top 10 dental tax accountants in sydney

Top 10 Dental Tax Accountants in Sydney

Working with a specialised dental tax accountant is not only helpful in Sydney, but also necessary because the dental business has to deal with tough competition and complicated tax laws. Tax accountants are the financial experts of Sydney's dental scene. They do more than just balance the books; they make sure your practise does well in a city that never settles for less than the best.

This guide will present you to the best dental tax accountants in Sydney. Each one has been carefully chosen for their knowledge, dedication, and ability to create custom tax solutions just for you. Let's dive into the world of numbers and find out how these professionals can make your practice's finances look like they belong in a mirror.

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    Hillyer Riches Tax Accountants & Business Advisors

    hillyer riches tax accountants & business advisors

    If a dentist needs help with their taxes or their BAS, Hillyer Riches Tax Accountants in Carnegie, Melbourne, is the best place to go. Doctors have a lot to do, so they often put off doing things like taxes and accounts, even though they know how important they are to the business. Lawyer Hillyer Riches takes care of legal problems so doctors can do what they do best, which is running their medical practise. 

    In addition to compliance services, they also offer strategy planning to look at and improve business models so that they can make the most money. This is because they know that even small changes can have big impacts on profits.

    Services Offered:

    • Tax accounting and compliance
    • Bookkeeping services
    • Strategic planning and business structure review
    • BAS services

    Phone: 03 9571 5333

    EWM Accountants & Business Advisors

    ewm accountants & business advisors

    A wide range of tax services are available from EWM Accountants to help people and companies lower their tax bills, improve their lifestyle, and get richer through smart tax planning. When it comes to taxes, they take pride in giving clients useful and relevant help so that they can make decisions that are legal and fit their specific needs. 

    Their services are meant to be flexible, offer good value for money, and fully understand the unique needs of each client, whether they need help with personal taxes or making sure their business pays its taxes.

    Services Offered:

    • Income Tax Advisory
    • Salary Packaging
    • Payroll Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • GST Management
    • Tax Risk Management
    • Tax Planning
    • Structuring
    • Fringe Benefit Tax

    Phone: 03 9568 5444

    Bookkept Tax & Business Advisors

    bookkept tax & business advisors

    Bookkept is a tax and accounting company in Melbourne that helps small businesses with their complicated financial needs. Their services are meant to make sure that tax reports and financials are done on time at the end of the year, so clients can get a quick look at how their business is doing. 

    The company stresses how important it is to keep books up to date and provides bookkeeping services by qualified tax agents and Xero accounting software experts. They also make it a priority to keep ATO lodgements up to date, which includes GST and BAS lodgements. To help companies plan for the future, they offer budgeting, cash flow, and forecasting. Bookkept also offers business coaching, using their many years of experience to give small business owners personalised help and advice.

    Services Offered:

    • Income Tax Returns preparation
    • Bookkeeping services by accountants
    • GST and BAS Lodgments
    • Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Forecasting
    • Business Mentoring

    Phone: 03 8568 3606

    Tax Window

    tax window

    Tax Window is an accounting company based in Melbourne that specialises in providing accounting and business advice services to people in the medical field. They come up with ways for medical professionals to save money, do less work, and still meet their business goals. They don't just help people in the healthcare field; they also help people in jobs like trades, cooking, and more. 

    Tax Window presents itself as a foundation for a wide range of industry-specific clients, making sure that people in the construction, healthcare, or hospitality sectors can get personalised accounting and business advice.

    Services Offered:

    • Industry-specific accounting solutions
    • Business advisory services
    • Tailored accounting for trades, medical, and hospitality sectors
    • Streamlining clinic accounts for medical professionals
    • Optimal tax solutions for various industries

    Phone: 03 9999 8538

    Amalgam Advisors

    amalgam advisors

    Professional business and tax advice is what Amalgam Advisors Pty Ltd does best. They mostly help people in the dentist, medical, and veterinary fields. In addition to normal accounting services, they offer a range of other specialised services as well. These services are meant to help healthcare workers at different points in the lifecycle of their business, from advice on how to start a practise to help with strategic planning and from business valuations to help with sales and acquisitions. Their main goal is to give health workers expert advice and help that is tailored to their specific problems and goals.

