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Best Skate Parks In Sydney

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    Do you want to find a fantastic rink in Sydney to go skating? Find the best skate spots in the city right here! There are options for both interior and exterior skating, so no one has to miss out. Skaters of all skill levels may have a great time at these parks. The time has come to shred, so get to it!

    No trip to the U.S. or Europe is necessary for a top-notch skateboarding adventure. Skateboarders of all ability levels may enjoy Sydney's world-class skate parks. As a result, skaters of all skill levels may have a great time at these parks. The top skate spots in Sydney are listed below.

    Sydney's Best Skate Parks

    sydney skate parks

    Skateboarding is a great way to get in shape, meet new people, and sharpen your balance, coordination, and agility. Although many other cities have great skate spots, Sydney isn't one of them.

    The good news for skateboarders living in and around Sydney, New South Wales, is that more and more skate parks are being constructed in various neighbourhoods and parks across the region.

    We've narrowed down the finest skate parks in Sydney to a top ten list based on recommendations from locals, park amenities, and other factors.

    Skate parks are great social gathering spots, but like any other public venue, they have finite capacity and need the considerate use of personal space. Skateboarding, like any other sport, has inherent dangers.

    The vast majority of skate park visitors are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. There is more trust and friendship in a skate park where everyone follows the same set of rules.

    In this article, we will go over some things to remember when going to a skatepark.

    • If you're just starting out, it's important to pick a skate park that's suitable for novices. If you're a pro skater who wants to push yourself to the limit, you should choose a more difficult skate park. Again, though, it's important to do your homework first.
    • It's best to do some research about the skate park you're planning to visit beforehand, especially if it's your first time there. Go observe the ambience, the runs, and the flow, and afterwards jump right in!
    • Get your skateboarding fundamentals down before you hit the skate park.
    • If you're not using a skateboard or getting ready to go on a run, then get out of the way. The time to act is now, so step aside.
    • Stay in the lines: Most skate parks are laid out in a winding path, so skaters can stick to the same paths and avoid each other. Therefore, read between the lines.
    • Don't comp, which implies you shouldn't try to imitate another skater's tricks and skills. Distracting and uncool, right here.
    • It's important to remember not to "snake," or get wilfully in the path of, another runner. This is a major faux pas.
    • Take care of your board; if you see someone else drop theirs, pick it up and step aside. Call this out loud if your board goes flying through the air after a botched trick.

    South Eveleigh Skatepark

    In 2019, new South Everleigh Skatepark debuted, and it still looks brand new. It's in the middle of Redfern and Erskineville at the Australian Technology Park, which is reachable by bus.

    The park was thoughtfully designed to evoke an urban street plaza, which complements the nearby high-rise office buildings. Even after dark, park visitors can still enjoy the space.

    All skill levels are welcome at South Eveleigh Skatepark, however an intermediate level of skating will give you an advantage in the packed, compact park at peak times.

    Sydney Park Skate Park

    The Sydney Park in Erskineville, which includes a skate park, will open in 2020 and is billed as Sydney's largest skating facility.

    A skate park is fantastic since it caters to skaters of varying abilities by dividing it into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections.

    The main attraction is a flow bowl that is three metres deep, perfect for expert skaters and riders; the novice bowl is great for people who are just starting out. There's also a more technical skaters-only area with street-style obstacles. All the lights in the park will be on till 9 p.m.

    Staggering $6 million skatepark that just opened (outdoor). There are three separate elements and zones. A large plaza with a quarter tube, ledges, stairs, rails, and banks for beginners is the first feature. The middle bowl is a fantastic 3.3-meter-deep flow bowl, and the bottom is a beginner's bowl. Be sure to stop by soon!

    In Sydney, you can find more than 80 skate parks to choose from, each with its own unique features and amenities. It would be impossible to list and evaluate them all, so instead we will concentrate on a few of Henrietta's favourites. First, we'd like to recommend Manly Skate Park. Then, we'll do our best to describe the vibe and challenge of each of the featured skate parks.

    Five Dock Skate Park

    Although it has been there for quite some time, and Five Dock Skate Park continues to be a favourite destination for skateboarders in the Sydney area.

    Skaters of all skill levels will appreciate the park's modern features after a series of renovations and additions.

    The park's three large bowls are linked together, making for a continuous layout with seamless transitions. Skaters, BMXers, scooterists, and rollerbladers all use the park, so there may be a few people there at any given moment.

    It has been there for quite some time, making it a superb example of a classic American skate park. There are three 5- to 8-foot concrete bowls, a half-pipe, and a serpentine course with numerous transitions. The surface is rough yet rideable. While the half pipe is still in rough shape, the park makes up for it with a flat bar in an odd location and a fun, miniature quarter pipe. This location is well worth your time.

