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Top 10 Industrial Packaging Companies in Melbourne

Today, we will discuss the Top Industrial Packaging Companies in Melbourne, a city that continually evolves and works hard. These companies meet the packaging needs of businesses with precision and new ideas. 

These businesses help ensure that goods are handled, stored, and moved safely and efficiently, which is important for Melbourne's booming industrial scene. You will meet the top companies in Melbourne's industrial packaging industry, and they will show you how committed they are to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge solutions.

By providing excellent service for many years and always trying to be the best, these Top Industrial Packaging Companies in Melbourne have built a name as leaders in their field. Many types of businesses use them, from those that make things and move things around to those that process food and more. Let's go on a trip to learn more about the creative packing solutions that make these companies important to Melbourne's economic growth.

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    Melbourne Packaging Supplies

    melbourne packaging supplies

    Melbourne Packaging Supplies is a family-owned company with over 45 years of experience, specialising as importers and wholesale distributors of industrial packaging. Their offerings encompass various packaging necessities, including strapping, wrapping, marking, and protection products. They also provide comprehensive service and supply various tools and equipment. Known for its exceptional customer service, Melbourne Packaging Supplies prides itself on friendly, courteous, and personal interactions, ensuring customer satisfaction. They maintain a large inventory for immediate needs and offer next-day delivery services to meet the demands of their clients promptly.

    The services offered by Melbourne Packaging Supplies include:

    • Strapping & Strapping Tools: Supplying steel, polyester, woven, composite, and polypropylene strapping, along with tools, seals, and accessories.
    • Machinery & Equipment: Importers of Atlanta stretch pallet wrapping machines in semi-automatic and automatic models, as well as manual and rotating arm machines.
    • Pallet Wrap: Offering a variety of pallet wraps, including blown, cast, and high-tech machine pallet wraps for powered prestretch machines.
    • Air Cushions: Providing air cushions for void fill solutions, which are cost-effective and protective.
    • Protective Packaging: Ensuring products are safe during transport with a range of protective packaging solutions.

    Phone: 1300 043 085

    Inbox Group

    inbox group

    Inbox Group is a Melbourne-based, family-operated business with over 35 years of experience in the packaging industry, offering custom cardboard packaging solutions. They specialise in creating high-quality custom packaging to enhance marketing strategies, focusing on design and prototyping backed by state-of-the-art technology. 

    Their services are aimed at providing products with both eye-catching appeal and complete protection. Inbox Group prides itself on a team of experts dedicated to delivering effective packaging solutions that enhance the protection and presentation of products, with a commitment to customer satisfaction and a track record of positive client testimonials.

    Services offered by Inbox Group include:

    • Custom Packaging Solutions: Tailor-made cardboard packaging with high-quality graphics.
    • Printed Product Packaging: Custom-designed packaging to promote products effectively.
    • Counter Display Stands: Custom-made stands for product promotion at point-of-sale.
    • Floor Display Stands: Sturdy and visually appealing stands to grab customer attention.
    • Custom Boxes: A wide range of custom-made packaging solutions for various needs.
    • Shop Online: Ready-to-ship packaging boxes are available for immediate needs.

    Phone: 1300 97 88 55

    Perennial Packaging

    perennial packaging

    Perennial Packaging presents a comprehensive array of industrial packaging products designed to meet the dual needs of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Understanding the critical role of packaging in making a strong first impression, Perennial Packaging ensures that its products are not only practical and convenient but also provide robust protection during transit and storage. Their packaging solutions are also tailored to display vital usage instructions, comply with health and safety standards, and effectively showcase creative designs that reflect the brand image, thereby attracting new customers.

    The industrial packaging range offered by Perennial Packaging includes:

    • Steel Packaging: A selection of pails, cans, drums, and flasks in various shapes and sizes, complete with a choice of closures and fittings for ease of use.
    • Cardboard Packaging: Corrugated sheets, cardboard trays, boxes, and cartons for versatile packaging needs.
    • Packaging Labels: Customizable labels for branding and product information.
    • Customised Packaging Solutions: Tailored packaging designed to meet specific technical specifications, with support in product development and printed packaging designs.

    Phone: 1300 01 7225

    CSD Packaging

    csd packaging

    CSD Packaging is a premier packaging wholesaler in Melbourne, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality packaging materials and warehousing supplies at wholesale rates. With over thirty years of experience, the company has built a reputation for delivering exceptional service and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. 

