Top 20 Security Guard Companies Adelaide, South Australia (2022)

Are you in the market for a security guard company? If so, you're not alone. Every business needs to take steps to protect their employees and property, and hiring a security guard company is one of the best ways to do that. But how do you choose the right security guard company? There are dozens of them out there, each with its own unique set of services and rates. So how do you know which one is right for your business?

To help you get started on your security guard company hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Security Guard Companies from right across Adelaide, South Australia.

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies Adelaide, South Australia

    Guardall Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    guardall security

    +61 8 8410 2245


    Guardall Security provides our clients with peace of mind through risk reduction. Our knowledge and continued education of risk management situations enable us to provide the leading protection services through a range of solutions, including our People, Our Systems and Our Technology.

    Guardall is the number one Security company you can rely on to ensure that your Security needs are met.

    We can provide Security Services anywhere in South Australia. Guardall Security provides a total solution to all of your security requirements wherever and whatever they may be.

    Guardall Security operates under a can-do attitude. Our team members are trained in a different way of thinking which is what makes us exceptional. Expect the best.

    What We Do

    Guardall Security provides our clients with peace of mind through risk reduction. Our knowledge and continued education of risk management situations enable us to provide the leading protection services through a range of solutions, including our People, Our Systems and Our Technology.

    Guardall is the number one Security company you can rely on to ensure that your Security needs are met.

    We can provide Security Services anywhere in South Australia. Guardall Security provides a total solution to all of your security requirements wherever and whatever they may be.

    Guardall Security operates under a can-do attitude. Our team members are trained in a different way of thinking which is what makes us exceptional. Expect the best.

    Professional And Experienced

    Guardall Security offers a wide range of security guard services for both businesses and consumers.

    We offer Security Guard services throughout South Australia. Our Staff are Professional, Courteous and Experienced to ensure that you, your people, assets and your reputation are safe. We provide our services around the clock. Our guards can be on your site generally within 30 minutes to 1 hour of your call.

    Guardall Security understands the needs of both commercial and consumer perspectives. Everyone has differing needs and requirements, but these generally all come back to the same point. This point is safety. We want to know that our property and our business is being taken care of. We are aware you cannot be there 24/7, but you can have peace of mind, knowing Guardall Security will be.

    Our Guards are trained heavily in communication tactics; we employ professional security guards who can provide a commanding presence by the uniform they wear, through to the courteous nature and tone of their voice. We only hire people who can speak English fluently to communicate effectively. We do not hire thugs and do not encourage violence as a form of control. Where our presence and communication tactics fail, our guards are trained in safe removal practices, and whereby if they assess a situation as not safe for removal, police will be called to handle the situation.

    Reliable And Responsive Protection

    Guardall Security provides mobile patrol services throughout the Adelaide region. We provide local businesses and people with a holistic, intelligent approach to security on a localised basis. Whatever your security requirements and budget – Guardall Security has an effective solution for you.

    Whether you need regular security patrols to your property, security guards suitable for a broad range of purposes or reliable alarm monitoring and response, Guardall Security can meet your needs. We offer smart, integrated security services to minimise risks and make your business and everyday activities safer and more secure.

    You can count on us as with have vast security service experience to deliver a range of quality solutions, combined with competent and capable staff.

    The integrity and reliability of Guardall Security provide peace of mind, and our responsiveness ensures the highest level of protection possible.

    Our Services

    Security Patrols

    With dependable security patrol visits, day or night, we provide valuable protection to businesses within the Adelaide Region.

    Loss Prevention

    Mitigate your business’ theft or shrinkage problems with our high quality and trusted loss prevention solutions.

    Alarm Monitoring

    24 hour, 365-day alarm rapid response times from our patrol vehicles deliver premium asset protection for your business.

    Security Guards

    Our diligent and competent security guards are available for a wide variety of roles, locations and events.

    Crowd Control

    Our well-trained crowd security personnel maintain a friendly, professional presence while keeping crowds under control.

    Event Security

    Be assured that your festival, event or party is kept under control. Our event security services protect people and property.

    Titanium Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    titanium security

    1300 800 668

    Your local trusted provider of security services

    When you need to protect yourself, your people, your property and your valuable assets – or ensure the security of your party or event – you can’t settle for second best. For reliable security services, including patrols and alarm response, security guards, event security, cash transit and electronic security, Titanium Security Australia is your trusted, quality assured and locally-based security company.

    Security Guards

     At Titanium Security Australia, we understand that, for you to be free to focus on your own business, you need the assurance of a reliable, value for a money service provider who will provide guarding services in a way that meets your needs on time, every time. Our promise to you is that we’re there so you can do what you do best. We employ a large team of professional security officers, all of whom are licensed and extensively trained in all aspects of legal, regulatory and procedural security operations.  

    Our personnel pride themselves on not only their operational capabilities but also on their ability to always present themselves in a courteous and professional manner, regardless of the situation. Our Security Guards are often the first person that visitors see when entering clients’ premises and that their image and professionalism reflects on the client’s business. We are committed to strengthening our core foundations by employing the most experienced, reliable and dedicated security personnel. Our recruitment process is an important factor in ensuring that we are securing our future success. 

    It gives us the ability to create a dedicated team of staff with professional values that are aligned with those of our company. All our Security Guards are required to hold current security agent licenses and undergo stringent screening and training requirements. Details of expiration dates of licences, clearances, site inductions and other applicable qualifications are entered into our rostering system, which does not allow for a Security Guard who does not have the correct and current licences, clearances, and site-specific qualifications to be rostered to a shift.

    We have developed and implemented our own company-specific alarm reporting software, Titanium Real-Time Reporting Portal, a 100% web-based solution, and has resulted in industry-leading improvements in the way occurrences and incidents are actioned and reported to clients. The Portal enables the reporting Security Guard to email incident reports and alarm response outcomes to clients in real-time within seconds of an encounter. This efficiency in reporting has resulted in improved security outcomes and enhanced direct communication between the reporting officer and the clients’ that they are protecting.

