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Top 30 Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne, Victoria

Are you looking for a financial planner to help your family find peace of mind? It can be difficult to know where to turn when you're looking for a good financial planner. 

Australia has some of the best financial planners and advisors in the world. As we all know, building wealth takes time and can be difficult. Especially when you don't have much to start with. That's why it's important to work with someone who understands your situation and can make sure that you're on track towards getting where you want to go. 

With more than 1,000 advisors to choose from, we’ve got a lot of options for you. Our goal is to make your search easier so that you don't have to spend hours trying to find someone who's right for you. Whether it be an investment advisor or tax accountant, we have professionals available in every area of finance and accounting. 

 We'll take a look at what the costs could be and why it might still make sense to invest in one. 

Ultimate Best Financial Planners and Advisors

Klear Picture - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

klear picture financial planners & advisors melbourne

(03) 9998 1940

Melbourne Private & Business Wealth Advisors

At Klear Picture, we offer bespoke care while focusing on building strong and lasting relationships with each client. By cultivating a reliable, knowledgeable and friendly environment, we can help you understand your goals and tailor investment strategies to ensure you reach them.

As Melbourne’s financial advisors, we are committed to helping you reach your goals and make your dreams a reality. While we all seek financial freedom and the flexibility to pursue our goals and objectives, the particulars will always be unique to you, and that’s sometimes why speaking to a financial advisor is beneficial.

Because we understand that everyone wants something different, we’ll spend time with you in relaxed, no-pressure sit-downs to discover together what exactly it is you’re looking for in a financial plan. Then we’ll craft a custom plan designed to fit your needs. Whatever your goals may be, you need a financial plan with wealth creation advice that is specifically tailored to you.

Over the past decade, the wealth advisory landscape has seen a significant change in Melbourne. Gone are the days of simple service products. Today, the industry spends trillions to create new products and services that pull at our heartstrings with promises of a secure future. Yet, when the path to financial freedom isn’t visible, it becomes difficult for individuals to trust and feel like a number without clear pathways to financial independence.

As our promise is to provide bespoke solutions for each client, we have remained non-aligned with institutions. This frees us up to develop and tailor investment models that truly benefit you.

Klearpicture is the top local choice for financial advisors and wealth management experts here in Melbourne. Our tools, experience, and strategic planning capabilities are here for one single purpose: Building Your Financial Freedom. We aren’t owned by or partnered with any bank, financial institution, or product, and so our motivation is always driven toward your specific financial goals.

Our clients receive expert financial advice. That advice is always driven by analytical data, backed with industry knowledge and scaled to meet their individual metrics. Our Melbourne based financial advisors understand the challenges many people face when planning for retirement. Therefore, our wealth management strategies are focused on achieving long term goals with realistic short term financial milestones.

Why Klear Picture Smsf Advisors?

Klearpicture applies the same unrivalled level of care, attention and expertise to every single one of our clients.

Our personalised, professional service sees us hand-pick the most fitting investments from multiple platforms and the leading providers and deliver specialist advice, plans and strategies that align with your investor profile, goals and objectives.

We specialise in providing a range of advisory and investment services to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Flinders Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

flinders wealth financial planners & advisors melbourne

0434 992 241

At Flinders Wealth, we help organise your finances so you can spend your time doing things that are more important to you.

We will develop a tailored Roadmap for your money – a step by step list of action items to get you feeling positive about your future. We want to work with clients who are interested in making smart choices with their money and getting their financial house in order.

Importantly, we are not owned or controlled by a bank, life insurance company, fund manager, superannuation provider or any other institution. Flinders Wealth does not accept investment commissions.

This ensures we are positioned to provide you with financial advice you can trust.

Flinders Wealth services clients across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and Regional Victoria.

The FPA is a professional association requiring financial planners to meet strict entry criteria. The FPA’s professional framework its members operate within holds the highest standards for financial planning regulation around the world.

Highlighting the commitment to the professional and educational standards Michael and Nick are active members of the CFP® Education Advisory Committee and assessors for the Applied Strategies unit.

