7 best breweries in sydney

7 Best Breweries In Sydney

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    There is a good reason why Sydney is considered one of the world's top metropolises. Sydney is a popular tourist destination because of its diverse culinary scene, vibrant cultural scene, and exciting nightlife. Sydney's craft beer market is thriving, with new breweries opening all the time, but not all tourists are aware of this.

    While there has been a surge in the number of independent breweries popping up across the country, Sydney's inner west, and particularly Marrickville, has cemented its position as Australia's beer capital.

    Beer enthusiasts who explore the alleys of Sydney's inner west will find a pleasant surprise: a cluster of inventive microbreweries producing delicious, award-winning brews.

    While beer is served at just about every bar, seeing it in its birthplace adds a distinct dimension to the experience. You can get it fresher at breweries, and you also get to experience rare and exclusive releases that you won't find anywhere else. Since their introduction, craft breweries have seen a meteoric rise in popularity.

    Sydney is a city that was founded on to an English colony, and so this history is reflected in the city's beer culture. Sydney has always had bars, but it is only recently that it has become one of the leading craft brewing hubs internationally. We're going to talk about some of the best breweries in Sydney in this post.

    The Grifter Brewing Co

    The beer from The Grifter Brewing Co. is not a bad option if you're in search of something different and tasty.

    Brewery classics like pale beers and IPAs are available on tap and also in takeaway squealers, but the real highlights are the special batches & experimental brews. Here we have a cucumber Kolsch called the C-Boogie and a watermelon pilsner called the Serpent's Miss.

    There aren't enough brewery bars in the Inner West to quench the massive demand of its residents, despite the presence of Block Brewing, Willie le Boatman, Young Henrys, & Wayward Brewing Co. In case you don't believe us, just attempt to find a vacant seat on such a Saturday afternoon.

    Thankfully, the already-excellent brewery bar crawl has expanded. German Grifter Brewing Co. is a well-known craft brewery, so you know it's good. All three of Grifter's owners, Matt King, Glenn Wignall, and Trent Evans, got their start as homebrewers before moving on to gypsy brewing inside the Younger Henrys facilities when they weren't working there. use.

    Rather quickly, Grifter bought their own tank and had it built at the Newtown brewery; when Young Henrys expanded, Grifter bought the land.

    It took the Grifter crew an year and a half to secure a location, and having seen Young Henrys grow firsthand, they wanted to ensure they had room for growth. The new location is perfect for their needs.

    The warehouses are enormous and are located just above the Vic, on the opposite side of the gas station. Only a quarter of the space is taken up by tables and chairs plus a pool table, while the other half is devoted to the spacious brewery.

    As the mood strikes, you can use what's left to arrange a kanga cricket match, a movie screening, or a handball game.

    The Grifter's decor is in tune with Marrickville's laid-back vibe. Brewing tanks and a sizable tasting bar can be found in their spacious, open building, which was formerly an industrial laundromat.

    As you enter inside, you'll note that the walls are lined with such a seemingly fitting combination if exposed brick with corrugated iron.

    You can bring your own pizza on Wednesdays & Thursdays, or perhaps some goodies from the Bourke Street Bakery down the street, and then order from of the coming food trucks on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday with a strong top player, pro-kids, pro-snacks attitude.

    For only $3, though, you can get a bowl of wasabi peas or pork scratchings to snack on.

    All of the beers in the Grifter series are on draught, so beer fans may rejoice! (including their signature Australian Pale Ale). If you just can't decide, you can have four sampling ponies to share for $12.

    The best part was that you may save up for a fresh pint by collecting them individually.

    The Serpent's Kiss, a crisp and delicious watermelon pilsner, is an excellent choice despite its unappealing name. Maybe you'd rather have the smokier, roastier flavours of a Demon Lungs porter. However, a continuous supply of the Australian brown ale that meets all our criteria would suffice.

    The nicest part is that you may buy a tray of taster ponies without feeling rushed to finish them all before they go flat; instead, you can take your time picking them up one by one from the bar. The mechanism works.

    sydney young henrys brewery

    Young Henrys

    It's hard to miss the cheerful hum as you approach this Newtown brewery, which is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Enmore Road on King Street inside a shady, graffiti-covered alleyway.

    A watering hole that locks up before dinner? Just like allowing folks to bring their dachshunds, children, and even grandpa (as long as he enjoys craft beer), this is a concept that is just wacky enough to succeed.