    Our Team

    Titanium Security Australia’s dedicated management team is committed to strengthening the company’s core operations by working directly with our clients to determine their security requirements and, in turn, successfully establishing effective service delivery to achieve desired outcomes. 

    The Management Team’s ongoing commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in the longstanding contracts, some of which have been held since the company’s establishment in 2007. The Management Team understands that the safety and security of our client’s people and their physical and financial assets are a 24/7 priority. That is why a member of our team is contactable at all times of the day and night, every single day of the year, without exception.

    MSS Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    mss security

    1300 759 808

    Welcome to MSS Security

    As one of Australia’s leading security companies, MSS Security has unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation’s highest-profile sites. We value the diverse range of our clients – from major national accounts to smaller local contracts. Our clients benefit from our customer-focused, personalised service with measured results.


    Fully trained, highly visible uniformed security officers who deliver the services in accordance with the client’s requirements. These services include internal and external roving patrols and inspections of client premises to identify any security threats, HSE risks, damage, vandalism or equipment faults.


    MSS Security provides wide-ranging security services to all market segments via infrastructure in every state and territory and a workforce of more than 6,000 employees. This scope provides our customers with flexible solutions for all their security needs.

    We have a national infrastructure, with offices in all state and territory capital cities, as well as a significant presence across regional areas.

    MSS Security operates in all market segments – Arts, Events & Recreation, Aviation, Commercial Property, Data & Communication, Education, Energy & Resources, Financial Services, Government, Health, Industrial & Manufacturing and Maritime & Logistics.

    Our specialist division, MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue, delivers industrial medical and emergency response fire and rescue services to the mining, natural resources, manufacturing and heavy construction industries.

    FAQs About Security Guards

    Observing and Reporting 

    Your duty can change site to site and between the area within the site. Observing not only seeing but paying careful attention, noting to them on your notebook and reposting to the right person is important.

    You must be familiar with the surrounding area where you work. It helps to identify the unusual thing that happen while on duty. The security guard must note down what happened and pass the information to the related person.

    If the rules and regulations are not obeyed, report to the supervisor or the person who is your head of the department.

    Deterring and Detecting Crime

    Your visible presence will deter criminals from doing something illegal on your site. When the criminals see the security is presented on the site, they can change their minds and plan.

    However, if you see someone is committing a crime, you have to inform the police with valuable information. This may help them catch the criminal and stop the crime while it happens.

    You should make a good note while the incident is happening, or as soon as possible, those notes can be used as evidence in a court.

    Keeping Good Public Relations

    Keeping good public relations is another important duty of the security guard because you will constantly contact the public while on duty.

    Your client always expects that you give the information to the public. People can turn to you if they have a problem, so you should act professionally in these situations.

    Responding to Emergencies

    An emergency is an unexpected event that can happen at any time and can be a danger to lives and property.

    Responding to it effectively is a part of the security guard duty. In a case of emergency, you may be the first person to detect, deal and responding it. In an emergency, you should play a leadership role than other people turn to your guidance.

    Every company has its plan and procedure in case of fire, flood, or bomb threat. You should respond to the emergency correctly, as outlined in the procedure.

    If there is a fire, you may need to conduct the building evacuation, in this situation, if you know what to do and act quickly. You can save people lives.

    Security is more trusted in the worse situation. That's why you must handle the emergency without panic.

    Controlling Access and Using Alarm Systems

    Security guard often has to control the movement of people, vehicles, and materials coming into and out of their site. So while material "in" you may need a delivery order and "out" may require a gate pass, you should carefully check those things are authorised documents.

    To control the movement of the people, you may require checking their identification. Unfortunately, the concerned client employees sometimes steal the items you require to inspect the baggage.

    The security guard must know how to use the alarm system and other surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras.


    Patrolling is also an important part of the security job. You have to go around or visit point to point on your site. So you can see a larger area than staying in one place.

    The patrol can conduct on foot, by bicycle or by vehicle. Patroling help you to see what is going on and find the safety hazards at many parts of your site.

    Many people can see you when you patrol, and they think the security guard is alert. However, if someone is trying to commit a crime, they can change their mind.

    Traffic Control 

    Direct traffic control may be a part of your job on sites such as shopping malls, party places etc. You may have to work in the parking area as a traffic controller in heavy traffic sites. In an emergency, you may be asked to control the traffic to help the police in the public area.

    Crowd Control 

    Crowd control is orderly managing a large group of people. If there is any dispute on your site, you should manage the crowd and deal with it with extreme care.

    If you deploy duty at large public gathering areas like street fairs, music festivals, stadiums, and public demonstrations, you should control the crowd.

    Finding Safety Hazards

    While you are on patrol, you can find various safety hazards at many parts of your sites, like water leakage, bare wire, overheated boiler, etc. You have to note down and report it to fix it.

    Performing Other Special Duties

    Some security guards, especially those hired by individuals, do more than their primary duty.

    They may be overwhelmed with more responsibilities, such as receiving phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital errands for their employer.

    Government Contract Security Guards

    Security guards hired by the government are often highly trained and armed. These security guards will be deployed to protect, secure, and defend government employees and property. These types of security guards can work in a variety of settings.

    In-House Security Guards

    In house security guards are personally hired by companies to work for them. They are not contracted through a private security agency. These security guards are paid by and report to the companies that hire them and operate under that company's expectations.

    Even though many countries prohibit internal security recruitment, certain firms continue to hire and are permitted to hire in-house security officers.

    Contract Security Guards

    This is the most common category of security guards. Private security agencies hire private contract security guards. Clients hire a security agency, which provides security guards that best fits the client's needs.

    Be a Visible Deterrent to Crime. 

    Criminals are far less likely to perpetrate a crime such as theft, vandalism, or a physical assault when a security guard is present. In addition, the mere presence of security personnel will stop would-be burglars, muggers and shoplifters from attempting to cause harm to people or property. 

