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The Ultimate Guide to Ceremonial Cacao: Top 10 Shops You Need to See!

Welcome to our latest blog post where we delve into the enchanting world of Ceremonial Cacao! This ancient superfood, deeply rooted in the traditions of indigenous cultures, is not just another health trend. It's a journey into the heart of mindfulness, wellness, and spiritual awakening. In this post, we're going to explore the mystical allure of Ceremonial Cacao, a revered ingredient that has been used for centuries in spiritual rituals and is now finding its way into modern wellness practices.

From the lush rainforests where it's harvested to the sacred ceremonies that honor its profound effects, Ceremonial Cacao is more than just a healthful indulgence. It's a gateway to deeper connection — with ourselves, with others, and with the rhythm of the earth. Whether you're a seasoned cacao enthusiast or a curious newcomer, join us as we uncover the rich history, health benefits, and soul-stirring experiences that Ceremonial Cacao has to offer. Get ready to awaken your senses and open your heart to the magic of this ancient elixir!

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    Sacred Taste 

    sacred taste

    Sacred Taste is a premium Cacao company specializing in high-quality, wild-crafted, ethically sourced, and sustainably made cacao products. Their focus is on delivering a product that not only elevates the mind, body, and soul but also preserves the purity and authenticity of ceremonial grade cacao. They offer a range of cacao products that are 100% organic, free from chemicals, additives, or preservatives, ensuring a rich, indulgent, and guilt-free taste. The company prides itself on its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, making their products not only beneficial for consumers but also for the planet.

    Services and products offered by Sacred Taste include:

    • Ceremonial Grade Cacao: Their flagship product, available in various flavors like Ceremony, Earth (Original Cacao), Love (Rose Cacao), Vitality (Matcha Mint Cacao), and Fire (Chilli Cacao).
    • Subscription Service: Customers can subscribe and save 10% on every order.
    • Special Bundles: Offers like the Full Flavour Pack, which includes all 5 flavors and a 66-page Recipe eBook.
    • Worldwide Shipping: Express delivery options and free shipping on orders above $99 in Australia.
    • Secure Payment Options: Ensuring a safe shopping experience.

    For more information or assistance, Sacred Taste's Australian customer service team is available to help.
    Email: info@sacredtaste.com
    Website: https://sacredtaste.com/ 

    Grounded Cup 

    grounded cup

    Grounded Cup is an Australian-based company specializing in ceremonial-grade cacao sourced organically from Peru. They are committed to honoring the rich cultural heritage of cacao, originating from Mesoamerica and the Amazon rainforest. Grounded Cup aims to create a space that respects the traditions and wisdom of the communities that have nurtured and preserved cacao for generations. Their approach is to blend reverence for these traditions with the creation of their own rituals that reflect authentic experiences and intentions, all while honoring the essence of ceremonial-grade cacao.

    Services and products offered by Grounded Cup include:

    • Ceremonial Cacao Paste: Available in different sizes like 250g pre-chopped, 600g block, and 1kg block.
    • Traditional Cacao Accessories: Including Jicaras (traditional cacao drinking cups) and Molinillo whisks.
    • Affirmation Card Set: Designed to enhance the cacao drinking experience.
    • Organic Ceremonial Cacao Drops: Available in a 250g pack.
    • Online Store: Offering a range of cacao products and speciality roasted coffee.

    Email: hello@groundedcup.com.au
    Website: https://groundedcup.com.au/

    Spirit Of Cacao 

    spirit of cacao

    Spirit Of Cacao is an Australian company that specialises in providing Reiki-infused ceremonial-grade cacao. Their products are sourced from the Amazonian regions of Peru, particularly from the sacred single-origin criollo cacao bean, known for its finer tasting qualities and rarity. The company is passionate about natural healing, wellness, and self-mastery, and infuses each batch of cacao with Reiki energy to amplify the effects of their products. This unique combination aims to offer mind, body, and soul healing, enhancing concentration, providing long-lasting energy, and opening the heart centre for a gentle state of euphoria and true healing.

    Services and products offered by Spirit Of Cacao include:

    • Organic Peruvian Ceremonial Drinking Cacao: Available in a 600g block, this product is raw, cold-pressed, vegan, keto-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, and fair trade.
    • Reiki Infusion: Each cacao product is infused with Reiki energy to enhance its healing properties.
    • Spiritual Tools: The company also offers a range of spiritual tools to assist in bringing the sacred into everyday rituals.
    • Educational Content: Spirit Of Cacao provides blogs and information about creating daily rituals with ceremonial grade cacao and its benefits.

