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Financial Planners & Advisors in Melbourne: Transforming Your Financial Future

Are you looking for a financial planner to help your family find peace of mind? It can be difficult to know where to turn when you're looking for a good financial planner in Melbourne.

Australia has some of the best financial planners and advisors in the world. As we all know, building wealth takes time and can be difficult. Especially when you don't have much to start with. That's why it's important to work with someone who understands your situation and can make sure that you're on track towards getting where you want to go. 

With more than 1,000 advisors to choose from, we’ve got a lot of options for you. Our goal is to make your search easier so that you don't have to spend hours trying to find someone who's right for you. Whether it be an investment advisor or a tax accountant, we have professionals available in every area of finance and accounting.

We'll take a look at what the costs could be and why it might still make sense to invest in one.

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    Freedom Financial Planning

    freedom financial planning

    At Freedom Financial Planning, clients are partnered with experienced advisers who focus on creating flexible financial strategies for today and the future. The firm's philosophy centres on putting clients' needs first, and understanding that everyone's situation is unique. This approach has allowed Freedom Financial Planning to grow steadily, expanding its services and client base through high-quality advice and personalised service. The team's dedication to ongoing professional development ensures they remain at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

    Services offered:

    • Financial Planning & Advisory
    • Centrelink Advice
    • Investment & Wealth Creation
    • Personal Risk Insurance Advice
    • Strategic Tax Planning

    Phone: 03 9542 3200
    Address: Suite 29, 270 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill VIC 3168

    Klear Picture

    klear picture financial planners & advisors melbourne

    Klear Picture in Melbourne is a trusted name in financial advisory, offering a range of services to help clients achieve their financial goals. Their team of experts provides personalised advice and strategies, ensuring clients' financial plans align with their long-term objectives.

    Services Offered:

    • Accounting & Taxation: Comprehensive services for personal and business finances.
    • Business Advisory: Financial planning and management for businesses.
    • Private Wealth Advisory: Personalized wealth management and advisory services.
    • Lending & Capital Raising: Solutions for residential and commercial financing needs.

    Address: 312/434 St. Kilda Road, VIC 3004
    Phone: (03) 9998 1940

    Casey Wealth Advisers

    casey wealth

    Founded in 2001, Casey Wealth Advisers is a reputable financial planning firm located in Berwick and Pakenham, Australia. Their core focus centers on providing clients with a wide array of wealth advice and financial planning services, with the primary objective of assisting individuals in nurturing, managing, and securing their wealth. At the heart of their philosophy is an unwavering commitment to a client-centric approach. Casey Wealth Advisers places paramount importance on forging robust, individualised relationships with clients, ensuring that no client ever feels like a mere statistic. Their mission is to actively engage with clients, deeply understand their unique needs and aspirations, and expertly guide them through a meticulously tailored financial planning process. The firm's overarching mission is to instill confidence and peace of mind in clients, supported by a team of seasoned and professional advisors.

    Services Offered:

    • Wealth Management: Devising strategies for the effective cultivation and management of wealth.
    • Financial Planning: Offering comprehensive plans aligned with clients' future financial objectives.
    • Personalized Client Service: A steadfast commitment to cultivating enduring relationships and a profound understanding of each client's distinctive needs.

    Phone: (03) 9769 9899

    LBW Business + Wealth Advisors

    lbw business

    LBW Business + Wealth Advisors, boasting over 40 years of experience in Geelong, stands out for its comprehensive business and financial advisory services. Their unwavering commitment to establishing enduring partnerships with individuals and businesses underscores their dedication to fostering growth and realising financial objectives. LBW prioritises clients, aiming not only to enhance their financial and business standings but also to broaden their horizons, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable. Their own success is intricately tied to their clients' prosperity, whether it involves securing retirement financial stability, making informed business decisions, or optimising tax efficiency.

    Services offered by LBW encompass:

    • Business Advisory Services
    • Accounting & Tax Consulting for Businesses
    • Audit & Assurance
    • Business Valuations & Forensic Accounting
    • Personal Wealth Services: Financial planning, SMSF, estate planning, family office, and individual tax returns.

    Phone: 0430 339 765

    AGS Financial Group

    ags financial group

    AGS Financial Group serves a varied client base, including individuals, small to medium businesses, and corporations, offering comprehensive financial services. Their approach is tailored to provide holistic financial solutions encompassing multiple areas of financial planning and management. The firm excels in providing individualized advice and services, ensuring alignment with each client's specific needs and objectives. The core of their service is a commitment to advice, growth, and security.