    Identifying Suspicious Behavior.

    While your employees are busy doing their jobs, criminals could be at work doing their jobs. Businesses benefit greatly from having a dedicated team keeping watch and identifying irregular and suspicious behaviour. Business owners cannot expect their employees to have the skills to identify when something isn't right. Security guards have the training and expertise to identify when a smell, sound, or sight is abnormal and needs attention.  

    Contacting and Communicating With the Authorities.

    In an unfortunate emergency, security guards act as a knowledgeable resource and point of contact for the authorities. Security guards are trained to observe and gather the information that fire or law enforcement authorities need to do their jobs. In addition, security guards act as partners with business owners, police and fire services.

    Monitoring Access to Properties. 

    One of the most prevalent threats for businesses is unauthorised access to the property. Hospitals, construction sites, schools and other high-profile organisations understand the need to monitor their entrances and exits. Security guards can check credentials and maintain logs of visitors, vendors and employees. 

    Taking Action in Emergency Situations. 

    Security guards have the skills and training to respond to any emergency as it arises. As a result, security personnel are often the first to know about a security situation and act with a dedicated watchful eye. In addition, they can assist in evacuations and other serious security events.

    There are many reasons why security guards are essential. They help protect businesses, schools, banks, and other important places. Not only do they protect places, but they also protect people. Many famous people will hire security guards known as bodyguards or a security guard company to protect them.

    When a bank brings money to its building, security guards move the money and take it into the bank. If these people did not protect the money the entire way, there would be more robberies. Thus these guards act as a deterrent for robbers.

    However, the guards will also protect against criminals who try to steal from places. Their job is to protect anyone or thing until the police get there. Thus, they act as the first line of defence against criminals. Security guards also work in businesses.

    Big businesses often hire security guards to ensure no one gets access to secure areas. For example, places like Google have people's information stored on their servers, hiring security guards to ensure no one can get to these servers without authorisation.

    However, if someone were to get in, the security guards are the first line of defence. Security guards also protect schools, and many schools across America hire security guards to protect against criminals or other people harming the children in the school.

    There have been many examples in which these security guards have stopped school shootings. For example, according to, a security guard successfully ended a shooting in the boy's locker room at Reynolds High School in Oregon.

    This incident is just one of the many time's security guards have saved children's lives at a school. Sometimes security guards are hired to guard specific people, and these guards are referred to as bodyguards.

    Safehands Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    safehands security


    A key strength of Safehands Security is the highly dedicated staff.

    For over 24 years, the success of SHS has been underpinned by superior performance and the strength of our client relationships.

    Building on our core strengths of outstanding service, corporate stability and experienced, specialist staff, we have continued to grow by focusing on what we do best provocative and integrated services.

    Safehands Security is a security specialist; we provide security services 24 / 7, 365 days a year, overseeing and protecting client assets and facilities, people and the broader community through our team of highly experienced security team employed to ensure a better level of protection.

    Safehands Security offers a truly integrated security solution. We can provide clients with expert advice from a registered security adviser and efficiently manage their security requirements, then design and implement an effective and sustainable security solution that is tailored to their unique operating environment – delivered through either or a combination of manpower and electronic security solutions.

    24 / 7 Security Operations Service

    Our operational capability is supported by our 24/7 Security Operations Service (SOS), locally based in Adelaide, with backup Operations throughout South Australia and Northern Territory.

    Our Security Operations Service (SOS) provides operational support and coordination, including emergency backup and support for all client sites to ensure the safety of our personnel and the security of our client’s assets.

    Our management team can ensure client’s that our specialist personnel, the SOS provides the following integrated services:

    • Communication with all field personnel – including welfare/safety checks
    • Monitoring centre coordination with our partner
    • Monitoring time and attendance
    • Dispatch of responses and ad hoc guards
    • Coordinating, incident responses, service requests and hours’ escalation
    • Reporting & Contract Compliance
    • Site-Specific Training
    • 24/7 Management Support
    • Site-Specific Training
    • Emergency Management Training available

    Safehands security services

    (SFHSS) is a 360-degree security elevator that provides all sorts of securities services such as crowd control, construction site security, residential security, retail loss prevention security, event security, mobile or static security and many more. The ideation behind the 360-degree concept is to protect you and make a promise for your safety. Be it your home, office or the event you have organised, we make sure that you are worry-free and enjoy your life because we back you well.

    Being into the industry

    For the past 6 years, we have built trust around our name. We make sure that we deliver you the best of services and nothing less than perfection. With security officers who are physically fit and mentally alert, we bring you the best of experience when you avail of our services. We make sure that your home that has your most precious belongings, the people you love and your office, which is your bread-butter is always well-secured. We believe in our men who are well trained and smart to take up responsibilities of your security.

    We pride ourselves.

    To provide you with K9 security parametric, making a promise of commitment and dedication towards you. We understand your emergency requirements and have a manpower base always ready to cater for you. With competitive charges and all-around services, we are a sure shot solution for all your security-related requirements. We are also known for our crowd control services and gate management services. So, your next event or party is assured of going good.

    Hence, the next time you think about security services, we at SafeHandsSecurityServices (SFHSS)are there to provide you with an all-new level of experience. With our custom made security services get what you exactly require!!

    R-Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    r group

    08 7477 7971

    Introduction of R-Group security

    R-Group Security is privately owned in Australia & also a valued member of ASIAL, dedicated to providing you security within a broad security spectrum.

    Where are we located? R-Group Security is located in South Australia. Our company headquarter centred in Adelaide, South Australia.

    We provide physical security for keeping your people and items in your space safe from a threat, physical intimidation, and the detection of said ultimatums. We protect you from various attacks that could damage or steal your assets. R-Group security monitors all entrances and exits. We provide you with physical security with unarmed, docile, and devoted guards for your homes and business.

    R-Group Security has an inclusive team of licensed security experts. We administer authorised guards for your precious events, including wedding events, crowd controlling, schooling security, retailers, concerts, shopping centres security, mobile patrolling. We check premises including factories, industries, government department’s security, and hotels. Our skill sets supported many clients in achieving commendatory results. R-Group security offers you high-quality and reliable security services within the client’s budget.