First Financial - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

first financial financial planners & advisors melbourne

03 9909 5801

Leading Wealth Management Firm

First Financial is a leading, Melbourne based, Australian owned wealth management firm specialising in financial planning and superannuation management. Each client’s unique circumstances and attitude form the foundation for tailor-made plans. We are large enough to have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Our Investment Committee is a specialised and talented group of planners with a phenomenal track record. A long-standing, in-house training program breeds advisers with First Financial ethics, principles and values flowing through their veins.

Why Are We Different?

While most financial planning firms perform risk profiling for their clients, our approach is very different. Your unique circumstances and attitude form the framework for every plan.

What To Expect?

At First Financial, we use our proven five-step system to structure and execute a tailor-made plan that allows you to enjoy life today and retire life ready, certain you have enough.

Adviser Training

We don’t hire advisers, and we breed them ourselves. And there’s a very good reason why. All our advisers have First Financial morals, ethics and principles right from the start.

Welcome to First Financial

First Financial is a leading wealth management firm specialising in financial planning and superannuation management services based in Melbourne.

We offer all the services traditional financial planners offer, except that at First Financial, we do things a little differently and these differences mean we’re able to maximise your financial success and help you enjoy today – and retire life ready, certain you have enough.

It’s all about YOU

First Financial is a boutique, client-centric firm, which means the relationships we share with you are intimate, valuable and engaging.

We have an impressive range of financial services, industry experience and specialist skills within our organisation, enough to rival some of the largest firms.

But we uphold our ‘small firm’ mindset with our distinctly personal approach by offering you a dedicated relationship manager—a single person to coordinate all your needs.

Unique investment philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. It is designed to produce the results you need by putting cash in your hand.

It has proven to be a robust model with clients protected during challenging times.

We avoid traditional risk profiling. Instead, your unique circumstances and attitude form the foundation for our tailor-made plans.

We help to build a portfolio that clearly aligns with your principles rather than pushing branded products.

The fact that we have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) means we can make recommendations in your best interests. This is rare within our industry, and we are fiercely proud of our autonomy.

Plus, we are guided by our Investment Committee, a team of industry professionals. Based on their thorough research and considered input, we produce an approved list of investment products.

Strategic long-term advice

But it’s not just about investments and interest rates.

Unlike many of our competitors, we can also support you with information about tax planning, loan structuring, and even working with Centrelink.

We offer strategic advice that will benefit you long into the future. And it is always the long-term that we are focused on!

Our relationship with our clients is a long-term, lifetime collaboration. Our principals and other team members have worked with our clients for many years, generations, in fact.

We know that partnering with a financial adviser is not a single transaction event. We work with you today and well into the future. And as your needs and wants change …

So too does our advice.

Homegrown talent

Our in-house adviser training program means your adviser has been trained in our morals, ethics and principles right from the start.

And your adviser knows firsthand what every team member does because they’ve done that job themselves.

In a changing and evolving industry, we offer stability and consistency through your advisory team.

ToppTunbridge - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne 

topptunbridge financial planners & advisors melbourne

(03) 9935 5268

Our Client Service Policy

Our practice provides a high standard of advice and service through our dedicated team of advisers and support staff.

The establishment, over many years, of strategic alliances with external Legal and Accounting practices have enabled us to be a pivotal point for clients seeking specialist advice in Self-Managed Super Funds, Debt Management, Estate Planning, Legal Agreements and Accounting.

This combination, along with many years of experience and long term business and professional relationships developed with market leaders in Funds Management and Insurance product providers, enables us to provide superior outcomes and service for our clients.

Our Clients

Our services extend to those in all stages of life from young individuals, growing families, businesses and those planning for and progressing through retirement. 

In order to understand our client’s requirements, we complete a comprehensive Needs Analysis. This enables us to understand their needs, what is important to them, their priorities and values. This, in turn, allows us to assist in achieving financial goals while providing our client and their family with the tools to be financially protected against premature death/disability or trauma. No matter what stage in life or business, we aim to provide advice for the financial security of our clients and their families, and most importantly, we ensure it gets done!!!

