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Top 20 Ethical Swimwear Brands, Melbourne Australia (2023)

Ethical swimwear is one of the most searched for fashion terms in the world right now and it’s no surprise – swimwear is a must-have for summer but your average bikini is also one of the worst offenders when it comes to chemical pollution.

Most swimwear you’ll find on the high street is crafted from synthetic fibres made from petrochemicals. This means the carbon footprint of a swimsuit or pair of swimshorts is sizeable.

Sustainable swimwear, unlike regular swimwear, is made using low-impact materials by people paid fair wages in safe conditions. It’s often crafted from recycled fibres, employing circular or zero waste processes and many sustainable swimwear brands work hard to give back to charities and local communities.

To help you get started on your swimwear hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Ethical Swimwear Brands from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Ethical Swimwear Brands, Melbourne Australia

    Bombshell Bay Swimwear - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    bombshell bay swimwear 

    Bombshell Bay Swimwear is an eco-friendly Melbourne label that designs and creates sustainable eco luxe swimwear out of floating plastics and other misplaced synthetics that are sadly found in our oceans.

    We only use Italian Carvico Vita recycled fabric to ensure the highest quality of swimwear is produced. Carvico Vita is made with 78% Recycled Polyamide with 22% Elastane. Not only is our fabric known for helping clear our seas from plastics and ghost netting, but it also has key benefits such as: Excellent UV Protection, pilling resistance, incredible shape retention, Resistance to sunscreen and oil and its ultra-chlorine resistant too. Did we mention that it has 2 way stretch and its SUPER soft. The Italians defiantly know what they are doing, that's for sure.

    We have a small dedicated team; we like to call our magicians who create our swimwear offshore in beautiful Bali. By doing this, we only create small amounts of each collection which makes them not only exclusive pieces but it also really allows us to be a true sustainable swimwear brand. We are a small but proud Australian owned label helping to do our part in making our oceans a cleaner place for our marine life, while we continue to make only the best quality swimsuits for you, our beautiful customers.

    Baaby - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne



    From the very beginning, our swimwear has been made using Econyl® regenerated nylon.

    Econyl® was created by Italian nylon manufacturing company Aquafil in collaboration with the Healthy Seas initiative.

    Healthy Seas is a not-for-profit NGO that in 2013 began volunteer-led diving expeditions to pull discarded fishing nets and other plastic waste from our oceans. This plastic waste is then transformed into Econyl® regenerated nylon, using only renewable energy in the production process.

    Econyl® is then created into the beautiful recycled fabric we use to make our swimwear. It is made in Italy using 100% renewable energy and has the capability to be recycled infinitely, making our swimwear highly sustainable and promoting a circular economy. 

    Every Baaby garment, main fabric and lining, is made from recycled fabric, including our printed fabrics. 


    We do not receive our swimwear from our manufacturers in any plastic, and we do not send orders wrapped in plastic. 


    Our fabrics are printed at a local Australian printer that does small runs to ensure no excessive printing and wasted fabric. They use non-toxic water-based dyes to minimise harm to the environment. All fabric is digitally printed to ensure a precise and accurate print; therefore, the minimal fabric is wasted during colour tests when compared with screen printing, which can take a lot of trial and error to perfect the print.

    Ethical Swimwear FAQs

    Warm Skin Tones

    Warm skin tones best suit warm, natural, earthy colours such as sage green, mocha, bronze, mango, burnt orange, olive green, gold, deep tomato red, dark brown, deep yellow.

    Cool Skin Tones

    Cool skin tones suit deep, rich, vivid jewel colours such as emerald green, ruby red, raspberry, plum and sapphire blue, as well as more muted tones like dusky pink, lavender and powder blue.

    It is easy to see the divide between bright jewel colours and dark earthy tones on the wheel below. Still, it is also easy to see the subtle variations of colour and easily feel overly complicated. Knowing the basics will help you decide.  

    Using the Colour Wheel

    The colour wheel is great for helping you put colour combinations together that compliment your skin tone and each other. In swimwear, it's great for mixing and matching tops and bottoms as well as coordinating with jewellery.

    Analog colours are the colours on either side of a chosen colour on the wheel that is naturally harmonious, such as orange-yellow and yellow with golden yellow in the middle.