    You can approach us for all types of physical security concerns.

    R-Group security comes up with a full range of first-rate security services within south-Australia. Our services are supported by a 24/7 operation centre where our dedicated and passionate team is concerned about you.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide security to our clients, premises, assets, and the general public. We want to habituate the peaceful environment in Australia and to alleviate the burden of clients’ business, and give relief to the public from security issues.


    R-Group security is a well-reputed privately owned company addressing the security issues of the South Australian community. We promise the persistent peaceful surroundings around South Australia. R-group security is a registered and insured company by the government of Australia & also a valued member of ASIAL. We maintain quality; provide customised security solutions to our clients according to their budget with significant standards.

    R-Group Security is located in Australia with its headquarter centred in Adelaide, South Australia, with a service webbing that covers the whole of South Australia. We set off with a licensed team and performed various security operations.


    People play an indispensable role in our business. R-group security owes its success to its people, management and devotion of its escorts, security managers, guard force commanders concurrent with agile performances of security supervisors and security guards. We strive for the most talented and reliable security specialists in South Australia. By hiring atypical people, we provide the highest level of protection to our clients and also provide the customer care services that are available in the private security industry.

    R-Group security endorses the ethos of honesty, integrity and professionalism of our people working with us. Our people commitment to these values has evolved satisfied patrons who helped us in emerging strongly.


    We have developed a unique services model to allow our clients to choose the level of protection that best suits their specific security requirements and their budget. No matter what is the size, the scope of your business or how complex your project is, we are capable of delivering customised and effective solutions to resolve any security challenge you face. Our security services are in your approach. We cherish our customers and always try our level best to provide their desired services, whether it’s for their business, homes, special events, industrial security, office security or any other event. We are just a call away from giving you 24/7 protection.

    SASH Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    sash security


    Best Security Guard Services in Adelaide 

    SASH Security Guard Services is a flagship security operations organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia.

    Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which explains our rigorous hiring process. We believe that our team is the best in the business and have complete and total confidence in every person providing our services.

    We Provide Superior Protection For Both The Public & Private Sectors Request a quote INDUSTRY-LEADING SECURITY GUARD SERVICES Call Us Today For Best Security.

    Security Guard Adelaide

    Do you need a security guard in Adelaide? 

    Well, the good news is you’ve found what you are looking for. At SASH Security Services (SSS), we supply security personnel to a wide range of organisations that need to reduce risk within their organisation. SSS offers the best security guard services throughout South Australia, and our staff are experienced, professional and courteous. We understand that each customer has different needs and requirements. This is where we can provide a tailored service specific to you and your business.

    SASH Security Guard Service has a focus on personalised service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction. We’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations.

    SASH Security Services has a mission to serve the Australian community and businesses with state of the art services

    SASH Security Services was founded by ex-employees of the security industry. Therefore, we understand customers’ onsite and off-site concerns.

    For the best security guard service in Adelaide and South Australia, please contact us as we are proud to be serving South Australian Community. 

    AG Security Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    ag security

    08 8231 0412

    Security Officers & Mobile Patrols

    We specialise in providing Security Officers with exceptional skills to professionally perform security duties for our clients. A rigorous selection process, complemented by advanced and ongoing training programs, has resulted in us setting new standards within our industry. This approach is what sets us apart from our competitors and has contributed to our success in consistently securing long term contracts with our government and commercial clients.

    Our force of Mobile Patrols is equipped with a modern vehicle fleet and contemporary technologies to assist them in performing effective Alarm Responses, Escort Services and Surveillance Inspections.

    Some of our major clients include SA Water, Penfolds, ETSA Utilities, United Water, AGL and the Government of South Australia Department of Health.

    Contact one of our team members to discuss your security needs.

    AG Security Group is the largest privately owned and operated security organisation based in South Australia and has been protecting Australians for nearly twenty years. We have earned a national presence as a result of delivering innovative security solutions and good customer service to our diverse range of government, commercial and domestic clients.

    Our speciality is designing, installing and maintaining integrated security solutions that incorporate both electronic and perimeter technologies. In addition, we are innovators. We create products and technologies internally to satisfy our client’s needs and solve their security problems.

    AG Security Group can design a system to suit your specific requirements, offering only the best. We deliver all of our services independently and manage projects diligently. Furthermore, our experience as an organisation dealing with such a diverse range of clientele and projects has prepared us well to counter any security challenge.

    Finally, our team made it all happen. Whether it be our elite force of Security Officers and Mobile Patrols or our Project Managers, they are here to Protect You.

    Weslo Staff - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    weslo staff

    08 8180 0604


    Weslo Staff offers a great range of services from security staff and patrol dogs to event staff and management, in addition to hospitality staff and management. Weslo Staff is with you every step of the way to supply a holistic approach, delivering exceptional service to our valued clients.

    The Weslo Staff security division has a proven success rate out on the field. They are experienced in offering a complete range of security services from a small private event such as security for parties, to corporate style events such as weddings and business functions, to large, high profile events such as festivals and concerts. Weslo Staff offers precinct patrols, including precinct patrols with dogs, loss prevention officers for the retail sector, close personal protection, private security, bodyguarding and undercover security. Whatever your requirements for security are, Weslo Staff can deliver an incomparable service.

    Weslo Staff prides itself upon its Event Staff and Hospitality Staff division. We are proud to exclusively staff Thebarton Theatre (including security), offering bar staff, front of house staff and ushers. Weslo Staff has an extensive range of skills to complement your event to offer staffing solutions. We provide casual event staff with a variety of skills such as; Responsible persons, RSA trained beverage staff, hosting, box office personnel, gate and door staff, Liaison and customer service staff, car parking and traffic control, cash room management. Unsure of what you need to run your event, let us do it for you with our experienced event management team. Our event management team are experienced and flexible, understanding the clients’ needs to ensure peace of mind that your event will run smoothly. 

