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Best Furniture Stores In Sydney

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    Sydney is home to a wide variety of furniture retailers, so residents who are in the search of a new set may easily find what they need. However, it might be difficult to determine which retailer is the best because there are so many to choose from. This is the place we come in!

    In this article, we will discuss the various options available to you when shopping for furniture in Sydney. We have what you need, whether it's a modern sofa or a vintage armchair. Keep reading to learn more!

    The greatest stores in Sydney might be hard to track down, especially if you don't know where to look. With so many retail establishments to choose from, it's not always easy to zero in on the best one.

    That's why we've compiled this guide to Sydney's top furniture stores so you can shop with confidence. Shops here can accommodate your needs whether you choose a contemporary or classic atmosphere. Now, then, why do you dither? Do some searching right now!

    How To Select The Best Furniture Store For You

    Where in Sydney you live—from Mosman and Merrylands and everything in between—can have an impact on the kinds of furniture that are most commonly found in your neighbourhood. Whether you shop for convenience, style, or cost (or a combination of these) will determine what you purchase.

    All the way from inexpensive flat-pack storage to strong investment pieces that will last a lifetime, you can find furniture that serves its purpose beautifully and also fits your budget.

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    Top Furniture Designs

    Homes in Sydney have a variety of environments to decorate for, thanks to the city's proximity to mountains, rivers, beaches, and the big smoke. Cottages inside the mountains and southern highlands can lend itself to cosier, more traditional furnishings than their Hamptons-inspired counterparts do, while seaside houses may inspire a more casual, beachy aesthetic.

    While it's important to buy furniture that you love, there are a few distinct furniture types to think about (as you get lost in a Gumtree hunt!) to ensure that your new pieces complement each other beautifully when placed in your home.

    When you're inside a furniture store or seeing ads for new furniture on TV, it's easy to get distracted. A little bit of planning before reaching the malls and big-box stores will go a long way towards keeping you on track with your decorating budget and overall vision. Keeping on track requires making choices and making a list before going out or going online. Making a detailed wish list and budget beforehand might help narrow down your search for the perfect furniture store.

    Where Can I Find The Best Furniture In Sydney?

    Anyone with a penchant for fine furnishings understands the challenge of culling the market for suitable pieces. This guide has you covered whether you are in the market for an eye-catching rug, a passable sofa, or some decorative accents.

    It's true that you can purchase generic mass-produced items just about anyplace, but who really wants furniture and decor that everyone else has? As we show you the top 10 furniture stores in Sydney where you can get pieces that are worth every penny, we can reassure you that all is not lost.


    BoConcept, located in Sydney, is widely regarded as the best boutique for high-end furnishings. The Danish company has spent over 3 generations perfecting its furniture & interior design since its founding in 1952. The end result is a cutting-edge collection that is always developing and expanding with the goal of providing the highest levels of luxury, practicality, and craftsmanship in every item.

    BoConcept sells chic contemporary pieces for every room in the house, including the bedroom, home dining room, and even the workplace. The store places a premium on giving each customer a one-of-a-kind encounter. Clients can have items tailor-made to their specifications with help of an experienced design staff.

    At BoConcept, we believe that good design should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They think that people in Denmark shouldn't be the sole ones who get to experience Danish design, thus they ship to more than sixty-four other nations. They also hold that a couch should never be about the owner, that luxury can (but shouldn't) be exorbitant, and that no one loves to buy expensive pieces of furniture from a snob. You can visit any of their three hip Sydney furniture stores right now.

    Professional designers can provide customised guidance and layouts using the brand's extensive palette of beautiful colours and materials, whether the consultation takes place in-store or at the client's residence. Their speciality is furniture and interior design, but they care most about seeing their customers happy.


    Ikea, the Swedish plain kings, is hard to beat when it comes to furniture buying. Ikea has everything you need, from cheap essentials to fully equipped kitchens. A visit to Ikea is like going on a mini-adventure, what with the store's minimalist Scandi decor and its inspired pre-made rooms. The maze-like design of their stores makes it possible to find items you didn't even realise you wanted.

    The venerable Billy Bookcase is just one of several storage possibilities. On the other hand, you may unwind on the traditional Ektorp sofa or the one-of-a-kind Poäng chair. Then, either practise your Tetris abilities to fit everything in the car, or just have it brought to you and forget about it. The fact that, once you've finished buying furniture and housewares, you can load up on Swedish goodies is another selling point. Indulge in some lingonberry jam, meatballs, rosti, or Daim chocolates.