    Complementary colours are directly opposite on the wheel, which means they contrast and stand out against each other. Complementary colours are great for highlighting a certain colour whilst keeping it harmonious.

    Split complementary colours give an outfit a contrast but without being as intense as a straight complementary colour. An example of a split complementary colour is yellow with either blue-violet or red-violet.

    Triad colours use three shades from the colour wheel that have seven shades in between each one. For example, Chartreuse, Blue-Red and Cerulean Blue.

    V-Shaped Bottoms

    Women with V-shaped bottoms can often appear as though their cheeks are droopy and sagging. However, with the right swimsuit bottom, it's easy to combat this unflattering look.

    In general, make sure to choose swimsuit bottoms where the leg opening grazes the underside of your cheeks.

    For example, briefs, boyshorts, hipsters and bikinis with low-cut legs will provide just the right amount of coverage for your cheeks.

    Heart or A-Shaped Bottoms

    A-shaped booties typically rest on fuller thighs. The most flattering and comfortable swimsuit bottoms would be tangas, bikinis and boyshorts. The trick here is to stick to bottoms with high-cut and larger leg openings.

    In addition, it's best to stick with materials that offer some give, such as a stretchable lace or bottoms with laser-cut, seamless edges. Generally, women with A-shaped derrieres should nix swimsuit bottom styles with elastic edges, as they can feel a bit binding and incredibly uncomfortable against the skin.

    Square-Shaped Bottoms

    The most flattering swimsuit bottoms for square-shaped hips are boyshorts, bikinis, tangas and thongs.

    It's best to avoid swimsuit styles that are designed to ride high on the thigh. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a wedgie.

    Panties with an elastic-edged leg hole can also cause extra bunching, which can appear awkward–stay away from this.

    Round Bottoms

    Thick, round bottom ladies will need cheeky to medium coverage, which equates to a bit of extra fabric. Without this extra fabric, you'll find yourself with a frontal wedgie mishap, resulting from the bottoms shifting backward and lowering the front waistband.

    To contour the derriere, women with round bottoms will find certain swimsuit bottoms work better than others. For example, try on a tanga or thong for a more skimpy look. Or if you're more modest and need a slight bit more coverage, briefs and boy shorts work great, too. This is the perfect option if you find swimsuit bottoms with four-way stretch or a centre back seam with ruching.

    Round bottom women will appreciate swimsuit bottoms with adjustable side ties that can be loosened to your hips' width when it comes to style. Ruffles at the seams also hide any indentations caused by tighter areas.

    Reverse Heart-Shaped Bottom

    For women with a reverse heart-shaped booty, medium to minimal coverage is best. And, in general, choose a swimsuit bottom with a wider waistline. Hint: Think of an inverted triangle shape. Also, select bottoms with rounded hemlines and lower-cut leg openings to add some lift to your booty.

    Boy shorts and hipster style swimsuit bottoms are perfect for reverse heart-shaped butts. So are swimsuits with a seamless edge.

    Although, if you have a heart-shaped butt, be mindful of how the swimsuit fabric rests against your skin. If it causes any creases, this means you should go a size up.

    Women with reverse heart-shaped booties should avoid high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, as they tend to elongate the figure. Instead, find a swimsuit bottom that sits lower on the torso. Also, keep in mind that a full-coverage swimsuit that wraps the outer lower cheeks will only accentuate your reverse heart booty.

    Rectangle Body Shape

    First, a rectangle-shaped figure consists of a longer torso with equal hip and shoulder widths. Your figure creates more of a straight line down from your shoulders to your hips. This body type is a more athletic build, but you'll tend to gain weight around the tummy and midriff area. With this shape, you'll want to go for bolder one-piece swimsuit styles to add curves and accentuate a slim waist. Exciting print patterns and colour-blocked swimsuits can add curves and give you a more defined shape. Features like ruffles, plunging necklines, and fabric ruching will help accentuate those curves and showcase your best figure.

    Triangle/Pear Body Shape

    A triangle or pear-shaped figure holds the majority of its weight in the lower half of the body. This body shape tends to combine wider hips and thighs with a slimmer waist and shoulder area. If you fall into this category, try one-piece swimsuits that will accentuate your shoulders and upper body. Features like wider straps and halter tops draw attention to the shoulders, while moulded cups fill out your bustline to help balance out your lower body.