    Adelaide Metropolitan Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    adelaide metropolitan security

    1300 111 268


    Adelaide Metropolitan Security Pty. Ltd. is a South Australian Security Company offering security and related services throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan area.

    AMS Security is fast becoming the market leader in Patrol, Guard and Alarm Services, offering a 24-hour security service catering to all security requirements.

    Throughout our past in the security industry, we have proven to be efficient, reliable, competitive and above all, providing special attention to a personal and professional business relationship.

    AMS Security Services include…

    • Casual and permanent Security Guards
    • Mobile Patrols
    • Security Installations
    • Alarm Monitoring (Adelaide Based)

    AMS Security has also had steady and consistent growth over recent years, with all of our business generated by referrals from our existing client base.

    AMS Security provides coverage across the spectrum of commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties.

    The company’s major strength is its reliable and experienced security personnel. Adelaide Metropolitan Security is able to provide a complete range of services that enable it to meet the requirements that any customer may require of any major security company.

    Adelaide Metropolitan Security is one of the only privately owned security groups in South Australia that provides Patrol and Guard services all in house. 


    Adelaide Metropolitan Security Pty. Ltd is a South Australian owned and operated company. Established over 15 years ago, we have become a market leader in Guard and Patrol services employing over 100 security personnel.

    AMS Security offers a 24-hour security service for all security needs and has proven to be efficient, reliable, competitive and have been providing security services to hundreds of businesses, including retail, commercial, industrial, government, and residential properties.

    We proudly provide highly trained & motivated staff who are fully licensed and are carefully selected to suit our customers’ requirements.

    It is our policy at AMS Security to promote and maintain the highest level of health and safety of all the staff in the workplace.

    ATG Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    atg security

    +0447 133 000


    ATG Security aims to exceed the expectations of our customers, valuing integrity and professionalism above all else. Our experienced management team have a passion for the industry, and we love what we do! We create and maintain safe working environments that meet the individual needs of our customers. Our staff are physically capable and demonstrate high standards of the personal presentation along with exceptional communication abilities. We achieve this through a meticulous selection process involving personality testing unique to the industry. We ensure a high level of procedural awareness from all of our staff and regularly review and update these procedures. We are proud of our environmental policies that reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

    Our Mission

    To provide excellence in security services, giving peace of mind and assurance of protection and safety for our clients, their customers, and the public with which we come into contact.


    We are committed to the ongoing improvement of the services we provide to our clients. By investing in and developing our most important assets, our staff, we aim to achieve all our goals and exceed our clients’ expectations. Through our commitment to high standards, it is our vision to earn the trust of our clients by delivering the best quality security services within Australia.


    ● We secure and strengthen the trust that our clients place in us to safeguard their people, assets, and business.

    ● We are vigilant in mitigating risk and enabling our clients to safely and securely do business throughout the world.

    ● We win our clients’ respect with the quality of our services and the absolute commitment of our people.

    All Function Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    all function security

    0401 005 063

    Our Services

    Crowd Control 

    All Function Security will provide a safe and secure environment for your venue or event.

    Body Guarding/VIP Protection 

    Our VIP security personnel are specially trained martial artists and are confident in their abilities to assess high-risk situations.


    CIT – Cash In Transit 

    Why risk the safety of your employees to do the important banking of your business?

    Static Guarding 

    Static security guards provide a highly effective visual and physical deterrent of crime to property, people and assets.

    About Us

    All Function Security (AFS) prides itself on its ability to offer exceptional security services, which are second to none at affordable prices. Proudly South Australian owned and based in Adelaide. All Function Security has been securing a number of licensed venues in Adelaide’s CBD since the opening of its doors in 2010.

    Managing Directors Frank and Tony have worked relentlessly to ensure that any job took no matter how big or small, is carried out to the highest standard in order to further enhance the company’s renowned reputation. They have achieved this by taking a modern and real approach to security while keeping all employees and clients well informed and trained about the risks associated with certain tasks/jobs.

    The directors have worked in the security industry with some of the largest organisations on a worldwide scale. Frank and Tony are well versed across a broad spectrum of security services, having worked in many diverse areas of the field, including static guarding, retail security, VIP protection, CIT (Cash In Transit) and crowd control predominantly.

    Specialising in crowd control and event security, All Function Security have created a positive name and reputation with their modern and unique strategies to resolve potential conflicts and take the necessary precautions to ensure a successful and safe outcome. AFS is now well-known for its excellent service at function/reception centres, party venues and underage events, while our effective and professional approach has initiated an abundance of positive feedback.

    Ultimately, our clients determine the success of our company, and we believe that our impeccable customer service and respect for all who come into contact with our company is what makes us a standout amongst the rest.

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Adelaide Security & Investigations - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    adelaide security & investigations

    08 7007 0106

    Our Services

    Process Serving

    Have your court documents been served promptly and professionally by our qualified and experienced process serving agents? As experienced process servers, ASI works on behalf of our clients to promptly and professionally serve legal documentation.

    Private Investigations

    Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? Are you worried about your children and their friends? Our experienced and discreet Private Detectives conduct covert surveillance – providing video evidence and detailed reports suited to your needs. We also specialise in Workcover, Motor Accident and Corporate fraud. Hire a Private Investigator now.

    Security Guards

    We provide Security Guards with a corporate image for all occasions, including static guards for business premises, shopping centres, banks and schools. We can also cater for Weddings, Birthdays and Private Functions or Events. Hire a Security Guard today.

    Why Choose ASI

    Industry Experience

    With over 10 years of industry experience, you can rest assured Adelaide Security & Investigations will offer a professional and reliable service.

    Free Quote

    Our clients can enjoy the convenience of a free quote. We’re upfront and transparent about the costs associated with our services.

    Fully Licenced

    Our clients can be satisfied knowing that all our operators are fully licenced. We are experienced, professional and licenced to get the job done.