    Email: hello@spiritofcacao.com.au
    Website: https://www.spiritofcacao.com.au/ 

    Soma Cacao 

    soma cacao

    Soma Cacao Australia is renowned for its multi-award-winning, whole-bean ceremonial cacao, which is directly sourced from small farms both in Australia and internationally. The company prides itself on offering a healthy and nutrient-dense alternative to coffee, without the associated jittery effects. Soma Cacao's products are celebrated for their health benefits, including being a rich source of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, and potassium. Their cacao is ethically traded, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, vegan, and 100% natural, ensuring a pure and divine experience for consumers.

    Services and products offered by Soma Cacao include:

    • Ceremonial Cacao Starter Pack: A sampler pack to try different origins of cacao.
    • Variety of Cacao Origins: Including Daintree Region (Australia), Chiapas (Mexico), and Karkar Island (Papua New Guinea).
    • Whole-Bean Cacao: Offering the most potent form of cacao, as intended by nature.
    • Health and Recipe Blog: Providing information on the benefits of cacao and delicious recipes.
    • Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Ensuring products are ethically traded and environmentally friendly.

    Phone: 0434 246 790
    Email: hello@somacacao.com.au
    Website: https://somacacao.com.au/ 

    Love Bean Cacao

    love bean cacao

    Love Bean Cacao specializes in offering cacao sourced directly from Guatemala, a land revered for its ceremonial magic and energy. The company emphasizes the medicinal and spiritual properties of cacao, recognizing it as a plant that carries significant vibrations and messages for human well-being. Love Bean Cacao aligns with the traditional use of cacao by indigenous peoples, particularly the Mayans, who have used it for centuries to connect with the spirit and embrace our true nature. The company's approach to cacao is deeply rooted in the belief of "food as medicine," highlighting the importance of what we consume in terms of both physical and spiritual health.

    Services and products offered by Love Bean Cacao include:

    • Ceremonial Grade Cacao: Sourced from Guatemala, known for its spiritual and medicinal properties.
    • Events and Ceremonies: Hosting special events that utilize cacao for spiritual and communal experiences.
    • Educational Content: Providing insights into the historical and cultural significance of cacao, especially in Mayan traditions.

    Email: hello@lovebeancacao.com
    Website: https://www.lovebeancacao.com.au/

    Australian Ceremonial Cacao

    australian ceremonial cacao

    Australian Ceremonial Cacao offers a range of Peruvian ceremonial cacao products, celebrated for their rich flavor and numerous benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. The website emphasizes the conscious use of cacao, which can lead to heightened creativity, improved focus, and a sense of deep connection. Their products are sourced with an emphasis on quality and spiritual significance, aligning with the traditional use of cacao in ceremonies and rituals.

    Services and products offered by Australian Ceremonial Cacao include:

    • Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao: Available in various quantities like 1kg, 500g, and 300g.
    • Cacao & Tin Bundles: Offering cacao with storage tins for convenience and preservation.
    • Lucuma Powder: An additional product to complement the cacao.
    • Ceremonial Sets/Tools: Providing tools to enhance the ceremonial experience of cacao consumption.

    Phone: 0406 621 700
    Email: leena@australianceremonialcacao.com
    Website: https://www.australianceremonialcacao.com/ 

    The Cacao Club

    the cacao club

    The Cacao Club Australia offers a unique experience with its 100% ceremonial grade cacao, known as "Medicina Del Corazon." This cacao, once revered as a powerful plant medicine in the jungle, symbolizes the nourishment and abundance provided by Mother Nature. The cacao goddess Ixcacao, worshipped by the Mayan people, is called upon to deepen the essence of the heart and facilitate profound spiritual journeys. The Cacao Club was created to help people connect to the earth and their own bodies, finding deeper meaning and fulfillment in life. They emphasize the importance of staying connected to nature and oneself in the fast-paced, device-driven 21st century.

    Services and products offered by The Cacao Club include:

    • Ceremonial Drinking Cacao: Offering high-quality cacao for spiritual and emotional well-being.
    • Educational Resources: Providing a free ebook, 'Beginners Guide to Cacao', to educate on the science, health benefits, history, and cultural traditions of cacao.
    • Online Store: A range of cacao products available for purchase.
    • Articles and Blogs: Sharing the latest insights and information about cacao and its uses.