    Their extensive product range and deep industry knowledge, supported by a robust network of manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers, enable CSD Packaging to fulfil both small and large orders efficiently. Their affiliation with the Victorian Packaging Group further strengthens their capacity to provide the best quality industrial packaging supplies at competitive prices.

    The services and products offered by CSD Packaging include:

    • Packaging Materials: An exhaustive selection of packaging materials to meet various needs.
    • Warehousing Supplies: A wide range of supplies to support warehousing operations.
    • Bulk Orders: Capability to handle bulk orders with the same efficiency as small ones.
    • Diverse Product Range: From bubble wrap, carton boxes, tape, and strapping to dunnage bags, they have it all.

    Phone: (03) 9729 2775

    Melbourne Chemical Packaging & Processing

    melbourne chemical packaging & processing

    Melbourne Chemical Packaging (MCPak) specialises in providing custom packaging solutions within the chemical industry, recognising the critical importance of packaging for safe chemical handling and storage. Their approach is to create packaging specifically tailored to the classification of the chemicals being handled, ensuring the highest safety standards are met and reducing the risk of incidents that could endanger people, property, and the environment. MCPak emphasises the necessity of proper hazard communication, including labelling and documentation, to maintain safety and compliance in the transportation and storage of chemical products.

    The services offered by MCPak include:

    • Custom Chemical Packaging: Tailored packaging solutions for safe chemical handling.
    • Range of Packaging Sizes: From small packages to bulk quantities to meet diverse customer needs.
    • Safety and Compliance: Ensuring proper hazard communication, labelling, and documentation.

    Phone: +61 3 9041 7995

    Production Packaging Innovations

    production packaging innovations

    Production Packaging Innovations (PPI) is a Melbourne-based custom cardboard box manufacturer and packaging provider serving various industries since 1980. With a focus on creating custom cardboard packaging solutions, PPI ensures that products are not only protected but also presented in a way that enhances brand value. 

    They offer a comprehensive service that includes in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, working closely with clients to engineer the perfect packaging outcome. PPI is recognised for its dedicated team of designers who customise packaging solutions to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client's products and brands, ensuring an optimal packaging solution for transportation or display.

    The services offered by PPI include:

    • Custom Cardboard Packaging: Tailored solutions for product protection and brand enhancement.
    • Protective Packaging: Minimizing the cost of product damages during transport.
    • Retail Product Packaging: Creating packaging enhances customer experience and brand presence on shelves.
    • Gift Box Packaging: Designing unique unboxing experiences for products.
    • Product Display Packaging: Developing point-of-sale display stands that are visually appealing and easy to assemble.
    • Industrial Packaging: Providing heavy-duty packaging for efficient and safe delivery of products.
    • Cartons & Mailers: Offering efficient and sustainable packaging options for shipping.

    Phone: 1800 25 8000

    Fromm Packaging Australia

    fromm packaging australia

    FROMM Packaging Australia is a leader in innovative packaging solutions, including strapping, wrapping, and carton handling, tailored for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. With over 70 years of experience, FROMM has established itself as a trusted provider, ensuring that goods are unitised and palletised securely for transport. 

    Their product offerings are backed by a commitment to sustainability, featuring recyclable materials and low-emission manufacturing processes. FROMM's dedication to quality is evident in its comprehensive range of products designed to meet the varied needs of businesses, ensuring that packaging is not just functional but also environmentally responsible.

    The services offered by FROMM Packaging Australia include:

    • Strapping Solutions: A complete range of machines, tools, and strap consumables.
    • Wrapping Solutions: A full suite of stretch-wrapping machines for various applications.
    • Carton Handling: Solutions for building, void filling, and sealing cartons efficiently.
    • Packaging Consumables: A wide array of packaging consumables to complement their machines.
    • Protective Packaging: Innovative protective packaging to ensure product safety during transit.
    • Export Products: Specialized packaging products designed for export purposes.

    Phone: 1800 940 356

    Integrated Packaging

    integrated packaging

    Integrated Packaging is a key player in the industrial packaging market, offering a wide array of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Auckland. With a portfolio of over 3,500 unique products, they provide both off-the-shelf and engineered solutions, ensuring that every packaging challenge is met with an effective response. Recognising that packaging serves a dual purpose – protecting products during shipment and representing a brand – Integrated Packaging crafts solutions that address both these aspects with finesse.

    Their services cater to all industrial environments, whether humid, dry, dusty, hot, wet, or cold. Integrated Packaging stands ready to develop a product that aligns perfectly with the specific packaging requirements of any business. Their confidence in their diverse range means that clients can expect a custom or off-the-shelf solution that truly fits their needs.