    Inverted Triangle Body Shape

    An inverted triangle figure tends to have a wider upper body. With this body shape, the shoulders and bust area are more prominent than the hips and waist. If you're not careful, an ill-fitting one-piece swimsuit can make you look somewhat out of proportion. With an inverted triangle body type, you want to accentuate your lower body. Try a bathing suit with a print pattern. This will help balance your silhouette out. Steer clear of strapless swimsuits as they draw more attention to the bust and neckline.

    Round/ Apple Body Shape

    A round or apple figure pairs a fuller chest and upper body with a very minimal waist. If this sounds like your body type, you'll want to find a one-piece swimsuit that draws attention to your lower body. Ruching or layering around the waist can help define your chest and hip area and give you a more balanced appearance. Thicker straps and moulded cups with underwire will help support and shape your bust to accentuate your best features.

    Hourglass Body Shape

    The hourglass figure is usually the most desired, and it consists of a fuller chest, slimmer waist, and hips equal in width to the shoulders. If you have this figure, most one-piece swimsuits will do wonders for your shape. In addition, most one-piece styles are good for playing up the features that you want to show off. Avoid overly bold patterns and strapless styles, though, as these can throw off your figure's natural proportions.

    Camp Cove Swim - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    camp cove swim


    Camp Cove Swim is an Australian designed and made swimwear label.

    Camp Cove Swim bikinis combine comfort, individuality, a love of retro styling and Australiana to celebrate and showcase the beauty of the female form.

    All Camp Cove Swim bikinis are ethically manufactured in close partnership with a talented swimwear machinist on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. All our fabrics are printed in Sydney, and we incorporate recycled fabrics into the lining of all our swimsuits. Our prints are designed in-house and are 100% exclusive to our brand. Each and every swimsuit is a labour of love, carefully constructed and checked to ensure an excellent fit and quality workmanship.

    Camp Cove Swim was founded by Katherine Hampton, who grew up and studied in the coastal town of Newcastle in NSW. She now resides in Redfern and works out of St. Peters in the Camp Cove Swim studio. Katherine founded the brand in 2013. The brand continues to go from strength to strength, with features in Vogue Australia, Frankie Magazine, US Glamour magazine, Russh magazine, Yen Magazine, Habitus Living and Broadsheet.

    Shapes in the Sand - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    shapes in the sand


    Our unique appearances, personalities and backgrounds shape who we are. Shapes in the Sand represents the individuality of the female form and how nature is imperfectly perfect.

    Shapes in the Sand is an independent Australian swimwear label. Designed with nature in mind and thoughtfully made in Australia, we align our collections with our environmental conservation values.

    Our Nature Girls play an important role and inspire us to be kinder to the planet. Through sharing stories, we can learn from one another and help keep our ecological footprint small.

    Swimwear Fabrics

    Since the launch of Shapes in the Sand in 2013, our swimwear has been made from fabrications that support circularity. When choosing fabrics, we not only consider the environmental impact, but we want to ensure that they are going to last and be suitable for their intended purpose.

    The primary fibres we currently use are part of a closed-loop system where pre and post-consumer materials are fed back into the production cycle to create new life. Our partnership with ECONYL® continues to be an important relationship as we see our swimwear come to life from their 100% regenerated fibre derived from discarded ghost fishing nets and other pre and post-consumer materials.

    In 2018 we introduced an industry-first fibre known as EVO®. This 100% bio-based fibre is made from the oil of the castor bean.

    Eco-sustainable production process: -20% water consumption |-20% CO2 emissions (compared to the same fabric created with standard polyamide).

    Bio-based raw material sourced from a plant:  

    • 100% petroleum-free
    • Sourced from a plant: 100% renewable source
    • -25% impact on climate change (compared to standard polyamide)

    Safe: no harmful substances used.

    Our fabrications meet OEKO-TEX® standards and are printed locally in Australia using a printing method that does not require water or any harsh chemicals. Through this method, we promise you rich, vibrant, colourfast prints.  

    It's part of Shapes in the Sand's values to continue to explore and utilise fabric blends that are minimising our ecological footprint. Keep an eye out for new fabrics as we continue our journey to Sustainably Shaping Swimwear.