Another very important aspect of our work is to track our client’s plans to ensure they remain relevant and effective via a regular review process. We often liken our role in their financial life to that of a personal trainer: the outcomes are only as successful as their diligence and participation! You can buy a gym membership, but without your attendance, no six-pack. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Planners and Advisors

A financial planner is a professional who helps companies and individuals create a program to meet long-term financial goals. Financial advisor is a broader term for those who help manage your money including investments and other accounts.

Financial advisors are more likely to focus on investment management, while planners take a more holistic approach. Financial advisors tend to take a narrower view when offering financial guidance than financial planners do.

Financial advisers must be licensed. From 1 January 2019, new advisers must have a relevant Bachelor's Degree or higher, pass an exam, have completed a professional year and meet ongoing continuing professional development requirements.

A financial planner guides you in meeting your current financial needs and long-term goals. Financial planners can help you reduce spending, pay off debt, and save and invest for the future. But financial pros are like doctors: Some are specialists in defined areas, such as taxes or managing investments.

Financial advisers can save you a lot of time and energy. While it's possible to manage your finances on your own, working together with a professional can save you a lot of time, effort and energy, especially if overseeing them yourself leaves you feeling stressed or confused.

The cost of seeing a financial planner can range from $2,500 to $3,500 to set up a plan, and then about $3,000 to $3,500 annually if you have an ongoing relationship with the planner, according to the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Pursue Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

pursue wealth financial planners & advisors melbourne

(03) 9686 1785

Start Today

Don't just dream. Achieve your dreams sooner rather than later as a Pursue Wealth member.

We'll work with you to set short, medium and long term goals and keep you on track to achieve them. As a Pursue Wealth member, you'll have the tools at your disposal to ACHIEVE your dreams. Become a member today!

Financial Advice

As an award-winning team with an adventurous spirit, we'll design you a financial plan that will suit your lifestyle and your goals. Because like you, we'd rather buy our Jimmy Choo's in Paris, not from eBay.

Mortgage Advice & Broking

Want your dream home without sacrificing too much of your lifestyle or travel plans? We'll help you put a realistic plan in place to secure a home you love, so you can relax and know the stress has been removed.

Support & Advice Throughout Your Journey To Achieve Your Dreams

Articulate Your Dreams

As part of your membership, we'll work with you to articulate your dreams and set up goals along your journey to achieve them. We will get a clear understanding of your dreams and work together to design a solid plan for you to reach them sooner.

Get Great Financial Advice

We've developed an innovative five-step process to dig deep and understand your dreams. We'll work with you to develop a personalised plan to help you reach the life you've dreamed of! With us, financial planning is not something you push to the bottom of the priority list.

Start Living The Life You Want

We can help you make better-informed decisions about your future, so you don't suffer the day-after-online shopping hangover. Our consultations ensure we align both personal and financial goals so that you can start living the life you want on your terms!

Our Members

Our members are the people that make us tick. The best part of our jobs is the part where we get to meet members from all walks of life, learn all about their hopes and dreams, and commit to helping each of them fulfil those dreams. Potential Pursue Wealth members range from ambitious professionals, goal-setting entrepreneurs, go-getting intrepid adventurers, and growing families. Click through to find out more about who our members usually are, and read about some of our awesome members!

Shadforth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

shadforth financial planners & advisors melbourne

1800 501 205

Private Wealth Advice For People Who Want Peace Of Mind.

Life can be complex, but with advice from Shadforth, your financial life needn't be. Our whole-of-life, goals-based approach focuses on wealth creation, helping you achieve financial freedom sooner.

Advice based on a foundation of trust

We are the largest of only seven firms in Australia with international fiduciary certification. This assures our clients that our advice is of the highest standard, adheres to global best practices and is always in their best interests.

Your private wealth

We all want to create enough wealth to live our best possible future. A Private Wealth Adviser will work with you to get your finances in order, model your ideal life and put a plan in place to achieve it.

Your retirement

Whether your retirement is coming up or still a decade away, start optimising your position now so you can reach financial independence sooner.

Your family & legacy

At Shadforth, we take a holistic approach to family wealth planning, so you can provide a lasting legacy and preserve your wealth for future generations.

Our history

We are providing clear, reliable and valuable advice to Australians for nearly 100 years.