    Email: thecacaoclub@gmail.com
    Website: https://thecacaoclub.com.au/

    Mother Forager

    mother forager

    Mother Forager offers a diverse range of cacao products, celebrating the rich world of this superfood known for its health benefits. Cacao is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that promote heart health, boost mood, and enhance energy. The website highlights the myriad benefits of cacao, including stress reduction, improved digestion, and its role in skin and hair care. It also delves into cacao's potential anti-aging properties, its impact on cognitive function, and its usefulness in weight management. Mother Forager provides a platform for customers to explore and indulge in the delightful flavor of cacao while unlocking its natural wonders for health and vitality.

    Services and products offered by Mother Forager include:

    • Cacao Products: Including Ceremonial Cacao, Organic Cacao Powder, and various cacao blends.
    • Cacao Accessories: Such as Cacao Pod Bracelets, Keychains, and Molinillo Cacao Whisks.
    • Herbal Cacao Tea Blends: Offering blends like EARTH, LOVE, and PEACE.
    • Medicinal Mushroom Melts: Combining the benefits of mushrooms with cacao.
    • Gift Cards: Available for purchase to gift others.

    Phone: 0405 522 326
    Email: mother.forager@hotmail.com
    Website: https://motherforager.com.au/

    Creation Cacao

    creation cacao

    Creation Cacao offers a range of organic ceremonial cacao products, designed to enhance focus, mood, and energy without the crash or jitters often associated with coffee. Their cacao is celebrated for its smooth and delicious taste, making it a perfect addition to any part of the day. The website emphasizes the health benefits of cacao, including its ability to boost mental clarity, increase long-lasting daily energy, and enhance overall health and vitality. Creation Cacao positions itself as a healthy alternative to daily coffee, promoting a lifestyle of wellness and mindfulness.

    Services and products offered by Creation Cacao include:

    • Ceremonial Cacao: Available in various sizes, including 500g, 1KG, and 5KG blocks.
    • Sample Packs: Allowing customers to try different types of cacao.
    • Subscription Service: Offering a 10% discount on orders for subscribers.
    • Health and Wellness Articles: Providing insights into the benefits of cacao and wellness tips.

    Email: info@creationcacao.com
    Website: https://creationcacao.com.au/

    The Holistic Ingredient

    the holistic ingredient

    The Holistic Ingredient, founded by Amy Crawford, is a platform dedicated to promoting a holistic lifestyle and wellness. It offers a range of products designed to nourish and revitalize the body, mind, and home. The website emphasizes the importance of bringing more goodness, light, and creativity into daily life through eco-friendly and holistic lifestyle products. These products are crafted to enhance health and happiness, celebrating the small, special moments that bring joy, nourishment, and beauty to everyday life.

    Services and products offered by The Holistic Ingredient include:

    • Body Care Products: A selection of blends and products for internal and external body care.
    • Mind Wellness Tools: Books and tools to support mental and emotional well-being.
    • Home Products: Items to cleanse, calm, and beautify living spaces.
    • Podcast and Blog: Providing insights and discussions on various wellness topics.
    • Recipes: Sharing nourishing and healthy recipes.

    Email: amy@theholisticingredient.com
    Website: https://www.theholisticingredient.com/

    Ceremonial Cacao is a pure form of chocolate, much less processed than the cocoa or chocolate bars commonly found in stores. It's made by fermenting and lightly roasting cacao beans, then grinding them into a paste. This form of cacao is used in various spiritual and ritualistic ceremonies and is revered for its heart-opening and healing properties.

    Unlike regular chocolate, which often contains added sugars, milk, and preservatives, Ceremonial Cacao is minimally processed and retains more of the natural compounds found in raw cacao beans. It's richer in antioxidants, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds. Ceremonial Cacao is also typically consumed as a beverage and used in spiritual or meditative practices.

    Ceremonial Cacao is known for its numerous health benefits. It's a rich source of antioxidants, which help combat oxidative stress and inflammation. It also contains natural compounds that can boost mood, enhance focus, and promote a sense of well-being. Additionally, it's high in magnesium, which is essential for heart health and muscle function.

    To prepare Ceremonial Cacao, start by grating or chopping the cacao block into small pieces. Then, gently heat water or a milk alternative and slowly add the cacao, stirring continuously. You can add natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup and spices such as cinnamon or chili for flavor. The key is to heat it gently to preserve the beneficial compounds.

    Most people can safely enjoy Ceremonial Cacao. However, it does contain theobromine, a natural stimulant similar to caffeine, so those sensitive to stimulants should consume it cautiously. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals with health conditions should consult a healthcare provider before adding it to their diet. Side effects are rare but can include digestive discomfort or a mild headache, usually due to overconsumption.

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