    Shapes in the Sand is an independent Australian swimwear label founded by Alexandra Dash.

    Shapes in the Sand's playful print stories illustrate the natural world while encouraging others to protect it.

    Through specially designed projects and partnerships dedicated to supporting wildlife and environmental organisations, Shapes in the Sand is on a mission to create positive change for our planet.

    Designed, printed and made by a small team of makers in Australia, we respect each process involved in the creation and delivery of our Australian made minimal waste collections.

    LÉ BUNS - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    lÉ buns

    +61 3 9134 7479

    Lé buns is a female-founded company working super.

    Hard to make smarter choices for the environment.

    At the core of everything we do is a strong respect for

    The people we work with and the environment we work

    Within. Driving positive environmental impact is at the

    Heart of the label, every piece is made using only

    Natural, organic and regenerated luxurious fibres.

    Each garment is thoughtfully designed in timeless,

    Flattering silhouettes to enhance the beauty of your

    Natural form and move with you, from land to sea.


    Lé buns collections comprise of versatile and timeless

    Classics to adapt into any wardrobe collection. The

    Styles transcend trends offering seasons of wear,

    And true longevity.

    By focusing collections around minimal yet versatile

    Essentials, lé buns put consideration into every part of

    Production, all the way to your top drawer. The entire

    Cycle from sourcing, production, packaging through

    To the fabric touching, your skin should cause as little

    Impact as possible.

    Our mission is to create underwear and swimwear that

    Is flattering, functional and comfortable. Garments

    That have longevity, so you won't feel the need to

    Discard your garment every few months.

    Green manufacturing

    Lé buns are committed to achieving fair, safe and healthy

    Working conditions whilst minimising environmental

    Impact within our supply chain. Time is taken to find

    Suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability,

    Accountability and transparency.


    According to baptist world aid, in 2013, 61% of

    Australian companies did not know where their

    Garments were made whilst 76% didn't know where their

    The fabric was woven, knitted or dyed. At lé buns we have

    Complete transparency within our supply chain. We

    Know that our fabric fibres are certified grown in

    Turkey & china, and our regenerated nylons from Italy.

    We visit our factories often, and each factory is given a

    Compliance audit to ensure best practice factors (such

    As fair wages, reasonable hours and the environment)

    That is set out in our ethical trade policy are met.

    Minimal waste

    We have eliminated the use of any unnecessary.

    Packaging such as additional wrapping paper, postcard

    Marketing collateral and stickers. Online orders are

    Packed in a biodegradable box made of recycled paper

    Or home compost grade mailer bags. We include a free

    Signature wash bag with every purchase which helps

    Take extra care of your lingerie when machine washing.

    SPELL - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    +61 2 9158 6557


    - Elizabeth & Isabella -

    Spell founders Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Abegg, standing in a white and bright office in front of a wooden table filled with design material and Spell garments. Both founders are wearing Spell garments. 

    Spell is a modern-bohemian fashion brand.

    The story began when two sisters joined each other in the idyllic beachside town of Byron Bay, Australia, to continue a journey they'd started together many moons ago as children.

    Inspired by far-off places, vintage treasures and childhood memories

    The sisters' designs allude to the dreams of their Latvian grandparents who fled war-torn Europe bound for America, but for a twist of fate ended up in a dusty refugee camp in Australia; to their hippie parents, a leather craftsman and potter, who in the 1970s hopped from town to town following their own wild dreams.

    Most of all, Spell's flowing, feminine dresses, love of turquoise, florals and age-old lace whisper to the sisters' own childhood. Spell taps into that sense of nostalgia, beauty and freedom that so compliments the female spirit. The vibrant, expressive part of you that emerges on vacation, or mid-strut at a festival, Spell brings that spirit to life, wherever you are.

    All garments are proudly designed and sampled in the Arts & Industry Estate of Byron Bay and produced ethically in factories around the world.


    We are currently in the process of transitioning our brand name from Spell & The G*psy Collective to SPELL. We created our brand name over ten years ago inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song and the lifestyle we believed this word represented. Over the last decade, we have learnt this word, even when meant with no malice, can cause harm to those who experience it as a racial slur. We respect and honour the Roma/Romani people, you can read more about this here, and we apologise to our community and beyond for any harm, it may have caused.