    Services Offered:

    • Start-Up business advice for new practices
    • Advice on the establishment of appropriate business structures
    • Assistance with the purchase or sale of dental practices
    • Dental practice business valuations
    • Tax & Business Registrations (ABN, TFN, GST, Workcover, etc.)
    • Cloud Software setup and training, along with bookkeeping & payroll processing
    • Assistance with banking institution requirements
    • Preparation of financial statements, tax returns, and BAS
    • Tax compliance, planning, and minimization strategies
    • Equipment Finance for medical equipment and clinic fit-outs
    • Advice on claiming motor vehicle expenses
    • Business & risk insurances
    • Business succession planning
    • SFA reviews
    • Superannuation tax advice

    Phone: 1300 604 380



    Wealthpreneur® is a firm that specializes in providing dental practitioners with expert accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning services. With years of experience in the field, they offer tailored solutions that help dental practices grow through comprehensive business advisory services. Wealthpreneur® focuses on managing the financial aspects of a dental business, allowing practitioners to concentrate on patient care. 

    They have identified that many dentists pay more tax than necessary due to ineffective business structures and lack of tax strategy knowledge. By setting up the correct business structure from the beginning, Wealthpreneur® aims to prevent costly changes in the future that could trigger capital gains tax events.

    Services Offered:

    • Specialized accounting and bookkeeping tailored to dental practices
    • Tax planning to minimize liabilities and maximize savings
    • Business advisory services to foster practice growth
    • Strategic tax structure setup to avoid unnecessary taxation in the future
    • Ongoing support to ensure tax efficiency and business profitability

    Phone: 02 8896 6166

    Tax App

    tax app

    Tax App is an accounting firm that specializes in providing tax and bookkeeping services for dental practices in Australia. They understand the unique financial challenges and opportunities within the dental industry and offer expert advice to help dental practices thrive. With a focus on building strong operational foundations, Tax App provides access to the latest cloud accounting software and tailored monthly plans to ensure that dental practices can efficiently monitor and manage their cash flow and financial performance.

    Services Offered:

    • Expert tax advice tailored to the dental industry
    • Bookkeeping services to maintain accurate financial records
    • Payroll setup and management
    • Year-end accounting services
    • Guidance on income tax, GST, and capital gains tax
    • Flexible monthly plans designed to fit the specific needs of dental practices

    Phone: 0493 231 367

    Easy Tax

    easy tax

    Easy Tax Accountants specialises in accounting and taxation services for medical and dental professionals, understanding the unique needs of those in the healthcare sector. They offer a range of services to ensure that medical practitioners can focus on providing care while Easy Tax takes care of the financial aspects of their practise. Recognising that medical and dental professionals are often too busy to manage their accounting and taxation requirements, Easy Tax provides expert services from basic bookkeeping to the preparation of Business Activity Statements, GST, Annual Accounts, and Tax Returns.

    Services Offered:

    • Bookkeeping tailored to medical and dental practitioners
    • Business Activity Statements and GST preparation
    • Annual Accounts (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) preparation
    • Annual Tax Returns
    • Specialised accounting advice for medical equipment purchases and other expenses

    Phone: 061 2 9415 1118

    Australian Accountants

    australian accountants

    Australian Accountants provide specialised accounting services tailored for the dental profession. They offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to dental practises at any stage, whether just starting out or well-established, and regardless of size or location. Their personalised approach ensures that each dental practise receives professional accounting solutions that are accurate and designed to suit their specific needs. With a wealth of experience in serving dental professionals, Australian Accountants are known for their industry-specific expertise and commitment to delivering professional knowledge and personalised service.

    Services Offered:

    • Business setup for new dental practises
    • Bookkeeping services
    • Comprehensive accounts management
    • Tax return preparation and filing

    Phone: 061 2 9419 5322

    HD Accounting & Business Consultants

    hd accounting & business consultants

    HD Accounting & Business Consultants specialises in providing tailored accounting and taxation advice to medical professionals, including those in the medical and dental fields. Their services are designed to support medical practitioners at every stage of their professional careers, offering strategies that are customised to the unique financial needs of their clients. With a deep understanding of the medical industry, HD Accounting & Business Consultants are equipped to guide medical clients through the various opportunities and risks associated with their profession, ensuring a comprehensive approach to financial success.

    For medical professionals looking to enhance their financial strategy and succeed in their practise, HD Accounting & Business Consultants can be contacted for expert advice and service.

    Services Offered:

    • Accounting and tax services
    • Medical industry business structuring
    • Asset protection and estate planning
    • Management consultancy
    • SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) services

    Phone: 02 4367 4207

    They offer local expertise in tax regulations and financial strategies tailored to Sydney's dental industry.

    Yes, they provide strategic financial planning and tax advice to support and enhance your practice's growth.

    A specialized accountant will understand the unique financial requirements of dental practices in Sydney.

    Regular consultations, typically quarterly or bi-annually, are recommended to keep your practice financially healthy.

    They offer comprehensive services including financial planning, business structuring, and superannuation advice.

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