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50 Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney, New South Wales (2024)

A hens night is a celebration for the bride's friends to have a final farewell before leaving for her new life with her partner. The term hen night can also refer to a party or social gathering that men are not welcome. However, this type of event is rarely called that in Australia, where it would be more likely referred to as a "hen's do" or "hens' night out."  

Hens nights typically include games and activities that involve alcohol consumption, such as karaoke, drinking games, and other competitions that usually result in heavy drinking. In addition, it is not uncommon for there to be bachelorette parties on the same weekend, so if you're going on one, don't forget your dress!

We've created an ultimate list of Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney, to help plan your next big party.

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    Ultimate List of Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney, New South Wales

    Magic Men - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney 

    magic men


    1300 624 426

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party, or simply having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies night unforgettable. The Magic Men can perform private shows in suites, private function venues, and residences throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man possesses the body, moves, and charisma to excite and delight, delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers who will customise a smart and sexy show to your preferences. Various shows are available to match the THEME OF ANY PARTY.

    Did you know there's a simple way to plan your Hens Party Sydney? There is, indeed! Allow us to be present at this fantastic hen party and take care of the entertainment with our full package services.

    We have activities for every type of hen and her hens. We will do whatever you want for your group. Spice up your night with our live performances, e-shows, and home visits. You are only a few clicks away from transforming a mundane party into an exciting and spectacular one.

    Magic Men is Australia's best party planner, and we want you to have the same level of awesomeness and magic that we do. Just a heads up: your Sydney hen party will be full of smiles, giggles, laughs, jumping, and fun screams. Don't pretend we didn't warn you!

    XXL - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney



    0406 741 488


    Sydney's Premier Hens Night Venue hosts the biggest weekly Hens Parties every Saturday. Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your Party Booking. Our deposit is fully refundable in the event of a future lockdown.

    XXL has you covered from start to finish. You've come to the right place if you're looking for the perfect hen's night or birthday party in Sydney!

    Unlike other venues, XXL provides luxurious booth and lounge areas to all of our guests. All of our Sydney Hens and Birthday girls also get front-row seats to the show!


    Whether it's your first time at XXL or you've previously enjoyed the show, drinks, and good times, there's no doubt that your hen's party will have you singing, dancing, and laughing the entire night. With our exciting dinner and show packages offering something for everyone, our venue is the ideal spot to host the best hen's night ever. Our sole goal is to ensure that you and your girls have a good time and leave with smiles on your faces and many priceless memories.

    XXL is not like other clubs in that customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities. We keep all of our shows fresh and exciting so that you are always entertained.

    Twin Pecks - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    twin pecks


    0466 973 258

    Many super-fit sexy men serving and performing for your enjoyment! Before the show, you'll be greeted at the door by your fabulous compere for the evening, as well as the Twin Pecks Crew, who will serve you champagne and lead you to your table.

    Once inside, you'll be escorted to your table and given your complimentary tipping dollars, as well as a gourmet selection of platters to enjoy before watching the first Twin Pecks sizzling show.

    Your super sexy Topless Waiters will serve you drinks and food all night; you won't even have to leave your seat unless you're chosen to be in a show!

    The Hen or your designated special guest is lavished with attention throughout the evening. The evening will last 3 hours in total, so bring your enthusiasm because if you book the Twin Pecks Cabaret, things will get very hot.

    FAQs About Hens Night & Day


    Give the bride a lasting memento of her hen weekend by asking every guest to contribute to a memory book. Have them draw or write whatever they feel best represents their relationship with the bride-to-be, then bind it all nicely and present it to her as a keepsake on the night. It's an easy way to get everyone involved in making the bride feel super-special.


    Book a naked butler in Brighton or London to attend to her every need. She'll love being treated like royalty as much as she'll appreciate our buff butlers' bodies. Our butlers don't just look amazing. They're absolute professionals who are as capable o whipping up a cocktail as they are posing for a life drawing, and they love to party.


    The Mr and Mrs quiz is always a fun way to break the ice. Instead of reading out answers from her spouse-to-be, film them and play it back at the weekend. If you're clever enough with live-streaming, you could play this simultaneously with the bride on her hen night and the groom on his stag do.


    Turn your night-out preparations up a notch and arrange for a hair and makeup artist to get your hen ready at her home or hotel. It's a lot more relaxed having them come to you and means you can get stuck into the bubbly that much earlier.