    We are working with our legal/trademarking team towards moving our brand name away from using this word, but given our brand name 'SPELL' on its own is a very common word, it has been difficult from a trademarking perspective to remove 'and the G*psy Collective' and still legally trade in some territories. We have already made the change digitally (we are SPELL on our website and all socials), are currently in the final stages of rolling out the rebrand for our store signage which will happen in early 2021 and for our packaging/swing/garment tags which will roll out mid-2021 (as part of our sustainability values, we are aiming to minimise the need to destroy existing tags).

    IIXIIST - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne



    We create our products with as many sustainable & recyclable elements as possible. Our range is made using only 100% recycled ocean waste and produced in child-labour free conditions. We are dedicated to pushing back against the fast-fashion pandemic. 


    Frankii Swim is now IIXIIST.

    Frankii Swim was established in 2013. She was born out of need. She was the answer to our prayers for a quality swim, and when she arrived, she did not disappoint.

    In the years that have passed, it's clear that we have evolved, you as our customer have evolved, and so too has Frankii Swim.

    She is no longer the comfortable brand she once was. She has changed, she has flourished, and she has outgrown her humble beginnings.

    We needed to revolutionise our brand. To evolve our household name to one that not only reflects but encourages change.

    A name that represents strength and questions boundaries.

    We questioned how we fit in and where we fit in?

    Did we question how we as people, and as a brand, navigate through life?

    How do we exist?

    With that question, our new name was brought to life.


    [Pronounced exist.]

    How do we iixiist?

    We iixiist in a space that is neither conforming nor rigid.

    We iixiist to give you a reliable place to shop, to be inspired, to learn, to diversify yourself, to express yourself, to recreate yourself.

    We iixiist for you.

    It is with this powerful message that our sweet Frankii Swim has the courage to evolve and become iixiist.  

    We iixiist in a new space, and our future is limitless.

    MARVELL LANE - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    marvell lane

    We've been bringing beautiful, luxurious swimwear and lingerie to our busty customers since 2017.

    Marrying our principles of sustainability, quality workmanship, and a youthful, feminine design aesthetic, MARVELL LANE is dedicated to producing gorgeous swimwear and lingerie that helps our beautiful ladies look stunning and feel amazing.

    Bondi Joe - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    bondi joe

    1300 153 005

    All-day comfort IS OUR PHILOSOPHY.

    We understand how it feels to look for men's swim trunks and only find surf brands with loud designs or trunks with mesh lining that chafe and need to be taken off as soon as you're out of the water.

    We listened to real men, removed the uncomfortable mesh lining and developed a quick-drying, sustainable material that is thick enough to protect your modesty.

    1000s of men have now joined the Bondi Joe comfort revolution and discovered swimwear you can wear all day long - in and out of the water, sunrise to sunset, beach to bar.

    Find the perfect pair, choose your size and order today to get back into beach comfort. All of our shorts are backed by our Fit & Comfort Guarantee.

    Hurry, styles and sizes are selling out fast.


    Everything we do at Bondi Joe is with a planet conscious.

    Our entire range of men's swim trunks is made with fabric from 100% recycled materials. Plastic bottles and other PET materials are melted down, spun into yarn and made into our bold fabrics. Read more about our sustainability credentials.

    We produce our garments via a fully transparent supply chain and work with suppliers that adhere to our strict Supplier Code of Conduct that guarantees a range of worker's rights, living wages and no child labour. Read more about of transparent supply chain.

    We are conscious of the impact of our total operation on the planet and have offset all of the carbon used in our supply chain (from garment production to reaching your house) and only use plastic-free packaging.

    It started with AN IDEA ...

    I founded Bondi Joe in 2018 following years of unsuccessfully searching for the perfect pair of swim trunks. I've worn swimwear from so many brands over the years – but why do they contain that uncomfortable mesh lining? They feel fine for the first 10 minutes walking down to the beach, but as soon as they are wet – they hurt! You need to bring a change of clothes to the beach, and it's too much hassle. The only alternatives were surf brand boardshorts – but hey, I've never been a surfer, so is that really me?

    With a corporate background and experience in digital and product development, I wanted to create the perfect pair of stylish, mesh lining free swim trunks! From this, Bondi Joe was born.