Founded in 1924

Our business is an award-winning organisation with a history dating back to 1924 when Shadforths Limited was established in Hobart. In 2008 Shadforth Financial Group was established through the merger of 14 specialist advisory firms. These firms were united by a vision and passion for client-focused advice.

We're now a national network of private wealth advisers and one of Australia's leading financial advisory firms.

Today we're one of Australia's largest wealth advisory firms

IOOF Group acquired Shadforth Financial Group in 2014. Today we operate as a standalone firm within IOOF, benefiting from the scale and capabilities that a larger financial services company offers, but maintaining our own distinctive philosophy and culture.

As we are no longer operating as a group of companies, in 2020, we dropped the 'Financial Group' from our name and became known as Shadforth.

Our approach to investment

We partner with Australian and global experts to build diversified portfolios based on scientifically proven drivers of long-term returns. We then make these portfolios available to our clients at a lower cost.

We invest based on evidence.

Our evidence-based approach to investing means we don't spend time speculating or predicting markets. Instead, we have a disciplined approach to recommending and reviewing investments. We have a set of core beliefs that form the basis of our investment philosophy.

These processes and beliefs underpin how we construct investment portfolios for our clients. Our method is proven to achieve targeted returns for the lowest level of risk and provide greater control and certainty.

Empower Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

empower wealth financial planners & advisors melbourne

1300 123 843

Australian Investment Advice

At Empower Wealth, we are passionate about providing holistic and integrated advice for all of our client’s financial planning needs. We deliver tailored solutions for individual circumstances and goals and focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to help you design and achieve the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Property Investment Advice

Getting the right advice before starting your property portfolio is crucial. Talk to the experts to make sure your investment is an educated one.

Mortgage Broking

Loan strategy and structure is integral for the success of your investment property portfolio. Speak to our brokers to ensure you’re on the right path.

Buyers Agents

With industry know-how, exclusive data access and expert negotiation skills, a buyers agent could save you time and money finding your next investment property.

Financial Planning

We offer a variety of financial planning services, like super consolidation, setting up investments portfolios and making sure you and your assets are well-protected.

SMSF Advice

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are becoming increasingly popular. Meet with one of our qualified advisers to see if setting one up is right for you.

Property Research

Searching is not the same as researching. Our Property Research services provide detailed analysis so you can purchase a property with total confidence.

Investment Education

We’re passionate about teaching and have provided a suite of educational products to help people like you learn more about property, finance and wealth creation.

Money Management

We can help you get an understanding of your finances and show you how to use your surplus money to improve your future lifestyle.

Building a wealthier future for our clients

At Empower Wealth, we truly believe that increasing one’s wealth position is possible for anyone and everyone interested in making it happen. From saving for your first home to buying it and then building off its wealth base, to Superannuation, to identifying the best use of your household’s surplus income, to building a multi-million dollar property portfolio… It’s possible, but for almost every one of us, we need professional assistance.

Why work with us?

If building wealth to secure your financial independence and a superior standard of living and quality of life was easy, then everyone would be successful at it.

There are thousands of professionals all over Australia, working with millions of Australians trying to improve the wealth positions of their clients. However, the reality is less than 10% of these people will actually retire wealthy.

That draws conclusions around two possible reasons why this is occurring:

  • Poor Advice
  • Client Engagement

Everything about wealth comes back to these two critical elements. The fact is, no poor decisions around money and wealth can be made without the client making or agreeing to them being made.

Furthermore, with so many mixed and conflicting messages in the marketplace about the best investment options being recommended by all different sources, it’s understandable why many Australians lack trust or become overwhelmed by the whole process and either put it in the ‘too hard basket or when they actually engage others to do something for them, they get poor advice because they are not fully engaged.

The facts are, like professional sports, creating wealth is an acquired talent that requires many dedicated years and thousands of hours of your time to develop the skills and experience needed to have the knowledge and experience to be successful. And it’s time that most of you don’t have available time in your already busy lives.

Foundation Financial Advice - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

foundation financial advice financial planners & advisors melbourne


About Foundation Financial Advice

Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne, Foundation Financial Advice is an FPA Professional Practice which helps clients like you maximise their financial position, ensure no opportunities are missed and provide an obtainable pathway to wealth. We help you achieve your goals on a fee for advice basis, so you can focus on enjoying life and not worrying about financial problems.