    If your hen thinks you're travelling by taxi, hire a limo. If she thinks you're going in a limo, then make it a spectacular one like a converted fire engine. Hen nights are all about having fun and drawing attention to the bride, and nothing says "look at me" then more a fire-engine full of women on a hen night!


    Prime all your guests by secretly giving them a mask printed with the bride's face on it. These could be all the same mask or, depending on how much she likes a selfie. Everyone could have a different version of the bride. They could be wearing them as she walks through the door, or guests could put them on as a surprise later in the night when she goes to the bar or loo.


    Depending on how well you know the bride and how much she trusts you, why not consider making the entire hen event a surprise? Have her complete a questionnaire before you plan anything so you know what she would like, but throw in a few rogue questions like "how do you feel about Peter Andre?" or "what would you do if you and your ex were at the same bar?" just to confuse her a little.

    Old School Sleepover – think bride tribe PJs, popcorn, noughties romcoms, games and plenty of prosecco.

    Dinner Party – if the bride-to-be is a real foodie at heart, why not host a dinner party? You can each bring a dish or get a chef to cook for you – fancy!

    BBQ – everyone loves a summer BBQ, and they're pretty easy to pull together. All you need is a volunteer to do the grilling honours!

    Garden Festival – set up a glitter stand, keep the tunes - and the Pimms - flowing and incorporate a BBQ. Throw in a festival-themed dress code, and voila! Instant festival vibes in your back garden.

    Bottomless Brunch – let's be real, who doesn't love a bottomless brunch? Mimosas, croissants, eggs benedict and bacon will all combine to make one very happy bride-to-be.

    Home Spa – download Spotify's best panpipes playlist (or, you know, whatever you fancy), light some scented candles and indulge in some face masks and nail painting. To take it up a notch, book a beauty therapist to come in and do home treatments – pure bliss.

    Cocktail Making – fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist? A cocktail making session will be a guaranteed hen party hit. Source some simple cocktail ideas - there are plenty of them on Pinterest - and buy the key ingredients and some fun straws (penis or otherwise) and umbrellas. Offer prizes for the best execution and give everyone a nickname that must be used at all times. The forfeit for saying a real name instead of a nickname can be a shot!

    Afternoon Tea – tiny sandwiches, cream scones, miniature cakes and fizz, what's not to love? We'd incorporate a classy dress code and some plush décor if we were you, which leads us very nicely onto our next step…

    With drinking becoming a larger part of the night, hen parties were pushed back to the weekend before. This made time for hens to get creative and get involved with activities and holidays away. Thus, the hen industry was born!

    As travel prices dropped, hens started looking towards the continent to seek their thrills. Who would say no to a hen party in the sun? However, this came alongside more planning which meant the hen do was pushed back yet again. Nowadays, a month is usually the typical time to leave between the hen night and the wedding.

    Nowadays, parties have become more of an excuse to drink, which means people pushed it back to at least the weekend before the wedding to make sure everyone has recovered.

    And by taking out a whole weekend, there is plenty of time to do more things which is where activities come into it. If you want to go abroad for your weekend, it can sometimes be difficult to find dates that suit everyone, so it is a good idea to make sure it is a fair distance away from the wedding.

    Mostly because everyone will have to spend more money going abroad to give them enough time to save money for the wedding, if you are keeping it in the UK, you will be more likely to bring it closer to the wedding date as it will be easier to get everybody on board for a weekend unlike a 4-day trip abroad.

    Weddings are usually held in the summer, with most of them falling between June and October. This sounds good for a sunny hen do, but it also means higher prices and premium-priced travel.

    Many destinations abroad will be buzzing in the summer months, winter getting a little too chilly, especially in Eastern Europe. (You think the UK gets cold, try Prague!) Organising all the hens together could be tricky, so organising well in advance is advised.

    Experts say that one month before the event should be enough time for the bride and everyone else to recover. As well as it being enough time to then tend to any last-minute plans for the wedding.

    All in all, our advice is to give a more significant gap if you are going overseas and keep it closed for a UK based party. But if you are still unsure, get all of the girls together and ask for their opinion. And make sure it's close to a payday, but there is also a payday before the wedding!

    Pampering Session

    Nothing beats a few hours in a gorgeous spa with a relaxing tub, serene surroundings, fluffy robes, mini fruit juice shots and some chill-out and chat time in the lounger. If you book ahead, you can get the spa all to yourselves for a few hours so you can have plenty of time to relax in the whirlpools, saunas, and some of the girls can go off for treatments.