    Former Officer

    Our founder is a former SA Police Officer, so we know the ins and outs of what is required to get the job done professionally and reliably.

    About ASI

    Adelaide Security & Investigations (ASI) is a local business established in 2013.

    The Founder and owner of ASI are a former South Australian Police Officer with experience in Patrols, Uniform Tactical and the Criminal Justice System. ASI has taken this experience and applied it to the business ethos, maintaining a professional and proficient standard throughout the organisation.

    With experienced Private Investigators, Process Servers and Security Guards, the team use a variety of skills and knowledge to lead with a professional edge, setting the highest standards within the industry. Contact ASI now and be assured that you are dealing with an experienced and respected leader in the Security and Investigation industries.

    NPB Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    npb security

    (08) 8119 0967


    Security guard; mine site security; asset protection; building concierge services; retail centre security; VIP close personal protection; construction site security

    The old school approach of hiring security guards as purely a physical deterrent is thankfully long gone. Today, you need your security guards to be multiskilled, professional and conscious of protecting your brand, along with your people and assets.

    At NPB Security, our security guards draw on their expertise and experience to deliver outstanding customer care. We provide in-depth training and smart technology that ensure our security personnel are equipped to prevent and manage security incidents if they occur.

    But they’re capable of so much more. From mine site gatehouse duties to building concierge services – even spotting site safety or maintenance hazards – our multiskilled security guards always go further.


    From high-end stores to retail centres, we have the experience and expertise to manage all your security services.

    Our skilled security personnel help you create a safe, welcoming environment for staff and customers in retail centres. We can also provide in-store security officers to support your openings or private customer events.

    Local Government

    We’re proud to say we’ve worked with many of WA’s local governments to help keep your communities, businesses and their assets safe.

    Our highly visible, responsive mobile patrols offer peace of mind for residents and business owners while demonstrating your commitment to protecting your communities.

    From local festivals to major events like Perth Fringe and the Perth Christmas Pageant, we have trusted event security specialists that deliver exceptional client care.


    Most construction sites are at risk from criminal activity when they are unattended – although larger sites can be vulnerable at all times. Plant and equipment, building materials or fittings are frequently stolen to order.

    We provide trained and equipped security personnel to protect and manage all aspects of your construction site security.

    From onsite teams providing gatehouse security managing visitor access to mobile patrols or CCTV, we find the best solution for your construction business.


    Mine sites present a range of security challenges for your business, from loss prevention to gatehouse security and asset protection. Your workforce is often living in a custom-built community nearby, where security can also be an issue.

    Our comprehensive range of security services, along with our years of experience, means you can rely on us to manage all of your security requirements.

    Using a combination of smart technology, onsite security and mobile patrols, we can protect your mine site, your people and your assets 365 days a year.

    Events & Hospitality

    When we launched NPB Security in 2010, we introduced tailored venue and event security with higher standards and a smart workforce equipped with smart technology.

    Today, we’re the chosen security service for over 100 of Perth’s hottest hospitality venues, including Optus Stadium. And we provide security for major sporting fixtures as well as concerts by the world’s top performers, from Eminem to Adele.

    When you partner with us, your people and assets are protected, as well as your brand reputation. Our whole team receives unique, industry-specific customer service training to ensure your guests feel welcome, reassured by our presence and eager to return.

    Alpha Team Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    alpha team security

    1800 577 285

    About Us

    Our private security experts are trained to take care of any challenge during any event. Alpha Security provides highly executive protection security services for any situation. Our security management team is available 24×7, and guards can be sent out in just one hour, anywhere in Adelaide!

    Our staff members are licensed by the Licensing & Regulation Divisions of the Police department and are screened thoroughly. Our security experts are trained to meet any needs you have!

    We provide excellent professional uniformed security officers security service ranging from guard security service, private security business, home security patrol, special event security, onsite security services, manned security services, night patrol security, special event security services (concert security services) and private patrol security in Adelaide.

    What we offer

    Security Professionals

    Our staff is highly trained and experienced to handle any security requirements.

    24×7 Availability

    We provide security services round the clock. Security guards are dispatched within an hour anywhere in Adelaide.

    Service Specialties

    We specialise in all aspects of providing security services to buy

    Southern Cross Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    southern cross group security guard company sydney


    Who we are

    Founded in Sydney in 2005, Southern Cross Group is one of the few remaining wholly-owned Australian Facility services companies with a focus on delivering Facility and Technology solutions.

    Working in partnership with our clients, We provide a consultative approach to truly understand our clients’ needs. SCG delivers comprehensive, integrated services to over 800 client sites across Australia.

    We provide a wealth of experience and solutions in complex environments, ranging from retail, commercial/corporate, infrastructure, government, health, industrial, manufacturing, events and entertainment.

    Southern Cross Group – where facility and technology solutions merge to deliver peak efficiency.

    Our Security Professionals

    Southern Cross Group provide outstanding service. Your safety is our priority.

    Southern Cross Group provide 24/7 support and dedicated security professionals to ensure the safety and security of clients and their sites. Personal safety and asset protection are our primary priorities.

    We deliver an integrated service combining security, training and technology to ensure our clients, their guests, visitors, and staff experience a welcoming and safe environment.

    Security guards are skilled in handling Building Management Systems, CCTV and Fire Safety Panels and are trained in observation, detection and reporting. The accolades and accreditations we have been awarded are evidence of our commitment to excellence and customer service.