Foundation Financial Advice was established by Peter Tribolet. A Master's degree qualified CFP® Practitioner with over 15 years of industry experience.

What we do?

We understand we will only succeed if our clients succeed. Our business is customer satisfaction through financial enhancement. We have successfully helped clients achieve their goals through the following services.

Retirement Strategies

Personalised advice and strategies for either a smooth transition to retirement or maximising your position to retire in style as you deserve. We look after your financial affairs so you can enjoy life and focus on the things you love to do. We help you and harmonise your position for the optimum balance of maximising Centrelink, minimising or elimination of Tax and both Asset protection and growth.

Smsf Advice

Helping tailor investment strategies, assisting in LRBA (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements) for Property to be structured in both Commercial and Residential. Family intergenerational wealth planning and complex requirements. Combination SMSF Private risk and Industry fund advice. From establishment to winding up.

Defined Benefit Expert Advice

One of the few Advice firms, the objective of the provider, which will advise you how to get the maximum benefit possible out of these formula-driven funds and integrate the benefits into your holistic financial position and plan to outline optimisation and saturation points in the formula.

Wealth Creation Strategies

We design a plan that incorporates a diversified range of strategies that collectively can provide you with the necessary assets to build and protect real wealth. Your circumstances will determine the plan or suite of different assets (shares and property inside and outside super) that is required for you to reach your goals.

Superannuation Advisory Service

Pre & post-retirement strategies to ensure you and your family's financial security in retirement. Intergenerational planning.

Aged Care & Estate Planning

Ensuring you or your loved ones enter the frailty years in the most informed way with CHOICE, it is also imperative to plan for the distribution of Estate assets to reduce them being eroded by Tax or fees for the family. Strategies to both retain the family home and protect, distribute and invest the proceeds.

Insurance And Risk Analysis

Research all approved and existing insurance policies for specific suitability, tax effectiveness and cost efficiency to match your personal situation and protect your and your family's financial position.

Debt Recycling And Reduction

Offer alternatives and advice on ways to structure your debt, identify 'good & bad' debt & maximise the use of the equity in your property assets to maximise tax reduction and asset growth whi¦st protecting cash flow.

Budget Planning

Assist you in determining and quantifying your living expenses budget that you are comfortable with and measure this regularly. This is then protected, and surplus is driven to your investments, allowing you to reach and exceed your goals efficiently.

Loan Structuring And Debt Advice

Reduce your interest expense, establish an offset and linked card strategy to utilise deferring expenses while offsetting interest—complex structures for property portfolios, SMSF or Business Loans.

Business Insurance

Ensure you have the right amount of protection so that your business will continue in the event of accident, illness or premature passing of a partner or key staff member.

Claim, Centrelink, Workcover Or Complete Financial & Investment Check-Up

Common sense, down to earth, honest, confidential and professional financial planning advice in your best interests! 

SMART Financial Advisory - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

smart financial advisory financial planners & advisors melbourne

03 9034 4884



We’ll make the complexities of super seem simple, so you can maximise your nest egg and have a future that will be just fine.


Allows for greater tax-planning flexibility, which would otherwise be unattainable with industry superannuation funds.


If you are planning on retirement, reducing your working hours, or thinking about an estate plan, we can help.


We ensure that you and your family will remain financially secure in the event of any unforeseen health issues. 

Business Protection

We assist businesses no matter what size to meet all challenges and thrive strong financially.


You may be eligible to receive some Centrelink payments in addition to your investment and employment earnings.


We develop evidence-based investment strategies that are tailored to helping you achieve what’s important to you.

Estate Planning

In order to protect those we leave behind, it is important to have all the right documentation in place. 

Aged Care

If you are 75 years or over, aged care advisor from SMART Financial Advisory can help you facilitate a goal-directed care plan.

About Us

SMART Financial Advisory takes pride in being a financial planning firm that focuses on creating a difference in the lives of its clients through providing the highest standard of service. We deliver tailored strategic solutions across a broad range of financial planning services that has been helping Australians achieve their financial goals and freedom.

