesque, Brazilian Samba, Afro-Fusion, Tahitian Dancing, Pantsula, Hula Hoop, and many more are just some of the dance styles that are taught at Dance Central's in-person and online workshops for adults.

    Let's say you're interested in busting a few Shakira-style moves. In that event, you won't find a better option than our Belly Dance sessions, which require no prior dance experience and are meant to improve your stance, tone your abs, raise your coordination, and boost your confidence all at once.

    Chatswood & Drummoyne Studio Exclusive Pole Dancing

    It's moms only, sorry guys! Take some pole dancing classes at Studio Exclusive to improve your confidence and learn to take charge of your life.

    Why do people come here, exactly? This is a straightforward matter.

    Studio Exclusive is dedicated solely to the following three areas:

    To start, they aid with the development of self-assurance among females. (You do realise that's a great sensation, right?) Second, they assist women in being physically stronger and healthier. (You'll be able to do more because of this.)

    Together, they create a space where women may connect and thrive. Including a healthy helping of levity, of course!

    They achieve this goal by way of Pole Dancing. On the other hand, they're not only a Pole Dancing Studio. It's a "new way of being" that promises to improve both your physical and mental health.

    Class Exclusive is a women-only fitness centre with the goals of improving the members' health and fitness, creating a supportive and encouraging environment, and having a great time doing it. When it comes to fitness and core strength, their Beginner Pole lessons are unparalleled. Any of a free trial, a private session, or a group class can be scheduled.

    Women should have faith in themselves. Being assured of oneself alters one's perspective. Taking charge of your health and fitness is like taking a giant leap into the a new way of life. Value to oneself is pivotal. It's a game-changer in every respect. Finally, a strong sense of belonging will alter your perspective of the world.


    Confidence may be boosted, new skills can be learned, physical activity can be maintained, and fun can be had by enrolling in dance courses in Sydney. Some of the city's finest dancers teach a wide variety of dance styles, from ballroom to hip hop. If you want to add some fun and excitement to your time in Sydney, taking dancing lessons is the way to go. You can't go wrong with any of these top-rated dance schools in Sydney, Australia, for adults. The open Level Reggaeton Latin Dance Australia drop-in class is taught by Debralee Scarselletta and Sera Fichera, two of the best dancers in the world.

    Rooted in the ground, this style may be as relaxed and rustic as it is full of life. Slower warm-up grooves interspersed with stretches kick off class, and the dancers work on their particular moves for the remainder of the song. It only takes three minutes of crouching on the floor for the thighs to start burning and the abdominal muscles to feel like they're discovering uncharted territory.

    Content Summary

    1. In Sydney, you may have your pick of several highly regarded dance classes that will prepare you to hit the dance floor with confidence.
    2. Please remember to bring your most comfortable footwear.
    3. Walking unafraid onto a dance floor is the greatest feeling in the world.
    4. The best way to guarantee yourself the pinnacle of dancing happiness is to take classes.
    5. In order to better guide you in your daring physical endeavour, we tested our dance abilities at some of Sydney's best studios.
    6. Drop in on any of these six classes whenever you like; there's no need to sign up for a full week of lessons before you start shaking what your mama gave you and trying out some new twirling and hip-shaking routines.
    7. Dancing is an excellent kind of exercise that will leave you feeling better physically and mentally after giving birth.
    8. Whether your prefered style is hip hop or tap, we think taking dance classes as an adult is a fantastic opportunity to gain self-assurance, acquire a new skill, maintain an active lifestyle, and have a great time.
    9. There is no better way to add some zest to your time in Sydney than by learning some new dance skills.
    10. Different styles of dance, from ballroom to hip hop, are taught by some of the city's finest dancers.
    11. So, without further ado, here are the finest choices for adult dance courses in Sydney.
    12. Extreme Reggaeton Australia's Latin Nightclub Scene This friendly Broadway classroom offers beginning dance lessons in salsa and samba.
    13. Reggaeton, however, satisfies the need for a body to dance with furious style and an explosive, solid foundation.
    14. Participants in Latin Dance Australia's drop-in class don't need any prior dance experience, but they do need to be able to throw themselves into the program's frantic tempo (LDA).
    15. Strong women Debralee Scarselletta (38), and Sera Fichera (27), who are both top-tier professionals, lead these drop-in classes and have a knack for helping their students learn the hip grinding, breast pumping, booty dropping, and body rolling that are signature moves of the instructors' freestyle routines.
    16. There is "a particular roughness and violence," yet Scarselletta also calls the dance "beautiful and flowing in its fluidity."
    17. It's a high-octane aesthetic that has a foot in the dirt and can also be relaxed and country.
    18. Reggaeton's rise to mainstream popularity can be attributed to Puerto Rican artists like Daddy Yankee and Ozuna, who have incorporated reggaeton's rhythms and aesthetic into mainstream pop.
    19. The music that emerged from Latin American nightclubs fused hip hop and Afrobeat.
    20. "Reggaeton music has a definite beat," Fichera says. "The gestures that we learn in class transmit the music."

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dance Classes

    • Ballet. 
    • Contemporary, Modern, and Jazz. 
    • Tap Dancing. 
    • Theatrical Dance. 
    • Ballroom, Swing, and Other Pairs Dancing.
    • Hip Hop Dance Styles. 
    • Latin Dance Styles.

    We've put a list of five dances that we think are the easiest to learn for beginners.

    • Waltz. 
    • Foxtrot.
    • Swing. 
    • Rumba. 
    • Cha Cha.
    • Get Started Learning Easy Dances at our Studio in Raleigh!

    Ballet. This timeless dance style never loses its charm.

    Here is a list of the most popular types of dance:

    • Ballet.
    • Ballroom.
    • Contemporary.
    • Hip Hop.
    • Jazz.


    Said to be the most difficult genre to master, ballet is a rigorous style of dance that is the foundation of most forms of dance training. It is usually set, but not limited to, orchestrated music and is often the first dance style a child will experience as they begin their dance classes.

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