    Our Approach

    • Investing in our employees – Training, Workplace Health and Safety, Continual Personal Development
    • Building long-term relationships with our valued clients
    • Offering customised, efficient and effective solutions
    • Maximising return for shareholders with minimum asset and operational exposure
    • State-of-the-art technology integration
    • Equal Employment Opportunities
    • Rewards and recognition

    NIS Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    0417 222 906


    NIS Security is a 100% proudly South Australian owned and operated certified Indigenous business. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, NIS Security brings the capability and capacity that can be tailored to suit all clients requirements. Our security personnel are selected, upskilled and trained by a local SA Registered Training Organisation (RTO) utilising a specific training plan tailored to each client’s requirements. Areas of security industry expertise include:

    • Health, Sporting and community events, Research, Critical infrastructure, Retail, Defence, Aged care, Education, Correctional Services

    The NIS Security service delivery model includes segments of the security industry such as:

    • Electronics – CCTV, access control and monitoring
    • Physical Security – Boom gates, security film, tyre spikes
    • Security Guarding – Corporate / event guarding, patrols, critical infrastructure protection, concierge
    • Lock and Safe – Secure storage, safe supply and relocation

    As an Indigenous-owned and operated business, NIS Security has set an Indigenous workforce target of 10% or better by 2020, with support from the community in all areas of SA to achieve this. NIS Security profits remain locally, which will boost employment, education and SA’s economy.

    Security Guarding

    With access to over two hundred local employees, NIS Security venture partner has established security contracts in health, critical infrastructure, research, education, sports events and international government. Our staff are highly trained and certified in the following:

    • Security operations
    • Risk
    • Cultural awareness
    • Conflict resolution
    • Guarding crowded events
    • Customer service
    • First Aid
    • Fire warden
    • Report writing
    • Clearances

    We place qualified and experienced personnel into security positions and provide them with the essential tools and resources to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    Additional services provided by our personnel include inspecting plant rooms, testing exit lighting, replenishing photocopiers and conducting facility audits which will maximise site efficiencies and value for money.

    Southern Cross Protection - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    southern cross protection

    1300 136 103

    Southern Cross Protection – Reliable & Responsive Security Services

    Southern Cross Protection is one of the largest mobile patrol companies in Australia. A national footprint that is able to provide the local communities, businesses and people with a holistic, intelligent approach to security on a localised basis. Our scale creates access for all local businesses to precision technologies and risk management expertise at an affordable price. Whatever your security budget – Southern Cross Protection has an effective solution for you.

    Whether you need regular security patrols to your property, security guards suitable for a wide range of purposes or reliable alarm monitoring and response, Southern Cross Protection has the security service for you. We offer intelligent, precise and integrated security services that minimise risks and make your business and everyday activities safer and more secure.

    With over 90 years of pioneering security services, we have the experience to deliver a range of dependable solutions. This is combined with highly capable staff, precision risk management technologies and sophisticated coordination capabilities applying intelligence make us market leaders.

    The reliability and integrity of Southern Cross Protection mean peace of mind, and our responsiveness provides the highest level of protection possible. We offer this level of service no matter your scale or industry because we have the largest patrol fleet in Australia, making communities safer for all.

    Do you need security guards with the training and capability to offer both security and first aid support for an event? Do you require static guarding, including centralised CCTV and alarm monitoring for your premises or facility? Perhaps you need helpful and respectful security for a concierge service? Whatever your specific needs, the highly trained and carefully selected security guards at Southern Cross Protection have the depth of knowledge, discipline and versatility to both guard and provide assistance in the role, or roles, you need.


    Working with our sister company, we have an extensive history of providing guarding services to companies across Australia. You can rely on Southern Cross Protection to provide high calibre protection. We provide practical and dependable security guards for a unique range of locations and purposes, including:

    • Static Guarding
    • Centralised CCTV and Alarm Monitoring (such as control rooms)
    • VIP Protection
    • Concierge Services
    • First Aid Support and Security for Events

    Additionally, alongside guarding and support service, our staff can be engaged to provide you with customer service security training and emergency response, planning and exercises.

    Southern Cross Protection – A Security Company that Acts on Intelligence with Care and Precision

    We exist to protect you, your people and your assets, allowing your organisation to grow and prosper. We provide intelligence-based solutions executed with precision. These solutions always demonstrate the utmost care for our customers.

    Since our foundation post-WWI in Melbourne, it has been our goal to be a progressive and pioneering security company. Today, as a market leader in patrol services, we strive to live up to our reputation, provide value to our clients and operate a responsive and reliable network with a sense of integrity and duty to the community at large.


    We do more than patrol the streets, secure properties and protect assets. As far as security companies go, our goal is to serve. We do this by providing intelligence-based protection services based on risk minimisation strategies that over 4000 clients nationwide rely on for a wide variety of security needs.

    As an Australian owned and operated security company, we’ve assembled an extensive team of experts, with patrol officers conducting an unprecedented 16,000 patrol visits every night from 28 localised branches across Australia. This means we have the coverage, capability and local knowledge to provide services suitable to you across Australia.


    Whatever your industry and budget, we have the ability to deliver an effective security solution. We not only utilise precision tools as part of our information and telecommunications systems, but we also have a physical staff presence that works towards reinforcing our values in everything we do every single day.

    When you use a Southern Cross Protection service, you get a responsive and passionate approach to safety. We will work with you to meet your specific risks with discipline and respect.

    Southern Cross Protection operates the largest national security patrol network. A national footprint that is able to provide the local communities, businesses and people with a holistic, intelligent approach to security on a localised basis. Our scale creates access for all local businesses to precision technologies and risk management expertise at an affordable price. Whatever your security budget – Southern Cross Protection has an effective solution for you.

    Agile Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    agile group

    1300 964 008

    Agile Group has been the preferred Security Services supplier to the iconic Bluesfest Event since 2015. Attracting over 100,000 people, the multifaceted nature of the event requires any security provider to develop and deploy a solution whose scope of works must encompass numerous environmental variables, asset protection across a 300-acre site, close personal protection of over 200 artists, stage management, RSA, retail and accommodation protection.

    Since their engagement, I have worked closely with the Company’s Co-Founder, Justin Brinkies, and his event management team, and am pleased to say that through their expertise, innovation and risk management, the event has enjoyed a reduction in security-related incidents and an increase in Crowd Care & Engagement.

    Being such a large event, Agile Group is required to comply with a significant amount of regulation from an ever-growing stakeholder base. However, through the adoption of innovation and a transparent reporting and compliance system, Agile Group has met all required key performance indicators and continually deliver efficiencies and cost reductions.