    The weekend is when you want you shake a leg to get one of the prime high tables by the brewery's basement door, but during the week, Young Henrys focuses on the communal afternoon sessions.

    If the clientele of Young Henrys is any indication, then the rest of Sydney must be lacking in sausage dogs, rock'n'roll babies, and beardy gents. This Newtown brewery pub is as popular now as it was when it first opened, and a glass of their hazy cider is still the best way to recover from a night of partying too hard.

    Whenever hunger strikes, you can always count on one of the rotating roster of food trucks to come to the rescue, and every once in a while, a mobile record store will roll into town to add to your Inner West street cred. Get there early if you're hoping to get a seat for an afternoon of conversation and cold brews; the place becomes packed quickly and stays that way right up until the bar closes.

    Get the local experience with a cold Newtown, have an authentic English-style bitter with a Real Ale, or cool off with a glass of hazy cider all summer long.

    This same Young Henrys tasting room is a popular destination for both locals and tourists who want to try the brewery's standard lineup of sessionable beers as well as its experimental brews, which have included the likes of a Coral Sour, Dessert White Stout, Blanc de IPA, and Rumming with Devil Rum and or Raisin Brown Ale.

    Taking it to the next level, they're also producing their own gin, which they've named Noble Cut. Though Enmore Road is only a short distance away, these brewers have food trucks deliver beer munchies right to the brewery's entrance.

    One of the greatest places to try craft beer around Sydney is Young Henrys, which serves its own brews tap water. This isn't your typical watering hole because of the rock 'n' roll atmosphere.

    In this establishment, customers may watch the brewing process from a bar with a view of the action. Tours of the brewery are accessible by appointment, and the most recent brews can be sampled from six different taps.

    This rock-loving brewery has worked with the likes of the Dune Rats and the Foo Fighters, and it has a strong following among Newtown's locals. Its motto is "Serve the people," and it does it with an approachable selection, the most difficult of that is a hop porter.

    sydney wayward brewing co brewery

    Wayward Brewing Co

    In terms of decor and beer selection, it's one of Sydney's more out-there brewery bars. Want to sample a refreshing, lightly sour Berliner Weisse brewed with passionfruit and yuzu? Here. Brettanomyces, a peculiar yeast, fermented in an India Pale Ale? Perhaps you'd like a home-made hard seltzer. Also present.

    Behold, a delicious brew The ironic location of a brewery in a former winery in Sydney. Wayward Brewing Company moved from its original locations across the place to its current one in 2015.

    It offers a wide variety of good beers throughout the year, including the standard fare of India pale ale & red ale, lager, bitter ale, Keller bier, and more.

    Camperdown's brewery pub is located in what was previously a winery, and therefore wax-lined walls of a wine tanks now contain alcoves on cinema seats but little tables, a fitting homage to Sydney's long-standing infatuation with locally produced liquor.

    Sydney now has a decent beer hall, and the locals are ecstatic about it. When we got a sneak glimpse at the Wayward Brewing Co. earlier this year, we had great hopes for their tasting bar, and we weren't disappointed. Because of this, there is now a lively craft beer pub in Camperdown, and it is extremely popular.

    The laid-back, friendly atmosphere of Wayward Brewing Company is a big appeal for locals and visitors alike. The Camperdown location's beer hall is furnished with antiques and boasts a wall covered in pictures of dogs who frequent the brewery alongside their owners.

    Giant Jenga and free popcorn are popular bar activities, while the taps may be serving up unusual brews like the passionfruit and yuzu soured beer (Passion of the Puss).

    Food trucks are available for your snacking pleasure on Thursdays through Sundays. The majority of the beers on tap are made in-house, but they also include beers from select guest breweries and host a programme called "community kegs," through which they create a special batch of beer and utilise the proceeds to support local causes.

    Consuming a sample paddle of oddball beers from this brewery is one of the best ways to get amped up on a weekend night. Those are, in fact, muffin tins holding the six 120-milliliter servings of flavorful liquid.

    You may ease into it with a smooth Bavarian amber beer or go straight for the Whiner Raspberry Berliner Weisse, which is equal parts sour, sweet, and wacky. Moderate beer drinkers might try XPL Session Indian Pale Lager, a light lager with a fresh, sharp, hoppy flavour that is reminiscent of a pilsner.