    AGS Financial Group's services encompass:

    • Financial Planning: Tailoring financial plans to align with individual objectives.
    • Accounting Services: Comprehensive accounting services for personal and business requirements.
    • Mortgage Advice: Assistance with navigating mortgage options and decisions.
    • Corporate Superannuation: Bespoke superannuation solutions for corporate clients.
    • Retirement Planning: Preparing clients for a financially secure retirement.
    • Wealth Management: Strategies for effective wealth growth and management.
    • Personal Superannuation: Guidance and management of personal superannuation.
    • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF): Specialized in setting up and managing SMSFs.
    • Wealth Protection: Strategies to protect and preserve client wealth.
    • Estate Planning: Planning for the efficient distribution of assets.
    • Business Consulting: Strategic business advice to enhance growth and efficiency.

    Phone: 03 8548 6454

    Financial Coaching

    financial coaching

    Financial Coaching Australia provides expertise in various financial services, including wealth creation, retirement planning, risk insurance, and self-managed super funds (SMSF). Their primary objective is to help clients build a secure financial future, allowing them to enjoy their desired lifestyle. The firm aids clients in making savvy investment choices, taking into account investment goals, risk profiles, and investment horizons. Their tailored financial solutions are designed to support clients in achieving diverse financial objectives, whether it's for business financing, lifestyle aspirations, private education, or retirement. The firm also places a strong focus on retirement planning, advising on superannuation and strategies to enhance retirement funds.

    Financial Coaching Australia offers services such as:

    • Wealth Creation: Assisting in financial security establishment and investment decision-making.
    • Retirement Planning: Providing plans for smooth transitions to retirement.
    • Risk Insurance: Offering financial protection against unexpected life events.
    • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF): Support in establishing and managing SMSFs.
    • Business Succession Planning: Guidance on creating business succession strategies.
    • Business Insurance Policy Ownership Structures: Consulting on policy ownership options.
    • Debt Reduction Strategies: Techniques for leveraging assets to decrease and eliminate debt.
    • Taxation Structures: Crafting tax-efficient strategies for investment and retirement.
    • Corporate Superannuation: Specialized services for corporate superannuation requirements.

    Phone: (03) 9821 4100

    Freedom Finance

    freedom finance financial planners & advisors melbourne

    Freedom Finance Australia specializes in expert financial planning services, focusing on assisting clients in effective financial management with future-oriented strategies. Their approach begins with financial advisors understanding each client's current financial situation and then helping them define their financial and life goals. Based on this thorough assessment, Freedom Finance Australia develops a customized financial plan that aims to achieve these established goals while optimally managing the client's resources. The firm's commitment to a client-centric approach ensures that each plan is specifically tailored to match the unique circumstances and future ambitions of the individual.

    Freedom Finance Australia's range of services includes:

    • Insurances: Expert guidance on diverse insurance options to safeguard clients and their assets.
    • Superannuation: Advice on optimizing superannuation for retirement savings.
    • Financial Planning: Providing comprehensive financial planning to align with client objectives.
    • Wealth Creation: Formulating effective strategies for wealth accumulation and management.
    • Succession Planning: Consultation for seamless asset and wealth transition.
    • Retirement Planning: Strategies to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement phase.

    Phone: 1800 662 891

    TruWealth Advice

    truwealth advice

    TruWealth Advice specializes in providing financial advice and support, particularly tailored to the needs of single, widowed, divorced, and separated women, helping them attain financial independence and wellbeing. Their services are crucial in assisting clients through challenging life transitions such as separation, offering expert advice on asset division, cash flow management, and financial strategy post-divorce. TruWealth Advice's goal is to enable clients to thrive after life-altering events, with a focus on preserving their valued lifestyle. Their comprehensive approach encompasses various services that guide clients in making astute financial decisions affecting their lives.

    Services offered by TruWealth Advice include:

    • Separation Advice: Financial guidance for women going through a divorce.
    • Strategic Planning: Setting and achieving life goals through financial planning.
    • Investment Planning: Creating effective investment plans.
    • Insurance: Comprehensive protection planning for various aspects of life.
    • Retirement & Superannuation: Advice on maximising superannuation for retirement.
    • Debt Management: Effective management and utilisation of debts.
    • Mortgage Solutions: Intelligent mortgage and banking solutions.
    • Estate Planning: Ensuring the desired legacy and estate distribution.
    • Budgeting: Techniques for impactful money management.
    • Structure and Asset Ownership: Strategies for tax-efficient asset structuring and protection.
    • Aged Care: Financial planning for the care of ageing family members.