    Book a special treatment for the bride herself. Afterwards, if the spa is in a hotel, head to the bar/restaurant for lunch or snacks. Have Irish coffees in the winter or sit outside with some cocktails or wine if it's the summer. It's such a nice session, ladies. All will be relaxed, with no fuss and totalling zen-full afterwards.

    Chilled Girls Night In

    One of our classic low key hen party ideas.

    A girls night in is a total fuss-free option. We love adding personal touches to this and probably make it fussier, but you can go as low key as you want. We would have it in a nice hotel like Castle Leslie or Castlemartyr, which are pricey, so if the budget doesn't stretch to this, we would just have it at home. Ideally, everyone would stay, so you need to clear out the house and free up and create as many beds as you can.

    Ideas for a girls night for a hen party could be a movie night with all the best chick flicks on play in the background. Sit around on cushions with popcorn, naughty snacks, pizza, wine and just laugh. If you have a nice evening in the summer, if you can somehow move your TV to be near a window or door, you can set up the party outside with lots of colourful throws, cushions and blankets.


    Lunch and some shopping is a great, low key hen party option. To make it a little special for the lady herself, organise some VIP shopping in a department store or her favourite boutique if she has one.

    You could all chip in on a voucher so she can buy herself something during the experience and make it even better. Organise dinner or lunch for afterwards and keep it simple. Low key hen party sorted!

    A colour consultation is also a great idea for the fashion-loving bride. So please her inner fashionista without running around busy shops on a Saturday. My Only Stylist offers this in London and across England.

    Everyone has a 'natural palette' of colours that suit them best. So during a Colour Consultation, this palette is identified to show you how to use/combine the tones and shades from your palette in the way you dress… you'll be strutting your stuff in no time!

    Crafts and Laughs

    In terms of small hen party ideas, getting crafty may be your best bet!

    Craft workshops are surprisingly fun and fulfilling. You surprise yourself with talents that you never knew you had! An afternoon of creativity, bubbles, cake and chats makes for a day of laughter and quality time with the girls.

    We love craftiness, in particular when you create something useful. Whether it's learning how to make your signature scent with perfume making, creating your master piece head wear for your next wedding or ladies day, jewellery or even chocolate.

    There are tonnes of crafty options online where you can contact the business owners directly. From bra decorating to funky headwear to granny knitting to flower crowns, you'll find something creative for all types of bride and hen parties.

    Classy Drinks

    This is our favourite. Simple and stylish, we're happiest having some nice drinks in a cosy and ambient setting. So book a table, get the girls to dress up, and head out for a night in a piano or intimate cocktail bar. Have a few drinks, take some photos and have a laugh, ladies.

    Hens Party Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney 

    hens party cruises


    02 4327 9191

    Hens Party Cruises rents boats for hen parties, wedding showers, and hen nights. We have packages and boats for a girls' day out or something saucier with live entertainment.

    Our hen's party packages include a private boat, dinner, and drinks. Or choose a BYO boat and bring your own food and drinks. We can provide topless waiters, decorations, and activities for Hens Party Cruises.

    Our hen's party boats offer private boat hire, so it's just you and your friends on board. We have small boats for less than 12 guests and huge boats for 150+ persons.

    Hens Party Cruises specialises in Sydney harbour private boat charter for hens parties, hens night cruises, and bridal showers. Spirit Fleet Boat Charters, Hens Party Cruises' parent firm, rents boats for events. Hens Party Cruises specialises in boat rentals for women.

    Wicked Hens - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    wicked hens


    1300 830 002

    Wicked Hens Parties is dedicated to planning memorable hens party celebrations across Australia and New Zealand! No stress, no hassle, no exhausting time & effort! Your Wicked Hens Parties event planner takes care of everything from group party accommodation, party packages, including transfers, activities and nightlife options.

    Our efficient group party planning approach eliminates stress when organising a large group of women. This ensures that everyone in your group may discuss hens night activity ideas, accommodation choices, and party demands. Each group member can vote on goods and communicate dietary needs. We've created the ideal hens party planning system after 7 years of expertise.

    As Maid of Honor or Hens party organiser, it's your responsibility and privilege to send off your closest friend. You only get one chance, so let us help you make it unforgettable.

    Get Loose - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    get loose


    02 8208 3396

    Get Loose has organised thousands of parties for tens of thousands of people across Australia. They are leaders and pioneers, but mostly just super hardworking party planners.