    Freedom Furniture

    Freedom, an iconic Australian label, has been around since 1981 and can be seen in shopping centres all throughout the country. Use their wide variety of hard or soft furnishings to make your house a welcoming and comfortable haven. You can choose a piece that speaks to your personal taste and flair.

    You could be looking for a velvet sofa, a bed made of rustic wood, or an expandable table. Home furnishings, rugs, linens, and lights are all available in freedom. On the other hand, there is assistance available if you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of decorating your entire home. The store's in-house designers and the website's Ideas & Advice section are both available to help you.



    Adairs is where you want to go if you're in the market for convenient, reasonably priced furniture, luxurious bedding, and other home furnishings. Brands like Mercer + Reed and Home Republic ensure that even the pickiest shopper will find something to their liking. Luxury velvet armchairs from the 1920s or rattan bed heads from the Bahamas can help you achieve this look.

    Adairs also carries a wide variety of accessories and soft furnishings to complement their broad assortment of hard furniture. They also have limited-edition seasonal collections created in tandem with Australian creatives. Stores are conveniently located around the state, or you can do your shopping entirely online. The Linen Lover loyalty programme provides regular customers with access to special offers and in-store events.

    Living Edge

    The living edge has maintained a distinctively urban design, making it a great place to shop for eye-catching accent items or simply clean, modern furnishings. Their unique wooden products have a contemporary feel while still paying homage to bygone eras. They are not frightened of colour, as evidenced by the vibrant fabrics and whimsical sofas/armchairs in their homes.

    If you want to decorate your home in a way that celebrates and promotes diversity, stop by Living Edge. You'll find plenty of unique items there. With its deep space, cosmic blue velvet and streamlined lines, the Burgaz chair is our top selection. The Bocca sofa, which looks like a huge set of crimson lips and has what the company calls "a sensual and seductive soul," also deserves recognition for its innovative design.

    In search of cutting-edge creations that manage to retain an air of classic beauty? If you're looking for the best, look no farther than Living Edge. Living Edge is a Sydney-based furniture dealership that carries a variety of high-end brands that have been handpicked for their high standard of quality and cultural importance in design. From a small chair to a large-scale commercial project, they have home, retail, and corporate divisions to meet your needs.

    Great Dane

    There are many possible inspirations for this expression, but "touch wood" stands out as the most literal.

    inspiration for the Great Dane style of furniture design. They've made a killing by using wood in unconventional ways to give their wares a one-of-a-kind vibe. Given the company's undying devotion to cowhides, the design evokes a timeless, rustic western vibe.

    We recommend you check out their unique take of marble coffee tables, that feature surprising yet polished pieces of wood. Great Danes are sleek and sturdy, making them ideal for the modern minimalist home. The ND 83 chair upholstered in lime green is our top pick because it brings an extraordinary splash of colour to otherwise bland white interiors.

    Fantastic Furniture

    Fantastic Furniture, an Australian company that has been furnishing our rooms using affordable, locally manufactured furniture & linen for over 30 years, got its start in the Parklea Markets. Home furnishings at rock-bottom prices, with several different bundles to pick from; perfect for furnishing a new place or redecorating an existing one.

    Throughout the greater Sydney area, at fourteen separate locations. Go here for showrooms locations.

    Sofas, beds, dining sets, entertainment centres, home offices, mattresses, storage, rugs, and outdoor furniture are just some of the items available at reasonable prices.

    Guaranteed lowest prices (we'll beat the competition by 20%), a 60-day "Change of Mind" policy, stock in over 75 locations across Australia, as well as the ability to scan a code with your mobile device to learn more about an item of furniture while you're browsing it in-store are all features offered by this furniture retailer.

    Overspending at one store because of cheap furniture sticker prices and pay later alternatives can be avoided by taking one's time to choose one's own style and collecting deliberate items over time.


    Trit collaborates with designers from around the world to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are reflective of emerging shapes and styles in the home furnishings industry.

    • Redfern, New South Wales, 2016, at 613 Elizabeth Street. You may find the route instructions here.
    • The following is a rundown of the various products we offer: indoor and outdoor seating, dining, and lighting, as well as bed, table, and desk options.
    • We're looking at a moderately high to high pricing range.
    • The benefits include being "on style" all the time, having fascinating new arrivals, fantastic designs, and a reasonably priced "high-end" appearance. Staging homes and furnishing them with eco-friendly furniture through the Trees for Trees initiative.
    • A single Sydney-based showroom is a drawback.