    I worked with a leading Australian fashion expert who helped me perfect the fit of our swim trunks. Family and friends helped us test the length and cut until we found the one that worked just right. Everything from pocket shape and depth has been refined to ensure you will love them.

    We have worked with designers all over the world to create bespoke fabric designs for our swim trunks. Each design involves a long briefing process, hundreds of iterations and test printing to make the perfect look.


    From the outset, it was important to us that Bondi Joe was a brand with a strong planet conscience. We've defined our approach to that planet consciousness in four domains:

    Where we produce our garments: we aim to have a fully transparent supply chain and work with suppliers that adhere to our strict Supplier Code of Conduct that guarantees a range of worker's rights, living wages and no child labour.

    The materials we use: we have worked hard to ensure our entire range of swimwear is made with fabric from 100% recycled materials. Plastic bottles and other PET materials are melted down, spun into yarn and made into our bold fabrics.

    The impact of our total operation on the planet: we have offset all of the carbon used in our supply chain (from garment production to end consumer) and only use plastic-free packaging.


    Our name embodies the beauty of Bondi Beach and the realness of the average Joe.

    Bondi Beach is Australia's most famous beach and our spiritual home. From the iconic white sand, the Bondi Icebergs pool and the world-famous lifeguards, this beach has it all. We aspire to make swimwear that will grow to match that iconic status – distinctive patterns, planet conscious and an unwavering focus on comfort.

    We called it Joe because we love the connotation Joe has as the average Australian. We aren't for beach showoffs or attention seekers … we are for real guys with real bodies who still want to look great at the beach and who value total comfort!

    And why a seagull for a logo? Because seagulls are the most persistent bird at the beach – always there in any weather and always looking for a sneaky chip from a tourist. We aren't going to rest until you love your swimwear.

    All of our swim trunks are named after streets in Bondi Beach. We absolutely love it when we post orders out to customers who live on these streets!

    Marcus, Founder

    THE ICONIC - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    the iconic

    Women's Swimwear

    Make a splash with leading brands in women's swimwear at THE ICONIC. Soaking up the sun has never looked so stylish with a broad range of bikinis and one-piece swimmers on offer. Ruched, frills, polka-dots, printed and more, there are endless styles to suit all shapes. For those looking to train or simply laze on the sand, THE ICONIC's women's swimwear range will turn up the heat.

    Choose from a wide range of swimwear styles, including bandeau, balconette or triangle bikini tops, and hipster or high waisted bikini bottoms. One-pieces can be bold or basic, modern or retro. Enhance your seaside wardrobe with the addition of an on-trend kaftan or fun, printed board shorts. 

    Shop our competitive range of performance swimwear & rash vests, or simply browse through our mix-and-match bikini tops and bottoms. The secret to killer style is confidence, and it's important to find comfortable swimwear that fits well.

    Embrace bright colours, modern shapes and intricate details to make a statement on the sand, or embrace a monochrome look for classic old-school glam. Go for matchy designs, mix block colours with fun prints, or go all out in one colour, whatever reflects your style.  

    THE ICONIC stocks a huge range of swimwear, from Billabong and Seafolly to Camilla and Le Buns that showcase the best of the basics and the latest trends hot off the runway. 

    ISLA IN BLOOM - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    isla in bloom


    Destined for days by the ocean that leads into nights under the stars, our luxe collection of sustainable swimwear, boho picnic rugs and beach umbrellas are a defining image of the Australian summer lifestyle we love and live.

    Born from an obsession with colour and prints, we designed our collections with beautiful bohemian and romantic florals unique to Isla In Bloom and created in collaboration with local and international artists. Our pieces are vibrant, thoughtfully crafted and ultra-feminine. We hope you love them just as much as we do.


    An ode to sandy soirées and summer days spent under the sun with the ones we love the most. 

    Welcome to the world of Isla In Bloom, an Australian boutique label is featuring sustainable swimwear and summer accessories created with beautiful, bold floral and boho-inspired prints. Destined for days by the ocean that leads into nights under the stars, our sustainable swimwear, boho picnic rugs and beach umbrellas are a defining image of the Australian summer lifestyle we love and live. 