We are a corporate authorised representative of InterPrac Financial Planning Pty Ltd and specialise in Retirement Planning including; Investment, Superannuation, Personal Insurance, Estate Planning, and Centrelink and Aged Care advice.

Wealth creation means different things to different people. SMART Financial Advisory will cater to you, whether you are planning for the future, saving for your first home, transitioning to retirement or even if you are already a retiree. To develop the most suitable plan and portfolio for you, we largely work with your accountant and other professionals.

We provide independent financial advice to ensure that your current savings and funds are invested effectively for you and your family.

Our motto is to help you PLAN, INVEST, ENJOY!

Why Us?

At SMART Financial Advisory, we treat our clients as unique individuals rather than numbers. We listen to our client’s needs and believe that our clients value our financial advice. The financial planning relationship with our clients goes beyond a single transaction. Our philosophy, in regards to financial advice, is based on a mutual understanding with our clients and has been developed and refined over many years of experience. Most importantly, we understand that as your life progresses, your situation and priorities may change as such, our advice process includes the crucial element of ongoing financial planning reviews and support to ensure that you remain on track to achieving your desired outcomes. Our experience has proved that by adopting a consultative approach, we are able to better define our client’s financial goals and visions.

Our highly qualified financial advisers provide advice based on evidence and research, evaluation of all options available, recommendations and the implementation of such recommendations uniquely devised for you. Typically, our clients are referred by existing clients and other accounting and finance professionals, such as accountants, mortgage brokers and lawyers, with whom we have developed a strong and trusted network.

At SMART Financial Advisory, we are enthusiastic about looking after our clients and believe firmly that the best reward for us is client satisfaction.

Paterson Retirement Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

paterson retirement planning financial planners & advisors melbourne

03 9439 6271

About Our Company

Paterson Retirement Planning opened its doors in 2020 under the direction of Senior Financial Adviser Edward Paterson. Ed is passionate about the provision of tailored advice and taking the complexity out of making financial decisions.

​Our Office is located on level 5, 171 Collins Street, Melbourne, next door to the Regent Theatre.

​Paterson Retirement Planning provides advice on Superannuation, Retirement Planning, Aged Care and Centrelink. Although we provide retirement advice to all, we specialise in teachers and public sector employees.  

Independent Wealth Partners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

independent wealth partners financial planners & advisors melbourne

03 8393 9372

Creating your roadmap to financial independence

At some point in every new client discussion, you will hear us say - “we do financial planning a little bit differently.”

The starting point to achieving financial independence has nothing to do with how much money you have, what your investment returns are, or how much your negatively geared property is ‘saving’ you in tax. The starting point to great financial advice is all about needs. Specifically, your needs.

To deliver the true value of financial advice, we need to know what drives you, what you genuinely value.

What makes you want to ‘jump out of bed in the morning?’

Our advice is then tailored to your aspirations, desires and goals - ensuring we are working solely in your best interests.

We know from experience the answer is different for everyone. It might be the call of a slower life in the country, maybe a dream to spend 6 months travelling the world, or perhaps, it’s making sure your loved ones are going to OK.

Whatever your motivation, our value is in empowering you to achieve your wants, desires and dreams using your money as a catalyst.

Facilitating change around the life you want

We are best described in two ways - Independent and Award-winning.

We believe that financial advice should be conducted from a place without bias. In order to do that, as your financial advisors, we have to remain independent – no incentives, no conflicts of interest.

Because you pay us for our work, we can be ruthless about the effectiveness of the strategies, products and services we recommend. If we think something is a good idea, it’s because we actually think it’s a good idea, not because someone offered us an incentive.

We Are Working For You

Being recognised by our peers as leaders in our field – is humbling yet pretty awesome. Not only does it demonstrate to clients our expertise in a range of areas, but it also clearly demonstrates our professionalism – something we pride ourselves on.

For us, being professional means getting the job done. It means being reliable and keeping our promises. It means having specialised knowledge and holding the degrees and certifications to back it up. It means being honest, acting with integrity and being accountable.

Retire Ready Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

retire ready financial planning financial planners & advisors melbourne

03 8372 2011

Why Retire Ready?