    Wayward is so dedicated to its neighbourhood that it sets aside fridge room for brews like Grifter, Shenanigans, and Batch. However, after 5 o'clock in the evening, you can order pizza from the place up the street and have it delivered if you're not into barley.

    However, if you plan your visit just right, you may grab a wonderful saltbush lamb wraps from the barbeque kiosk that's usually located in the lobby.

    On a busy Saturday night, you may have to make your way beyond the high tables in the brewery's basement to the areas where the old, wax-lined wines vaults have been broken open to provide more nooks for chitchat. Also, Creedence Clearwater Revival adds a touch of country to the mix.

    Until the arrival of a respectable Sydney beer hall, Camperdown was always second fiddle to Glebe & Newtown, but today it's the district that's getting all the rave reviews for its nightlife. An A+!

    Batch Brewing Co

    Batch isn't just a made-up name. Because it takes two weeks to brew a new batch, the brewery's best-selling beers are an American cream ale and an India pale ale.

    The brewery has previously released a nut-brown ale brewed with 10 kg of toasted pecans, a sour called Pash the Magic Dragon, and a milk stout carbonated with nitrogen (made with lactose, not natural milk).

    With a brewery in the back on their Sydenham Street warehouse as well as a tasting bar in the front, this Marrickville establishment keeps things simple.

    Two American dudes began with a traditional American West Coast brown ale and quickly progressed to more experimental beers, making Batch a mecca for beer nerds. They may offer Christmas of July porters brewed with allspice, spices, vanilla, and ginger, or a milk stout infused with Campo coffee for just an extra kick, depending depending when you visit.

    Even while you can find beer from Batch Brewing Company in numerous bars and restaurants in Sydney, there's nothing like drinking it straight from the source.

    American pale ales and India pale ales make up the bulk of the portfolio, with the newest and best batches of each being regularly rotated in. You can also get a nice meal to go with your beer, since there will be food trucks there.

    Haven't you yet acquired a penchant for dark beers? Alice is a light, bright, and somewhat hazy American wheat beer. There are a few sofas and some tall chairs in a spacious, airy room that serves as the headquarters. You can sit in the pews, drink cheap beer from a jar that costs five dollars, and observe the world go thru the wide roller door.

    You can sit in, eat a snack most Saturdays from the a food truck out front, or order in a pizza at Nom up the road, and sample everything from the longnecks and growlers stored in the large double-door refrigerators.

    The beers produced by Batch Brewing Company are an interesting fusion of American and Australian styles. In keeping with its moniker, the selection available at its tasting room is ever-evolving as fresh batches are brewed, while a standard American Pale and India Pale Ale (IPA) are usually available at all times.

    You can take home some of the brews in convenient 1.9-liter growlers or 640-milliliter bottles, and if you're interested in seeing how the magic is made, you can novel a brewery tour on the weekend, right before you grab a bite to eat with one of the food vendors that parks outside on select weekday evenings.

    sydney yulli's brews brewery

    Yulli's Brews

    Yulli's has long been one of Surry Hills' most dependable fun ports for vegetarian and vegan eaters (those money bags alone earn them repeat visits).

    Yulli's Brews brews high-quality beer that holds its own in any tavern or restaurant. The perfect equilibrium is achieved in every brew. Try the Commercial Fish European lager, which is light and dry has spicy floral flavours, or the Amanda tangerine IPA if you're in the mood for something a little more daring.

    Their consistent advocacy for alcoholic beverages has also been helpful. Since expanding into the craft brewing industry in 2014, Yulli's has been known for its quaffable Australian-style beers, such as the Norman Australian ale, Tuna Mediterranean lager, and Amanda tangerine IPA.

    Their beers are now brewed in the midst of Alexandria's urban wilds, and the enormous warehouse has become a popular hangout for locals after hours. Large tables may be found on a mezzanine floor above the fermentation tanks, and the food is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly.

    Crispy potato chips are served with a fiery garlic aioli, and the cabbage or kimchi-filled steamed dumplings are of the sticky, thick-skinned sort. We recommend the pan-fried gyoza dumplings, which are four beautiful tiny pucks of kale and turnip wrapped in a gyoza wrapper and infused with the savoury heaviness from Chinese black olive mustard with smokey chilli oil.

    The gyros and nachos may satisfy a more significant hunger, and the grilled broccolini with the simple addition of black sesame hummus is an unexpected and delicious way to increase your vegetable consumption.