    Our purpose is clear. To enhance the lives of women, inspiring them to live authentically and to express their style through our feminine prints and adjustable fits. Redefining classic styles and designs, our luxe collection of swimwear is effortless, thoughtfully designed and ultra-feminine. Igniting a new sense of confidence while you spend your day lounging on a boho picnic rug, shaded by a canopy of floral prints that adorn our beach umbrellas. 

    Dreamt and designed in Sydney from a love of prints and colour, Isla In Bloom takes inspiration from bohemian and floral aesthetics. All our signature designs are hand-drawn and created by local and international artists who help us to bring our vision to life. We research and use high quality, earth-loving fabrications and materials made with ethical production processes in place, ensuring every piece (and our planet) is made to last. You've arrived at Isla In Bloom, welcome.


    Redefining classic swimwear styles, each Isla In Bloom piece is made with purpose. 

    Sustainability, functionality and longevity considerations are at the forefront of our design and production process. Using pure Italian fabrics made from regenerated Econyl®, we have thoughtfully produced a premium product with a luxuriously soft feel whilst helping us maintain our commitment to protect and clean up our ocean. 

    Drawn, designed and made in Australia, our styles are based on the female figure, consciously noting how our bodies are different and can and do change. Meticulous attention to detail has been given to each design, including timeless shapes featuring tie-side bikini bottoms and adjustable over the shoulder straps. Soft edging moulds the styles to each woman's body. Soft enough to not cut in and firm enough to be supportive and long-lasting.

    With an end goal of creating classic styles that flatter a woman's figure, we've crafted versatile swimwear to empower women, allowing them to feel confident in a bikini all summer long.

    Salt Gypsy - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    salt gypsy


    The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment and our society. "By supporting the businesses that prioritise the wellbeing of their customers along with the livelihoods of communities and the health of our planet, we are sending a powerful message that cannot be ignored."


    Born under the harsh Australian summer sun, Standard Procedure is a new range of topical skincare by Dion Agius and Zepha Jackson, made to withstand the toughest elements. Freshly delivered to SG HQ, build your own pack of sunscreen after sun care, body wash and hand sanitiser.


    We're working to close the loop and have made it possible for our Australian community to send their clothes back for reuse and recycling in partnership with Upparel. Your old swim & surfwear, clothing and wetsuits at the end of their life can now be upcycled!

    On the Journal

    What can we say, team. Three weeks later, and we're still buzzing from the froth-fest that was A Chilly Bin Full of Bevvies.

    To have gathered such a smart group of women, at different stages of business and careers, and meeting up with old friends and new, I was extremely humbled to see everyone show up to my quirky idea of chilly bins in a community hall at one of our favourite west coast beaches. 

    A massive thank you to each of our speakers: Eleanor, Kelly, Renee, Amber and Rose, for sharing your time, experience and hilarity with us all.


    Drawn from a lifetime chasing long period swells, Salt Gypsy is a women's surf lifestyle company celebrating female surf athleticism and style in the lineup. We focus on developing stylish & long-lasting products for discerning women of the sea.

    OceanZen - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    A powerful shift is happening in society right now, and the Australian ethical swimwear brand OceanZen is proud to be amongst it. The rise and growth of our brand is a testament to the conscious women who choose to celebrate and support conscious, sustainable and ethical fashion. At the core of everything we do at OceanZen swimwear online is a strong respect for the people we work with and the environment we work within. 

    oceanzen Australia - ethical and sustainable swimwear

    When looking to buy swimwear, whether you're lounging by the pool, laying on the sand or diving into the beautiful ocean, OceanZen ethical Australian swimwear brand offers a flawless collection of ethical bikinis, swimsuits and swimming wear that not only look incredible on but are good for the conscience. 

    We offer a diverse collection of ethical swimwear and bikinis styles, including but not limited to: cute bikinis | one-piece bikini | high cut bikini | crochet bikini | string bikini | triangle bikini | white bikini | beach apparel | bathers | halter bikini | colours range from neutral, to khaki, to pink, to bright and so many more beautiful and unique colours

    The OceanZen woman opens her heart and mind to the majestic but fragile world beyond our shores. She knows the taste of salt in the air and lives amongst the tides, but she knows of that moment when you instantly feel less human – submerged like a wild ocean dweller as you belong.