Retire Ready Financial Planning is a locally owned Financial Planning practise, centrally located in Williams Landing, passionate about helping you achieve YOUR goals! Commencing from humble beginnings at the Point Cook Town Centre in 2015, Retire Ready has become a well-known retirement planning and aged care specialist in Melbourne’s west. We are located in Williams Landing, a hop, skip, and jump away from where the business first started.

A common misconception is that you need to be wealthy to need a Financial Adviser, which couldn’t be further from the truth! Gloria Mina is passionate about helping everyday people to achieve financial freedom through a process of education and allowing you to better understand your relationship with wealth creation.

As a Practice, our existence thrives on ensuring our clients achieve financial success, allowing them to overcome the obstacles along the way. Whether that means – paying off your family home, educating your children or grandchildren, or taking that dream holiday. We understand that Financial Planning shouldn’t be a set and forget. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver personalised ongoing service packages for all our clients. After all, everyone’s needs are different!

We have Authorised Representatives of Synchronised Business Services (Synchron), the third-largest Licensee in Australia according to ASIC’s Financial Adviser Register. Synchron is not aligned with any large financial institutions. When engaging with a Financial Adviser, it is important to ensure they are authorised to provide you with personal financial advice.

We feel privileged to say that we have clients come in from all over Melbourne and Victoria to see us, we love what we do and the difference we can make to people’s lives.

Freedom Finance - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

freedom finance financial planners & advisors melbourne

1800 662 892

Welcome to Freedom Finance Accounting.

“Freedom Finance Accounting is a firm small enough to be caring and really personal, but large enough to provide high-quality service, leading-edge advice and second to none results”. 

Our team are highly trained with extensive experience, providing smart solutions to solve your problems and constantly looking for opportunities, whether for you as a business owner or an individual.

As specialists working with businesses of all sizes – none are ever too small or large – our strong focus is assisting you whether its tax compliance including income tax, GST and other ATO matters; tax planning to reduce income tax, GST and CGT and to enhance cash flow; resolving business problems; helping you grow your business, or improving bottom-line profit. We know about all aspects of business and are passionate about helping you be successful. We also recognise business owners are “experts” in their own business, and by using your knowledge and our skills, optimum results for your business are achieved.

Financial Planning

Build Your Wealth & Secure your future

Expert Advice With Your Financial Planning Needs

At Freedom Finance Australia, we assist clients to effectively manage their finances with the future in mind.

Our Financial Advisers first establish a clear picture of your current circumstances and then help you define your future financial and life goals. They will develop a custom financial plan designed to achieve your goals and to manage your resources going forward.

We can assist you with:

  • Insurances
  • Superannuation
  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Creation
  • Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Partners Wealth Group - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

partners wealth group financial planners & advisors melbourne

03 8508 7801

Partners Wealth Group is here to empower you to unlock a world of possibilities.

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of business and financial advisory services for individuals, families, business owners and organisations.


Financial Advice

We can help you at every life stage, from starting a career, buying a home and starting a family through to establishing a business, developing wealth creation strategies, planning for retirement and aged care solutions.


Investment solutions are driven by our expert committee.


Ensuring your financial security and helping you to protect your current lifestyle, business and retirement plans.


We’ll work with you to find the most appropriate financing to suit your needs, whether you need it for your personal home, a residential or commercial investment property, refinancing or cash flow for your business.


Helping you to protect your personal wealth and business assets through smart legal solutions and estate planning advice.

SMSF Admin

Taking the complexity out of SMSF administration.

SMSF Audit

Our rigorous audit process will provide you with peace of mind that your SMSF is always compliant.

Guild FP

Tailored and strategic financial advice for healthcare professionals, helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

As your partner and trusted advisor, Partners Wealth Group is here to help you to explore and fulfil your goals - in your personal life, your professional career or in your business - both now and into the future.

We share our wealth of knowledge through innovative financial advice, bespoke investment solutions and specialist superannuation and SMSF advice. Our lending, legal and insurance services help you not just to grow your wealth but to preserve and protect it too.

At Partners Wealth Group, we exist to help you unlock a world of possibilities. As you and your family prosper, we will be here every step of the way.

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