    Bondi Skate Park

    This Bondi Skate Park is one of the best-known skateboarding spots in all of Sydney. Bondi Skate Park, located right on the sand, features two bowls, one smaller and deeper than the other.

    Over the years, this spectacular arena has played host to a wide variety of events and tournaments, including the ever-popular Bowl-A-Rama.

    Bondi Skate Park offers a great atmosphere and is best for more expert skateboarders, while anyone with the appropriate mentality is welcome to check it out.

    Among the best skateparks in the world, this one has gained international renown. In front of Australia's most famous beach, Bondi, it sits here on New South Wales coast's beachfront. It's hard to believe! Bondi's skatepark features a 10-foot deep skate bowl and a 5-foot deep portion. It's loaded with ledges, rails, and other skateboarding essentials.

    skate park sydney

    Fernside Skatepark

    Fernside, also called Waterloo Skatepark, is an authentic street-style skate plaza featuring a variety of features like blocks, ledges, rails, steps, and a half-pipe.

    Skaters of every skill level will like Fernside because of all the open space available for perfecting their moves without disturbing others. There is a lot of activity and people, so it can get crowded, but the vibe is good and everyone is kind.

    This skate park is a plaza with a street design. This park features manual pads, blocks, ledge, stairs, rails, bank, a flat bar, a mini-ramp, and a hard steep wall. In Waterloo, it can be found on the corner of Elizabeth Street and McEvoy Street, putting you closer to the centre of town.

    Mona Vale Skate Park

    The Northern Beaches' Mona Vale Skate Park has been there for a while, but a 2016 renovation has elevated it to the ranks of the city's top skate spots.

    Convic, who also developed the Eveleigh skate park, are experts in designing street-style skate plazas, and their Mona Vale skate park is among the greatest in the world. It has a variety of features, including a tiny bowl and a recently remodelled ramp, and the park's layout is really pleasant.

    Skaters of all skill levels will find areas to practise and improve; beginners will like the beginner-friendly features, and experts will appreciate the ample space to show off their moves.

    Skaters in the Sydney area's Northern Beaches rate it highly. There are primarily three zones. One is a steep-kicked, fully remodelled vert ramp from the 1990s. Section 2 is a bowl made of concrete (1.5 metres high). The final half is an enormous stretch of street with a tonne of characteristics, such as a huge asymmetrical bank and slanted ledges.

    Skateboarders in the Northern Sydney area rate the Mona Vale skating rink highly. There are three primary sections to this. As a first, we have a completely renovated vertical drop-off. Built in the 1990s with steep kicks, the vert ramp was designed with experienced transition skaters in mind. Part two of the Mona Vale skate park features a cement bowl that is around 1.5 metres tall. It is constructed with contemporary stainless steel coping and polished concrete for a streamlined, quick, and effortless bowl.

    If I had to guess, I'd say an intermediate skater would be the best fit for this element. The street section is the final feature of the Mona Vale skatepark. You'll find a wide range of landforms, from angled ledges to a massive, single-sided bank, in this section of Mona Vale. If you are searching for an excellent skate park while in Sydney, I suggest you check out the one in Mona Vale.

    Manly Skate Park 

    The Manly Skate Park, often known as Kerlie Park, is a popular destination for skateboarding in the area because to its distinctive bowl layout and a halfpipe typical of skateparks constructed in the '90s. The features at Manly Skate Park, one of Sydney's oldest parks, are ideal for intermediate and advanced skateboarders.

    Having three distinct quarter pipes, it's a great area for skaters to practise their skills before moving on to more difficult transitions. Because of this, We think you should check out Manly Skate Park if you want to learn how to slide in on your skateboard. Kerlie Park is at 351B Pittwater Rd, South Manly NSW 2100.

    Eveleigh Skate Park

    The Eveleigh Skate Park is indeed a newer and more modern alternative to the Manly Skate Park. Due to Eveleigh's street plaza architecture, it is particularly well suited to skateboarders. There is a smooth flow to the park and plenty of ledges and boxes to grind. In addition, the surface is polished concrete, making for a slick and swift skate.

    You should have a few flat-ground tricks down before visiting this skate park, as street skate parks typically offer more challenging features. Convic, widely regarded as one of the top skate construction companies in the world, also developed the Eveleigh skate park. Aside from the renowned Mona Vale Skate Park and the new Sydenham Skate Park, both of which are located in Sydney, Convic has developed and constructed a number of other notable skate parks in the city.