    Agile Group is an indigenous owned and operated integrated services provider founded in 2014.

    Our aim is to provide professional, cost-effective solutions to our clientele whilst enriching the local communities in which we operate. Agile Group currently deliver services across a broad range of industries, including government, logistics, health care, licensed venues, manufacturing and resources. With offices in every capital city, Agile Group maintains a national footprint and workforce.

    First Security Response - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    first security response

    1300 366 947

    Founded in 2006, First Security Response is a leading security company that employs hundreds of security professionals. Our mission is to provide you with the best protection for the best value so that you can focus on your core business.

    First Security Response provides specialist security services to meet individual client needs. A commitment to quality, service and professionalism, First Security Response offers solutions to security issues based on a solid strategic approach to the problems and through providing services that are industry best practices. Our clients have always said our results-oriented approach and professional yet friendly staff is what sets FSR apart from our competitors.

    The staple of our business is based on a combination of things, and it all starts with our quality people, top of the line training, customer service, innovation and state of the art technology.

    Our commitment to protecting people and property with integrity, professionalism and quality services is more than a motto: it’s our pledge to you. Our work has been recognised at and local, regional and national level, but what’s most important to us is the assurance that we’re serving our clients well. We’re familiar with the unique security problems that can arise at specialised facilities, and it’s important to have security services, products, and most of all, people you can depend upon.


    ServicemainOur core services include

    • Guard Services
    • K9 Security
    • Building Alarm Services
    • Security Patrols
    • Grade 1 Monitoring
    • Alarm Response
    • Investigations and Consultancies
    • Threat and Risk Assessment

    Wilson Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    wilson security security guard company melbourne

    1300 945 767


    Corporate Concierge

    Concierge and customer service staff that are security licensed and customer service training for your business.

    Access Control

    Onsite guarding, including access control/gatehouse, asset protection and screening.

    Mobile Patrols

    Mobile patrol staff that respond to alarm responses.

    Alarm Monitoring

    Control room staff that monitor alarms and video surveillance.

    Emergency & Medical

    We provide paramedic and emergency services to ensure your staff are looked after in the event of an emergency.

    Close Personal Protection

    Our officers can address all security service needs in a professional and tactful manner.

    Traffic Management

    We provide security staff that manage traffic flow for your business.

    Covert Personnel

    Our market-leading covert team reduce the ability for organised retail crime entities to operate in your store.

    Security Escorts

    Our security personnel escort students and staff between buildings, campus carparks and local public transport points.

    Transport Escorts

    We provide mobile patrols that escort buses on problem routes and hot spots.

    Virtual Patrols

    We can remotely access your cameras to verify a genuine alarm activation via video.

    Roaming Guards

    We can provide highly trained roaming guards with the ability to move between locations at short notice.


    Wilson Security is focused on protecting your future. As one of the leading security companies, we provide security solutions for clients of every size and industry across Australia.

    Our team of over 6,500 security professionals work closely with our clients to tailor security solutions that focus on protecting their operations and assets at all times.

    Built over 20 years in business, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated security solutions. This means we work with you to quickly assess and deliver what your organisation needs to create a safe, secure and successful environment.

    As part of the Wilson Group, which have been operating in the Australian marketplace since the 1960s, Wilson Security has a strong backing that allows us to deliver reliable and client-centric solutions as well as identify additional ways in how we can better enhance the security services we provide our clients. This allows us to build on our core strengths and provide innovative, integrated services to our clients that tap into the broader Wilson Group capabilities: security, healthcare, storage and parking sectors.

    At Wilson Security, we’re focused on protecting your future.

    State Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    state security services

    (08) 8352 8034

    Welcome to State Security Services

    We are the leading provider of security services to clients in Adelaide and the wider South Australia area. Each year, more than 1 million visitors pass through events protected and serviced by our company.

    Our key security managers have had at least 20 years’ experience within the security industry. All of our Security Consultants have been cleared by Federal and State police and hold a current security license.

    We offer a variety of services, including 200 licensed and trained general and personal security guards, mobile duress systems, staff integrity testing and training, tender assessments, policies and procedure advice, risk assessment and internal security audits, and consulting and brokerage services.

    Our Alarm Monitoring Service is accredited as a Grade A1 (Highest Level) Monitoring Centre and has been operating 24/7 since 1996, and our experienced, fully-licensed team provides the highest level of personal customer service.

    We are a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited and the National Security Association Australia (SA).

    If, like many small and growing companies, you do not have a dedicated security manager to oversee and provide strategic advice on your company’s growing security requirements, our professional and expert personnel can assist you with all of your security needs.

    For your events, large and small, for 10 to 10,000 people, we have the staff to serve your needs. Contact State Security Services now on (08) 8352 8033 or email ……

    General Security

    Experience and reliability list are perhaps our most appreciated qualities. We can assist you 365 days a year. Our clients choose to partner with us because they know we have the skills, knowledge and ability to oversee and provide advice on all their security service needs. Some of our clients include the Royal Adelaide Show, Adelaide Showground, and Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre (AEEC).

    Risk Assessment and Internal Security Audits

    What is the probability of a breach of security in your company? Have you ever considered the financial impact this could have or how it would affect the safety of your staff?

    Whether you work in a corporate, commercial, industrial or retail site, our experienced risk assessment consultants will provide you with an in-depth report and recommendations on how to reduce your risk and increase the security and safety procedures within your business.

    Our internal security audit consultants will shine the spotlight on your current security systems and providers and will define the key steps for corrective action plans that can help to protect your company’s assets and personnel still further.

    Adelaide and SA’s most up-to-date security system advice

    With technology moving at such a rapid pace, security has fast become a specialist area of expertise. State Security Services has a team of dedicated security specialists who can help you prepare your tender documents, review and assess tender responses, costing and budgets while simultaneously providing you with products, services and knowledge that will ensure you get the security services you want at a price you are willing to pay. 

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