    In 2013, we launched a party planning service for Bucks and Hens parties and quickly made a name for ourselves by collaborating with venues and suppliers to create one-of-a-kind experiences and party packages. Since then, we've expanded our network across the country and added Birthday and Corporate Party services to create the ultimate Party Planning Hub for all occasions.

    Today, we provide you with everything you need to plan your party in one place, connecting you with the best suppliers, experiences, and packages available, saving you time and money, and ensuring you have the best party possible!

    My Hens Party - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    my hens party


    0428 393 805


    The Hens Party is an important part of pre-wedding culture in Australia. A single gal's last fling can range from a high tea to a night out on the town to a week in Bali and everything in between.

    My Hens Party offers an exclusive selection of temporary tattoos, party packs, and badges! The Hens Party is an important part of pre-wedding culture in Australia. A single gal's last fling can range from high tea to a night out on the town to a week in Bali and everything in between.

    My Hens Party offers an exclusive selection of high-quality, personalised items to make your party a success. Sashes, T-Shirts, the best Temporary Tattoos, Hoodies, Badges, and Robes, as well as all the Hens Party Supplies, Games, Decorations, and Tableware you can imagine, are all created in our Sydney Hens Party shop!

    With personalised and friendly service, we are always happy to assist you with your Hens or Bucks party needs. They are a friendly voice on the other end of the phone if you have any queries or questions about our products.

    Hen's Knights - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    hen’s knights


    0405 156 359

    For Hens Nights, Bachelorette Parties, Divorce Parties, and Girls Nights Out in particular, we specialize in Male Strippers, Life Drawing Models, and Topless Waiters. Hire your hunk or buff butler through us because they will be the best, most dependable, and most attentive available - our lads won't disappear right before your party! We started in 2009 and have established a wonderful record for honesty and reliability, which is hard to obtain in this sector.

    Bridal Showers and even Baby Showers are great reasons to book one of our Adult Male Entertainers, and we are finding that many girls are booking male strippers and hens party waiters even for these traditionally more tame events - so if you are feeling it, book it - it's all about the giggles and memories! So, to summarize, our Hens Life Drawing Classes are hilarious, our topless waiters are dependable and attentive, and our Men Strippers can perform fantastic costume strips ranging from Elvis to Fireman and everything in between!

    We have many of great Hens Night Ideas, so look around or give us a call! We have Male Strippers, Lifedrawing Models, and Topless Waiters throughout New South Wales NSW, Victoria VIC, Queensland QLD, and Western Australia WA, so no matter where you are, we should be able to help make your party a success! And don't forget to check out our extremely low prices – Hen's Knights offers some of the best deals in town!

    Wildboys Afloat - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    wildboys afloat


    (02) 9809 1667

    The Ultimate Night Out

    Set sail on the sexiest night of your life! Wildboys Afloat is the ultimate girls night out. You’ll enjoy an amazing cruise on the sparkling Sydney Harbour, incredible inclusions and, of course, entertainment from our buff Wildboys! Whether you’re looking for a hot hen’s night, a birthday party to remember, Mum’s night out or Ladies night out with a difference, our exclusive Sydney Harbour cruise is for you.

    With food, drinks and entertainment sorted, you’re guaranteed to have a cruisy night out.

    5 Star Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    the 5 star cruises


    0426 617 401

    5-Star Cruises is Sydney's top Bucks and Hens party cruise organiser. We've been in the boat charter entertainment industry for almost a decade.

    We've owned multiple boats, so we know the best party boat. It's essential for a successful event. When you just want to relax, choosing the wrong yacht can be difficult.

    Our platforms allow clients get rapid bids and responses when booking packages. Our company values efficiency and strives to improve constantly.

    During your exclusive trip, you and your best friends can admire Sydney Harbour and the surrounding bays and beaches.

    Sydney Event Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas 

    sydney event cruises


    1300 228 327

    Sydney Event Cruises offers specialised cruise packages for buck's and hen's parties. Celebrate your friends' achievements by throwing a party on the water. It's their final night out as a single person, and Sydney Event Cruises will make it one to remember.

    For hen's and buck's parties, many groups are foregoing the pub crawl ritual in favour of the more intimate but no less fun party cruise option. Groups are also choosing open minds, male and female waiters, strippers, and a variety of other entertainment options to celebrate their Hens and Bucks.

    It is a fun and safe option for those who want to have some raunchy fun before the wedding without putting the bride or groom in danger.