    Koskela is an Australian company that aims to be at the forefront of social enterprise while simultaneously producing cutting-edge, visually arresting furniture. They take great pride in stocking Australia's most extensive selection of locally manufactured, ethically produced furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories. This Sydney shop uses only eco-friendly items, and they upcycle and repurpose all of their resources. Together with Rainforest Rescue, they've reclaimed more than 1 hectare of the Daintree Rainforest since 2007.

    Koskela is a company that has been making eco-friendly, modern furniture and home goods for almost twenty years. Have you ever been to a hip, open office space and wondered, "How can I get my office space to look like that?" Koskela is correct.

    All of Koskela's goods are created in Australia and are constructed to last, two qualities that are tragically becoming more rare. The company is also firmly committed to its social effect. You may get anything from furniture to carpets to artwork to professionally designed gardens in their massive Rosebery warehouse. Do you have a craving for food? You'll find the Rosebery location of Three Blue Ducks at front of this massive warehouse, and Black Star Pastry is right around the corner.

    All of Koskela's furniture is created in Australia and is built to last, and the company has been doing so with a unique spin on traditional styles since the year 2000.

    • 1/85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, New South Wales, Australia (2018)
    • Overview of Products We carry a wide variety of furniture, including chairs, tables, lamps, desks, bookcases, and even home decor and presents.
    • Range estimate: Quite costly
    • Benefits include the freedom to put one's own stamp on one's living space.
    • The disadvantage is that the product is made in a more expensive region.

    Matt Blatt

    Matt Blatt is an excellent option for mid-century furniture since he mixes authentic designer pieces with reproductions of classically styled items that initially drew inspiration from Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Watch for bold colour block in homewares, fresh methods with rattan detail, and a whole line of outdoor furniture.

    • Find our New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia showrooms here.
    • Sofas, chairs, stools, table, storage, lighting, homewares, artwork, rugs, kids, and outdoor furniture are just some of the items included in this rundown.
    • From relatively cheap and accessible at the low end, to reasonably priced in the middle, and expensive at the top
    • Pros: Fantastic showrooms with a wide variety of room settings in which to try out furniture. Team of friendly, knowledgeable pros with years of experience in the furniture industry.
    • Downsides: You and your neighbour might have a living room that looks identical due to the low price and high volume of production.

    Maison Balzac

    The moniker "Candle by Maison Balzac" is now familiar to most people. Elise Pioch, a native of France and the brains behind the business, concocted the fragrances. Pioch has developed her business into a whole lifestyle store, and her exquisite glassware is now a focal point. You can purchase wine glasses, champagne flutes, caraffes, platters, and more at the lovely Surry Hills outlet of Maison Balzac, and they also sell the label's to-die-for home fragrance.

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    To visit Jardan is more equivalent to taking a luxurious vacation than a typical shopping trip. Jardan, a modernist pastel paradise, occupies the historic art deco structure that was formerly home to Ariel Bookshop. From the moment you enter through the intricately carved door and make your way up the matte pink illuminated staircase, you know you have arrived somewhere truly exceptional.

    Jardan, known for their modernist taste and style, sells anything from high-end furniture (such as the Joy armchair & Miller sofa) to tableware, lighting, rugs, pottery, and toys. Each piece of Jardan furniture is manufactured to order and meticulously constructed in Melbourne to the greatest environmental standards, making it quite expensive. On the plus side, however, you will own a piece of sustainable construction that will last for generations to come.

    HAY Shop

    HAY, a Danish company founded in 2002, is known for its reasonably priced modern Danish design. Just ask any travelling who has been in Sydney for more than a week.

    people probably know about HAY Shop off Crown St. If the same person also happens to call Sydney home, you might find yourself relaxing on a piece from HAY furniture during a visit. The well-known home goods company offers a wide variety of products, from furnishings to lighting to textiles to incredibly clever stationery to gorgeous glassware, each with a simple, clear, and cheerfully colourful design.

    In Bed Store

    To the north of Jardan in Paddington, on Oxford Street, is where you'll discover In Bed's original location. The warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the use of wood & earth tones is aptly described by the term. Luxury linen bedding, pyjama sets, tea towels, or napkins are In Bed's bread and butter, but they also carry a wide variety of ceramics, cookware, and all-natural beauty goods that reflect their excellent eye for design. The store is bathed in natural light thanks to a wall of windows that face out onto a verdant backyard. The ambience mimics their line of products perfectly.

    Design By Them

    Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis, the designers of Design By Them, are located in Sydney and are fanatical about creating original, eco-friendly, and enduring pieces of Australian furniture. Both the most recent "Confetti" collection and older collections made use of recycled materials. Their Ultimo shop is a minimalist's paradise, and their products are the epitome of form and function. Sit on one of their beautifully crafted chairs and wonder why you haven't made a purchase from them sooner.