    In addition, eating here earns you bonus points for being eco-friendly because they prioritise using ingredients from nearby farms whenever possible.

    This branch of the popular Surry Hills vegetarian eatery boasts the slogan "beer with personality." This is also true. Beers like the Big Nerd, a vanilla beer with such a guy who seems like he could be from a comic book, can't be found anywhere else in Sydney.

    You may expect equally peculiar fare. The Vietnamese, Korean, and Greek crew members, along with certain native ingredients like bunya walnut and lemon myrtle, all contribute to the unique flavour profile of the Yulli's cuisine.

    The brewery also serves a variety of speciality beers, including some small batch & experimental varieties. On your visit, perhaps we'll serve a chardonnay pipe IPA or a lemon myrtle witbier. Every time you go through the door, you never know what to expect.

    sydney wildflower brewing and blending

    Wildflower Brewing And Blending

    Wildflower Brewing & Blending offers something a little different from the other breweries in Marrickville, which seem to have opened up on every other block. Native flower bouquets are strategically placed throughout the lovely, country-style cellar door, a constant reminder of the creators' (Topher Boehm and Chris Allen) commitment to their local ethos.

    The unique flavour of Wildflower Brewing and Blending's beers comes from a combination of wild yeast, brewer's yeast, and foraged bacteria in New South Wales.

    Since the Australian bush ales are continually evolving, this one-of-a-kind microbrewery never fails to deliver a fresh and exciting beverage.

    This rustic and endearing warehouse is where the magic of fermentation with natural yeasts, barrel ageing, and blending all come together. For the uninformed, this refers to beers with low carbonation and a foul flavour, which some have compared to the more untamed wines.

    These beers are unique to this establishment and worth the trip alone. There are limited times available, so plan ahead and make use of the helpful personnel who are always eager to provide comprehensive explanations of the intricacies involved in the artisanal procedures.

    Corrugated iron walls with burnished wooden furnishings bring home the Australiana vibe, and stacks of barrels, some concealed under canvas and others in plain sight, silently cradle ageing brews, creating what appears like the ideal backdrop for an outback soiree with a touch of refinement.

    Wildflower's team is revitalising an old process by using barrels, and while many brewers are following suit, they are at the forefront of this movement.

    In the conventional sense, this establishment is not a brewery. Instead, Boehm uses yeast he collects in New South Wales to ferment wort he creates at Hex Brewery Co (where he served as formerly head brewer).

    You won't find another beer like it anywhere else because the culture is completely unique, having been created by crossing a strain of Belgian Saison with flowers and bark collected from all around the state.

    Topher Boehm, a Texan who now resides in New South Wales, travels the state in search of wild yeasts and bacteria, which he uses to ferment beer in various batches before blending them to obtain the required flavour. Boehm's beers aren't just a marketing ploy; they're also incredibly nuanced, well-balanced, and enjoyable.

    These beers are sour and nuanced because of the time they spend in neutral oak as well as the way they are mixed, as well as the traditional method of wild fermentation. The effects are quite stunning.

    There is nothing ordinary about these, as each batch possesses its own special grace. The Amber Australian Bush Ale is an excellent place to start; it's a dark bronze in colour and has a complex flavour profile that starts with caramel and clove and ends on a pleasantly tart citrous note. It’s a remarkably easy group which even your dad may want.

    Try something from a very tiny batch, like Pheebs, if you're feeling daring (which you probably are, because you're here). This is a table brew you won't want to share, made with the leftover raspberries from another seasonal brewing (the 2019 St. Phoebe).

    Pheebs, our pretty in pink companion, is sour, dry, and almost as addicting as she is low in alcohol (3.5%).

    You'd better have your stuff together if you want to go to Wildflower. The store is only open on the weekends (Saturdays and Fridays) from 2 to 6 pm, although Tuesday through Friday (10 am - 4 pm), they provide takeout.

    Take a guided tour to know the mechanism firsthand if you desire a peep underneath the proverbial hood. Everyone respects this place, which attracts all ages seeking a change of pace. We'll keep our seats.

    sydney sauce brewing co

    Sauce Brewing Co

    Since settling down in the middle of 2017, this bold brewery has garnered much attention. Hop Sauce is a pale ale that everyone loves because it goes down so smoothly. Bubble & Squeak is widely regarded as one of Australia's finest examples of the "juicy" New England IPA style by beer aficionados.