    When compared to Manly Skate Park, which has been around for a while, the Eveleigh Skate Park is just a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Eveleigh's plaza-like layout, skateboarders will feel right at home there. A lot of ledges and boxes are available for grinding, and the park has a nice flow. A polished concrete surface makes for a slick and swift skate.

    Because of the typically more challenging features found in street skate parks, it is recommended that you have a few flat-ground tricks under your belt before visiting. Convic, widely regarded as one of the top skate construction companies in the world, also developed the Eveleigh skate park. Convic is also responsible for the design and construction of a number of Sydney's most recognisable skateparks, like Mona Vale and Sydenham.

    Monster Skate Park 

    Monster Skate Park in Sydney Olympic Park, made famous by a visit from Justin Bieber during his Australian tour, is a great place to skate both during the day and at night because it is illuminated by floodlights. While it is home of one of Sydney's largest half pipes, there is a smaller street segment for beginners. Day passes are $20, and we can guarantee that they will spend the entire day there.

    Maroubra Skatepark 

    Located in Arthur Byrne Reserve, close to Maroubra Beach, lies the Maroubra Skatepark. It's perfect for beginners, as this Sydney skatepark spans about 1100 square metres. The skate park has a snack bar, restrooms, a fenced playground, free parking for four hours, and a parking lot, so there's no need to bring a picnic (unless you want to).

    Korrupt Indoor Skatepark 

    Find something to do when it rains, please! In Campbelltown, you can't beat the indoor skatepark Korrupt. There's a fake outside street that makes you feel like you're skating in the open air. For those still finding their skateboard feet, there is a smaller half pipe and a foam pit. And there are both group and individual sessions available for those interested in learning.

    Meadowbank Skate Park

    Located at Meadowbank Park on the banks of the Parramatta River with in City of Ryde, the brand new Meadowbank Skate Park opens its doors to the public in 2019.

    Skaters looking to hone their technical abilities can take use of the facility's Olympic-sized competition bowl, smaller flow bowl, and plethora of obstacles. The skate park also features a flat pitch that circles the facility, perfect for novice skateboarders and younger visitors.

    sydney best skate park

    Oran Park Skate Park

    Oran Park's skatepark is one of the newest in Sydney, and it's a modern skating location with a wide range of features. The area is a part of a bigger park that also features a playground, tennis courts, and a basketball court.

    The skate park has a major drawback, though, in that the nearest station is fairly far away and public transportation isn't particularly convenient. You're going to require transportation, so if you own a car, that's excellent. Despite its remote location, the park is really enjoyable. Indeed, weekends are the busiest times.

    There's plenty of room at Oran Park Skateboard Park for skateboarders of all skill levels to rip about and have fun. There are lights in the park, and they remain on until late at night.

    Macquarie Fields Skate Park

    Skateboarders in need of a large, concrete park can head to Macquarie Fields, which features a street-style area, many ramps, and a massive bowl. Good design has a beautiful, continuous feel to it.

    Advanced skateboarders will enjoy the bowl and ramps, while beginners will like the ample space to practise. The lights stay on late into the night as well.


    Sydney is home to some of the best skate parks in the world, perfect for skateboarders of all skill levels. You don't have to fly all the way to the States or Europe to have a memorable skateboarding experience. Skate parks are fantastic community hubs, but they do require the respectful use of individual space. The Bondi Skate Park is a popular destination for skateboarders in Sydney. Bondi's skatepark is situated on the beach itself, and it contains two bowls, the smaller of which is deeper.

    It's got tonnes of ledges, rails, and other skating features. Although the Mona Vale Skate Park in the Northern Beaches has been there for some time, it was recently renovated in 2016 and is now widely considered one of the best skate parks in Sydney. With elements including blocks, ledges, rails, steps, and a half-pipe, Fernside is a genuine street-style skate plaza.