    Mitchell Road Antique And Design Centre Is Located On Mitchell Road.

    As you approach this Bourke St. marketplace, you'll feel as though you've stepped back in time. Mitchell Road is the spot to go if you want to add some personality to your home because it is part antique shop and part mid-century modern fantasy.

    Quite a few dealers sell their unique selections of vintage goods under the same massive warehouse roof, as well as the prices are hard to beat. You'll need the better part of an afternoon to look around, as they sell everything from furniture and music to clothing and old Barbies. You'll want to hang around for a while, obviously.

    Brosa Studio

    Brosa is an online-only furniture and home goods retailer with the mission of revolutionising the industry. Their new physical location in Rosebery's hip Cannery Precinct allows you to design your ideal house without worrying about exorbitant costs, stuffy salespeople, or excessive wait periods. Brosa eliminates the middlemen, letting you buy furniture directly from the manufacturers, which can save you a lot of money in Australia (export fees and warehousing costs).

    Pick a style from the '50s, '60s, or '70s, such as the Hamptons or '90s-era Scandinavian, or prepare to unleash your inner decorator. The helpful team at Brosa can make mood boards and use augmented reality to digitally place furniture in your area so you can get a feel for what will go where before you make any purchases. The Brosa delivery service is our favourite feature. It's all handled in-house (avoiding potentially unreliable outsiders) and includes setting up and cleaning up afterwards.

    best furniture sydney

    Utopia Goods

    Obtain your textiles now! Utopia Goods, launched in 2012 and developed by Bruce Slorach & Sophie Tatlow, is a one-stop shop for any and all things floral and striped. All of the fabric patterns are uniquely designed by Australian plants and are printed by hand. Honoring India's textile tradition, every print and item is made with care there. Are you in need of some high-quality, colourful cushions? Get yourself to Utopia Goods. Want a very unusual light fixture? Get yourself to Utopia Goods. Scarf, huh? The gist of that is not lost on you.

    Dinosaur Designs And Extinct

    Dinosaur Designs, an Australian company that makes resin jewellery and accessories, has grabbed the public's imagination for over 30 years.  the business's co-founders, first sold their jewellery at the Paddington Markets before developing brick-and-mortar shops in other locations. Dinosaur Designs is a store selling jewellery, tableware, vases, or even resin soap dishes, all with a unique take of shape and form. Visit the Oxford Street location or the Redfern outlet, Extinct, to shop the latest offerings. The latter offers discounts of 20%-70% on previously released colours and collections that have been discontinued.


    Furniture stores in Sydney are plentiful, making it simple for locals to outfit their homes. It can be challenging to find the best store among the plethora of options available. With this list of Sydney's best furniture stores in hand, you can shop with complete peace of mind. The proximity of mountains, rivers, beaches, and the big smoke to Sydney provides homeowners with a wide range of possible interior design inspiration. When it comes to high-end furniture in Sydney, BoConcept is the store everyone recommends. Danish firm has spent more than three generations honing its taste in furnishings and decor.

    Content Summary

    1. Those in need of fresh furniture might likely find what they're looking for among Sydney's many furniture stores.
    2. Buying new furniture in Sydney? Here are your options, broken down and explained.
    3. Whether you're looking for a contemporary couch or a retro armchair, we have you covered.
    4. It may take some time and effort if you're not familiar with Sydney to find the best stores in the city.
    5. It can be challenging to find the best store among the plethora of options available.
    6. So that you can shop without fear, we have created this list of Sydney's best furniture retailers.
    7. There are stores here that will meet your needs whether you're looking for a modern or traditional vibe.
    8. What you buy depends on whether you prioritise ease, aesthetics, or savings (or some mix of these).
    9. the best in furniture design The proximity of mountains, rivers, beaches, and the city to Sydney means that residents have a wide range of decorating options for their homes.
    10. While it's essential to purchase items that spark joy in your heart, it's also wise to keep a few basic furniture categories in mind (as you get lost in a Gumtree hunt!) to make sure that your new furniture looks great in your home.
    11. It's simple to lose focus while browsing the aisles of a furniture store or perusing TV commercials for the latest home furnishings.
    12. The time and money you save by doing some preliminary budgeting and planning before hitting the stores will be well worth it.
    13. It could assist to narrow down your search for the ideal furniture store if you make a precise wish list and budget beforehand.
    14. There is hope, as we list the best 10 furniture stores in Sydney from which you may get high-quality items.
    15. BoConcept, based out of Sydney, is largely considered to be the best boutique for luxury goods.

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