    This is what OceanZen was born out of. Blissful summer days spent diving the Caribbean, where a passion for marine life became so deeply rooted in the heart and mind of ocean conservationists and our founder Steph Gabriel that sustainable swimwear was born.

    Steph's travels bore witness to the dire impacts humans were having on our marine life, so in 2014, Steph launched OceanZen's debut swim collection made from a revolutionary and sustainable fabric that regenerates abandoned fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean. Her calling, 'saving the ocean, one bikini at a time.

    Our label is committed to our mission; to inspire, influence and empower our community of women to become conscious consumers and passionate about our ocean life.

     Every year, we bring ocean-loving women together in Tonga for a week long swim retreat with wild humpback whales. It's these profound and life-changing connections to our marine creatures that help build a more conscious world and empower our community to lead adventurous, passionate and purpose-driven lives.

    BAIIA - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    Our Story

    Baiia was born out of a fusion of founder Amber's upbringing, education and values. Growing up between Australia and the Solomon Islands, 4-year old Amber felt the most confident, brave and free in a swimsuit that was a hand-me-down from her older sister, Jasmine. To her, this swimsuit gave her the power to explore her surroundings and take complete control of herself, just like other strong women in her life. 

    Amber went on to study fashion design, following one of her greatest and longest-standing passions. While she loved the knowledge she gained, she was concerned about falling into the trap of simply pumping out pieces that are made for "looking good" rather than "feeling good". So… she let it go. 

    After travelling the world and completing another degree, Amber began writing about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the fashion industry and where it was lacking, something she now knew all too much about. Realising writing wasn't her passion, Amber turned once again to designing after a particularly un-empowering experience shopping for swimwear. She knew that the reason she felt so inadequate wasn't because of her own body; rather, it was the fault of the design. She simply needed to find a better swimsuit, so she set out to make her own. Armed with a solid knowledge of fashion, business and design, and ever-growing gravitation to always doing what's right, Baiia was born. 

    Three years on, Baiia has won awards for innovative and sustainable design, press coverage in leading Aussie magazines and blogs, and most importantly, has dressed women around the world while always staying true to our values. Amber now has a small team of other creative and driven women who are just as committed to Baiia's mission as she is.

    Sustainable Fibres & Dyes

    The amount of plastic (including synthetic fabric) manufactured from 2000-2010 was on par with the total produced in the entire last century. After most likely only be used once or twice, this plastic was left in landfills to release toxins for the next few thousand years. So how do we help fix this? We use only the highest-quality recycled synthetic fabrics.

    Our soft & durable recycled nylon is constructed in Italy and made from industrial and post-consumer waste such as fishnets, carpets, plastic bottles and textiles that would otherwise pollute our beautiful land and oceans. It is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, the world's leader in testing fabrics to regulate harmful substances.

    Our fabric supplier uses the world's most efficient industrial system for the production of Nylon 6 from 100% regenerated waste materials.

    Meet the Makers

    We are proud to say our swimwear line is made by incredibly talented dressmakers in China. We've partnered up with an amazing manufacturer who is genuinely concerned about ethics and sustainability, environmental issues and worker welfare. Due to their change in adopting more of an ethical Corporate Social Responsibility, their prices have risen, and they've lost a lot of fashion labels to cheaper manufacturers in other Asian countries. Baiia felt it was our responsibility to support a business that is trying to do the right thing but is losing support. Baiia has no racial bias when it comes to who we work with. Our approach was born out of the appreciation of high-quality goods - cause you'll wear the heck out of something if it's high quality.

    In our research, most of the best manufacturers for long-lasting and high-quality garments are located offshore. Australia has wonderful manufacturers for swimwear, but for our designs, sustainable fabrics and eco dyes, the only resources that were up to the challenge were in China

    Elle Evans - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    elle evans


    the why

    We love this planet, and we want to show it, love for many, many years to come. So we make sure each part of your Elle Evans design leaves as small a footprint as possible.

    our process

    From our fabric, made from recycled plastic waste dredged from the sea, all the way through to packaging and shipping, we take the road less travelled and leave it as clean as we found it.

    giving back

    With $1 of every purchase going directly to Healthy Seas Initiative, our mission is to make you feel beautiful, powerful and comfortable every time you step into your EE piece, all while giving you that gratifying feeling of knowing you're saving the planet, go you!

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