    Content Summary

    1. You don't have to fly all the way to the States or Europe to have a memorable skateboarding experience.
    2. Sydney is home to some of the best skate parks in the world, perfect for skateboarders of all skill levels.
    3. Check out this list of the best places to skate in Sydney.
    4. Locations of the Finest Skate Parks in Sydney
    5. Skateboarding is an excellent activity for improving physical fitness, socialising, and honed motor skills including balance, coordination, and quickness.
    6. There aren't any good places to skate in Sydney, but that's not the case in a lot of other major cities.
    7. Skaters in and around Sydney, New South Wales, can rejoice since skate parks are cropping up in an increasing number of the city's neighbourhoods and parks.
    8. With the help of local skateboarders, park features, and other criteria, we've condensed the best skateparks in Sydney down to a top ten list.
    9. Skate parks are awesome places for people to meet, but just like any other public place, they can only fit so many people at once and require everyone to be mindful of the area around them.
    10. Skate park visitors are generally positive, supportive, and helpful.
    11. It's crucial to find a beginner-friendly skate park if you're just getting started.
    12. Before going to a skate park for the first time, it's a good idea to learn as much as possible about it online.
    13. Keep to the guidelines: Skaters are able to avoid colliding with one another thanks to the meandering layout of most skate parks.
    14. Avoid competition by not trying to copy another skater's moves.
    15. Keep in mind that you shouldn't "snake," or purposefully get in the way of, another runner.
    16. Pay attention to your board, and if you see someone else's on the floor, pick it up and move over.
    17. If your board is flying through the air after a failed trick, shout this loudly.
    18. Location: South Eveleigh Skatepark The brand new South Everleigh Skatepark opened its doors in 2019.
    19. The Australian Technology Park is conveniently located between Redfern and Erskineville and is easily accessible by public transportation.
    20. At South Eveleigh Skatepark, skaters of all ability levels are welcome, however those with intermediate or advanced skills will have an easier time navigating the park during busy periods.
    21. The Skate Park of Sydney When it opens in 2020, the Sydney Park in Erskineville will include Sydney's largest skate park.
    22. A skate park is great because it has areas for skaters of varying skill levels to use.
    23. The park's lights will remain on until 9 p.m. Incredible new skatepark that just built and cost $6 million (outdoor).
    24. The first is a novice plaza with a quarter tube, ledges, stairs, rails, and banks.
    25. When that time comes, we'll try our best to give you a feel for the atmosphere and difficulty level of each of the featured skate parks.
    26. Place to skate: Five Dock Even though it's been there for a while, Five Dock Skate Park remains a popular spot for Sydney's skateboard community.
    27. After extensive upgrades and expansions, skaters of all abilities may enjoy the park's cutting-edge amenities.
    28. It's been there for a while, so it's a great representation of a traditional skate spot in the United States.
    29. There are three concrete bowls ranging in height from 5 to 8 feet, a half pipe, and a serpentine course with a variety of turns.
    30. The trip here will be time well spent.
    31. Skatepark in Bondi, New South Wales Bondi Skate Park is a popular destination for skateboarders in Sydney.
    32. Bondi Skate Park has two bowls, the smaller of which is deeper than the larger.
    33. The beautiful stadium has hosted many events and tournaments over the years, including the always popular Bowl-A-Rama.
    34. Bondi Skate Park has an awesome vibe and is ideal for skilled skateboarders, but everyone with the right frame of mind is welcome to check it out.
    35. Two different depths of skate bowl can be found in Bondi's skatepark: 10 and 5 feet.
    36. Skate Park in Fernwood Skaters can enjoy a wide array of obstacles at Fernside, previously known as Waterloo Skatepark, including blocks, ledges, rails, stairs, and a half-pipe.
    37. Skaters of varying experience levels will appreciate Fernside for its ample area to practise tricks in peace.
    38. The roadway layout of this plaza makes it ideal as a skate park.
    39. Skatepark in Mona Vale Although the Mona Vale Skate Park in the Northern Beaches has been there for some time, it was recently renovated in 2016 and is now widely considered one of the best skate parks in Sydney.
    40. The designers, Convic, are masters of creating street-style skate plazas; their Mona Vale skate park is arguably the best in the world.
    41. Skaters of all skill levels can use the park to hone their craft; novices can learn the ropes on the beginner-friendly features, while veterans can show off their expertise in the park's vast open spaces.
    42. Northern Beaches skateboarders give it rave reviews.
    43. The Mona Vale Skating Rink is highly regarded by local skateboarders in North Sydney.
    44. The vert ramp was constructed with steep kicks in the '90s with the intention of challenging skilled transition skaters.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Skate Parks

    Carlsbad Skate Park, California's first skate park opened in March of 1976. It was built by Jack Graham and the donor, John O'Malley and continued to operate until 1979, when it was buried, intact, beneath a layer of dirt for more than two decades.

    Skateparks keep skaters safe and could even save their lives. Skateparks also increase the health of a community since exercise is proven to reduce childhood obesity and can also lessen the effects of teenage depression.

    As a beginner, you should definitely go to skateparks, which are much safer than skateboarding on the street. Skateparks encourage skateboarding, unlike many areas in the city where riding is illegal. Skateparks are also great places to practice and build your riding skills in a safe environment.

    Some states require that all skatepark elements and structures be less than 3-feet tall. Some states require full joint protection, (elbow pads, knee pads, helmet, and wrist guards). Some states don't require anything.

    Skate facility can be a catalyst for healthy community life in which young and old socialise, have fun, develop new skills, make new friends, hang out and much more. the current study. activities may have predominantly negative effects on adolescent development.

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