    The Supercat vessel has everything you need for the night, from onboard formal or casual dining, BBQ, two well-stocked bars and drink packages, two levels of dancing with state-of-the-art sound systems and DJ facilities, to arranging exotic entertainment if needed.

    A beautiful setting of our world-famous Sydney Harbour, great food and drinks, good music, and some wild entertainment will make this a memorable night out.

    Sydney Harbour Party Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas

    sydney harbour party cruises


    (02) 8004 7526

    Sydney Event Cruises offers specialised cruise packages for buck's and hen's parties. Celebrate your friends' achievements by throwing a party on the water. It's their final night out as a single person, and Sydney Event Cruises will make it one to remember.

    For hen's and buck's parties, many groups are foregoing the pub crawl ritual in favour of the more intimate but no less fun party cruise option. Groups are also choosing open minds, male and female waiters, strippers, and a variety of other entertainment options to celebrate their Hens and Bucks.

    It is a fun and safe option for those who want to have some raunchy fun before the wedding without putting the bride or groom in danger.

    The Supercat vessel has everything you need for the night, from onboard formal or casual dining, BBQ, two well-stocked bars and drink packages, two levels of dancing with state-of-the-art sound systems and DJ facilities, to arranging exotic entertainment if needed.

    A beautiful setting of our world-famous Sydney Harbour, great food and drinks, good music, and some wild entertainment will make this a memorable night out.

    Adult Events - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    adult events


    0424 004 442

    So you've been tasked with organising a hens party in Sydney because you're the best bridesmaid ever. Don't be one of those failed hens parties due to poor entertainment. In Sydney, we have great Hens party packages to suit you and your guests' needs.

    If you are booking on the day of the event, please call as soon as possible because it expedites your booking. So, when you call, make sure your phone number is not on private caller because we do not answer blocked numbers. On your special hen day, we can't wait to meet you and all of your guests.

    Male Strippers

    Our attractive male strippers are ideal for hen parties. It will disgrace the hen on her last night of freedom. Our hot male strippers are dressed as a sexy cop, a hot fireman, and a smooth criminal. Whatever the subject, our male strippers will not disappoint. To book topless waiters and male strippers for your hens night, check out our hens night packages.

    So keep Adult Events in mind for a great bucks party or hen's night idea, and if you have an idea, whether cheeky or naughty, we're confident our team at Adult Events can make it a reality.

    Benda Party Bus - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney 

    benda party bus


    0438 223 633

    When transporting a large group, choose our Sydney party bus. Hire our party bus for any event. The Sydney party bus comes with an experienced driver. Your party can start on the road, so you won't get lost or separated from your companions.

    We're here to help with your party, but please drink responsibly. All Benda Party Bus passengers who desire to drink alcohol must be 18+ and have valid ID. Intoxicated people will be denied drink. All of our professional hosts are RSA-qualified and licenced in NSW. Your safety will be their top priority while ensuring a great night. Even while we want you to party hard, we obey Sydney's regulations to safeguard ourselves and our clients.

    Escape Hunt - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    escape hunt


    +61 2 9299 3920

    The exhilarating alternative to traditional hens parties is Escape Hunt. You'll have an hour of adrenaline-pumping gameplay, working together and to your strengths to beat the clock and escape. Then, toast your success (or drown your sorrows) with a few glasses of wine in our spacious lounge.

    Escape Hunt is the name given to an exciting adventure in which you and your teammates leap into new worlds, taking on pulse-racing missions and challenges in an incredible entertainment experience against the clock.

    The pressure is on, the timer is ticking, and the adrenaline is pumping. Escape Hunt is not a show that you watch. It's something you feel right in the middle of the action. After experiencing an Escape Hunt world, all other forms of entertainment fall flat.

    We now have branches from Brisbane to Birmingham, Marseille to Miami, and more are opening all the time. We're proud to say we have escape rooms on almost every continent, and we're expanding through a network of franchises to become the global leader in the world of escape rooms.

    Ucruise Sydney - Hens Night & Day Ideas 

    ucruise sydney


    0422 222 676

    This Really Is The Perfect Hens Party Idea!

    Celebrate a Hens party in style and luxury by spending the day on Sydney Harbour with all the girls.

    If you've been looking for a Hens party idea, look no further - a Sydney Harbour cruise for a Hens party is absolutely fantastic - all of the feedback we get confirms it! The stunning city backdrops provide some incredible photo opportunities to capture the Hens celebrations forever.