    Services offered by Integrated Packaging include:

    • Accessories
    • Bundle Shrink
    • Bundle Tape
    • Blown Stretch Film
    • Cast Stretch Film
    • Pallet Netting
    • Pallet Shrink
    • Plain Films
    • Pre-stretch Film
    • Printed & Plain Bags
    • Printed Films
    • PVC Food Films
    • Stretch Hoods
    • Top Sheets
    • Wrap Machines

    Phone: 1300 479 727

    The Packaging People

    the packaging people

    The Packaging People offers a bespoke service for custom packaging, ensuring that brands can elevate their product presentation with high-quality, personalised packaging solutions. They cater to various needs, from bags, boxes, and cylinders, and are committed to making obtaining custom packaging as straightforward as possible. Their approach is customer-centric, focusing on the benefits of personalised packaging, which includes establishing a premium brand identity, differentiating from competitors, and creating a memorable unboxing experience that customers love and share, particularly on social media platforms.

    Services offered by The Packaging People for custom packaging include:

    • Custom Printed Packaging: Offering custom designs on various packaging types to enhance brand visibility.
    • Personalised Bags, Boxes, and Cylinders: Tailoring the packaging to the specific needs of the product and brand.
    • Design Support: Assisting with creating custom artwork and design to reflect the brand’s values and personality.
    • Digital and Rotogravure Printing: Providing options for both high-volume long-run and low-volume short-run printing needs.
    • Flexible Order Quantities: Catering to large and small order quantities, with support throughout the process from inquiry to delivery.

    Phone: +61 3 8361 8063

    Alliance Distributors

    alliance distributors

    Alliance Packaging provides various packaging and wrapping solutions for different shipping and handling needs. Their offerings include bubble wrap, available in multiple sizes, which can be slit and perforated according to customer specifications. They also supply protector bags in standard sizes, with options for write-on panels and side openings, and Jiffy bags that come padded, lite, or gusseted for extra protection.

    For heavier applications, they offer lashing products in heavy, medium, and light-duty options. Additionally, they provide corrugated cardboard in various widths and stretch wrap suitable for both hand and machine application, available in different thicknesses to ensure secure packaging for transit.

    Services and products offered by Alliance Packaging include:

    • Bubble Wrap: Available in 10mm, 20mm, & 30mm sizes, customisable to specific needs.
    • Protector Bags: Standard, with write-on panels and side-opening options.
    • Jiffy Bags: Padded, lite, and gusseted for various levels of protection.
    • Lashing: Heavy, medium, and light-duty lashing for secure transportation.
    • Corrugated Cardboard: Available in multiple widths for diverse packaging needs.
    • Stretch Wrap & Dispensers: Both hand and machine wrap in 20um, 23um, & 25um thicknesses.
    • Bundling Film & Dispenser: 100mm x 300mts 20um for smaller packaging requirements.

    Phone: 03 9330 1070

    Industrial packaging refers to packaging solutions designed for industrial purposes, which often require robust and durable materials to protect goods during storage and transportation. This type of packaging is typically used for heavy-duty products, machinery, parts, and chemicals. It is designed to withstand the rigours of the supply chain, including long-distance shipping, handling by machinery, and storage in various environments.

    Common materials used in industrial packaging include corrugated cardboard, heavy-duty plastics, metal containers, wood (such as pallets and crates), and flexible materials like shrink and stretch film. The choice of material depends on the requirements for strength, durability, protection against environmental factors, and compliance with regulations, especially for hazardous materials.

    Industrial packaging is designed with the safety and security of products as a priority. It often includes cushioning, bracing, moisture barriers, tamper-evidence, and seals. The packaging is tested to meet industry standards and regulations to protect contents from shocks, vibrations, compression, and puncture, as well as environmental factors like humidity and temperature changes.

    Yes, industrial packaging can be highly customised to fit the specific dimensions, weight, and protection needs of products. Customisation can include the design of internal components like foam inserts, the use of specific materials, the addition of handles or wheels for mobility, and the incorporation of branding elements or instructions.

    The environmental impact of industrial packaging varies depending on the materials used and the ability to recycle or reuse the packaging. Many companies are now focusing on sustainable practices by using recycled materials, designing for recyclability, and reducing the material used without compromising protection. Some industrial packaging is also designed to be reusable, which can significantly reduce its environmental footprint.

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