    Phone: 03 8648 6534

    ICG Financial Planning

    icg financial planning

    Specializing in private wealth management solutions, ICG Financial Planning adopts a unique balance sheet approach that combines a comprehensive overview with detailed analysis. This method is pivotal for effective financial planning and ensuring the long-term wellbeing of their clients and their loved ones. The services provided by ICG Financial Planning are custom-tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, covering a broad spectrum of financial aspects. Their team, comprised of multidisciplinary experts, offers a transparent and consultative partnership, empowering clients to make confident, well-informed financial decisions.

    ICG Financial Planning's range of services includes:

    • Family Office Services: Extensive wealth management services tailored for families.
    • Investment Advice: Specialized guidance on developing investment strategies.
    • Asset Structuring & Wealth Planning: Assistance in asset structuring for wealth maximization.
    • Philanthropy: Consultation on philanthropic contributions and charitable activities.
    • Debt Advisory & Finance: Advisory services on debt management and financial planning.
    • Business Succession Planning: Strategies for smooth business ownership transitions.
    • Succession & Estate Planning: Tailored estate management to align with clients' wishes.
    • Superannuation & SMSF Advice: Expert advice on superannuation and self-managed super funds.
    • Personal Risk Management: Comprehensive management of personal financial risks.
    • Financial Planning: Complete financial planning services.
    • Legacy Planning: Guidance in crafting long-term plans for financial security.

    Phone: (03) 9611 1600

    SMART Financial Advisory

    smart financial advisory financial planners & advisors melbourne

    Smart Financial Advisory provides a comprehensive range of financial services tailored to meet the unique needs of both businesses and individual clients. They excel at simplifying intricate financial aspects like superannuation, helping clients optimize their retirement funds. Notably, they are proficient in managing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), giving clients greater authority over their financial destiny and offering extensive tax planning benefits. Moreover, Smart Financial Advisory is adept at retirement planning, enabling clients to establish effective strategies for their lives post-retirement.

    The array of services offered by Smart Financial Advisory encompasses:

    • Superannuation: Guidance in choosing suitable funds and enhancing investment combinations.
    • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF): Providing control and tax efficiency in superannuation management.
    • Retirement Planning: Strategy development for retirement or transitioning to fewer work hours.
    • Insurance: Protection plans to secure financial stability in unexpected health scenarios.
    • Business Protection: Assistance for both small and large businesses in tackling financial uncertainties.
    • Centrelink: Help with navigating Centrelink payments along with other income streams.
    • Investment: Formulation of individualized, research-driven investment strategies.
    • Estate Planning: Facilitation of appropriate documentation to safeguard beneficiaries.
    • Aged Care: Expert advice and planning services for clients over 75 years of age.

    Phone: +61 3 9034 4883

    First Financial

    first financial financial planners & advisors melbourne

    First Financial in Melbourne adopts a distinctive client-focused methodology in financial planning. Their process initiates with a comprehensive "Discovery" session aimed at unveiling clients' financial goals and untapped aspirations. This session is crucial for thoroughly understanding the client's present financial condition and desired future lifestyle. The follow-up "Fact Find" session delves deeper into their goals and financial standing, paving the way for bespoke financial planning. First Financial is committed to transparency, especially regarding their fee structure, ensuring clients are fully informed about service costs.

    Services provided by First Financial encompass:

    • Financial Planning: Developing strategies for investment, debt management, savings, and insurance.
    • Wealth Protection: Advising on various types of insurance, including income protection and life insurance.
    • Superannuation and Retirement Advice: Expertise in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.
    • Estate Planning: Managing and distributing clients' wealth as per their wishes.
    • Continuous Partnership and Review: Regular consultations to keep financial plans aligned with clients' evolving goals.

    Phone: 03 9909 5800

    A financial planner is a professional who helps companies and individuals create a program to meet long-term financial goals. Financial advisor is a broader term for those who help manage your money including investments and other accounts.

    Financial advisors are more likely to focus on investment management, while planners take a more holistic approach. Financial advisors tend to take a narrower view when offering financial guidance than financial planners do.

    Financial advisers must be licensed. From 1 January 2019, new advisers must have a relevant Bachelor's Degree or higher, pass an exam, have completed a professional year and meet ongoing continuing professional development requirements.

    A financial planner guides you in meeting your current financial needs and long-term goals. Financial planners can help you reduce spending, pay off debt, and save and invest for the future. But financial pros are like doctors: Some are specialists in defined areas, such as taxes or managing investments.

    Financial advisers can save you a lot of time and energy. While it's possible to manage your finances on your own, working together with a professional can save you a lot of time, effort and energy, especially if overseeing them yourself leaves you feeling stressed or confused.

    The cost of seeing a financial planner can range from $2,500 to $3,500 to set up a plan, and then about $3,000 to $3,500 annually if you have an ongoing relationship with the planner, according to the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

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