    Our entire fleet is skippered. Our skippers are Sydney Harbour experts and know all the best places to visit. All boat options include a variety of catering and beverage options that are ideal for a Hens party, entertainment features that are also ideal for Hens, and all of the standard amenities you may require. Many of our boats also offer BYO options.

    Hens Bus Sydney - Hens Night & Day Ideas

    hens bus sydney


    0405 341 342

    Hens Bus Sydney will take you to your destination in and around Sydney in a fun and safe manner.

    We assist you and your friends in having an unforgettable night. We know that wine, champagne, or other alcoholic beverages may be consumed on a hen's night or girls night out. We ensure that your friends will not be driving, giving you peace of mind.

    Our friendly, professional bus drivers, all of whom are licenced by the NSW Ministry of Transport, will greet you and ensure that you travel safely wherever your adventures take you.

    Our party bus is unlike any other; it has an iPhone connection, an MP3 and USB slot for playing your favourite tunes, and over 1000 watts of sound delivered through powerful subwoofers. With our laser and LED party lights to set the mood, you'll feel like you're at a disco.

    Our bus will transport you and your friends to your destination, and when your party is over, you'll be able to easily spot our bus if you want us to pick you up and take you home, regardless of the time.

    Rockfish - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney


    02 9211 7901

    Choose from three Catamarans for your next event. Rockfish Catamarans will provide your party a carefree day on the world's most beautiful Harbour, whether you're celebrating a birthday, planning a work celebration, or taking a group of family or friends out for the day. Our Catamarans are affordable year-round. Your Rockfish Skipper and deckhand may accommodate up to 40 people.

    Attention bridesmaids: You're planning the Bride-to-Hens Be's Day? Rockfish Catamaran Charters is best. Meet Rockfish's welcoming crew. We'll explain you about the boat and then show you the best Sydney Harbour vistas on Instagram. Our catamarans are perfect for private Hens Parties because of their spacious cabins and foredecks. This is perfect for daytime pleasure.

    We may arrange for a Topless Waiter to serve drinks and entertain the women at your party. Rockfish will make your Hens Party cruise memorable.

    Sydney Topless Waitresses - Hens Night & Day Ideas

    sydney topless waitresses


    0457 466 590

    Bring a little spice to your hens night parties in Sydney with our topless waiters! With handsome, sexy men exuding charm and bodies to die for, our topless waiters are here to help you celebrate your hens night with a celebration you’ll never forget!

    With our hens night parties in Sydney, we can assist you in the planning to ensure all the stress of organising your event is taken away from you. All you need to do is relax and party the night away!

    When you’re about to start your new life as a married woman, you’ll want a hen’s night to remember. What could be better than celebrating your upcoming event in the company of gorgeous topless male models? From sailing aboard a luxury yacht to a stunning penthouse party overlooking the glittering lights of the city – there are not many amazing hens party ideas in Sydney. You’ll enjoy every second of your event.

    Whether you’re organising it for yourself or you’re a maid of honour fulfilling her duties, you’ll love the selection of hunky models we have for you to choose from.

    Men On Fire - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    men on fire


    0422 440 628 

    When it comes to which hens’ parties Sydney gals (and guys!) choose when they’re celebrating their soon-to-be-nuptials, is it any wonder why Sydney’s #1 Hens Party Company is Men on Fire!?

    We specialise in the hen’s party for the bride that doesn’t want a stripper, instead of surprising her with Life Drawing or a Mobile Cocktail Class! We have your Sydney hens party ideas well and truly covered.

    Our handsome crew have thousands of happy customers singing their praises for a reason. Entertaining and always sizzling hot, our team of hunky Firemen live to make your hens party a night to remember for all the right reasons.

    If you’re a maid of honour, a bridesmaid, or just a friend helping make a bride’s last night as a single woman a night, she’ll NEVER forget. You’ll treasure the memories you make for the rest of your life.

    Decorations and risqué accessories are essential for hens parties. Our Men on Fire crew has created a vast list of hens party extras, from sashes to naughty game pieces to shot glasses with a surprise at the bottom. From bride tiaras to inflatables, we offer all the party essentials. You can add extra guests online in our 'Shop' area. Download our free Hens Party Planning Guide and Hens Party Games. Stock up on pleasure and enjoy!

    Men On Fire is run by women (weird, right?). Not only are you in safe hands with a team of Firemen, but you may talk to us about your themes, desires, opinions, invitations, decorations, and decor. When you book with us, you have access to a hens party planning specialist at no extra cost.

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