    Marrickville's Bourke Street Bakery features delicious meat pies and sausage rolls; after eating these, you should head over to Sauce Brewing Co.

    New artisan beers galore may be found at this microbrewery. We are pleased to announce that Source Brewing Co., located in Sydney's inner west, is officially open and accepting customers who are interested in sampling our new speciality brews.

    Hop sauce, their signature pale ale, has notes of tropical & stone fruits; it's a great summer beer. They also have a rotating selection of IPAs, sours, and black beers.

    Sauce has it all, making it a great addition to the Marrickville beer crawl. These folks rose to prominence rapidly thanks to their extensive and varied beer selection, which includes anything from sours to porters.

    The microbrewery's inner workings are exposed for all to see; the equipment serves as the space's primary form of adornment. Or more half of the space is dedicated to enormous, gleaming mash tuns or brew pots, which are works of harsh beauty in itself themselves.

    It's a whole new ballgame at the theater's tiered beer garden. The picnic tables & benches are surrounded by cutesy Astroturf with white picket fencing, making it ideal for a Sunday afternoon get together with the whole family.

    One may either go all in with a 500 ml pour for about $9 or ease into things with a 300 ml pour, but either way, it's best to let the expert staff pick out a tasting paddles for you.

    The mango-infused New England IPA, Trouble & Squeak, is a great choice to get the party started. It has a thick, hazy consistency and an unpleasant bitter aftertaste.

    Everyone, including children and individuals who wish to bring their pets, are welcome in Sauce's taproom or beer garden.

    There's a wide variety of tasty beers to try, from homebrews to sour ales. beer with a clever name, such the Session IPA "Piss-weak Sauce" or the "Son of a Peach!" Their signature Pale Ale and their extra-hopped IPA both go well with their Berliner Weisse.

    You may then continue with the Forest Pulse sweet beer, which is brewed with local honey and natural strawberry gum for an earthy, sharp taste that belies its lack of sugar. Finally, try the DIPA Formerly Also As for a true explosion of flavour. It has a big hitter 8.2% ABV and a piney, malty flavour that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Even those who favour grape-based beverages can find something to their liking. If you're looking for an alternative to beer, we have a neat collection of local and foreign wines for under £10 a glass.

    The icing on the cake? The entry is guarded by a food truck all weekend long, providing the sustenance you'll need to sample all dozen or so brews on offer. On the weekends, the bar is swarming with people bringing their kids, pets, and beer obsessions.


    Sydney's rich food, culture, and nightlife attract tourists. Australia's beer hub has many innovative microbreweries making award-winning beers. Craft breweries have exploded in popularity since their establishment, and Sydney has become a global craft brewing centre. The Grifter Brewing Co. makes pale beers, IPAs, and experimental beers. The already-excellent beer bar crawl has expanded to meet the Inner West's tremendous demand for brewery bars.

    Marrickville's Grifter brewery is above Vic petrol station. It is open Wednesday to Sunday and has a strong top player, pro-kids, pro-snacks mentality. Customers can save up for a pint by collecting Grifter series beers, which are all on draught. Despite its moniker, the Serpent's Kiss watermelon pilsner is delightful. A graffiti-covered passageway on King Street hides Young Henrys, a Newtown brewery.

    Customers can bring their dachshunds, kids, and even grandpa to this watering spot that locks up before dinner. Young Henrys hosts communal afternoon gatherings during the week, and their hazy cider is still the greatest way to recover from a night of partying. Locals and tourists visit the tasting room to enjoy the brewery's sessionable beers and experimental brews such Coral Sour, Dessert White Stout, Blanc de IPA, Rumming with Devil Rum, and Raisin Brown Ale. Young Henrys' tap water and food vans provide beer snacks to the brewery's entryway.

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    1. Sydney is a world-class city for a reason.
    2. Sydney's cuisine, culture, and nightlife draw tourists.
    3. New craft breweries are developing in Sydney, but not all tourists know this.
    4. Sydney's inner west, particularly Marrickville, is Australia's beer capital, despite a rise in independent breweries nationwide.
    5. Exploring Sydney's inner west alleys will reveal a concentration of creative microbreweries making award-winning beers.
    6. Craft brewers have grown rapidly since their inception.
    7. Sydney's beer culture reflects its English colonial roots.
    8. Sydney has always had bars, but it has only recently become a global craft brewing centre.
    9. This post discusses Sydney's greatest breweries.
    10. Grifter promptly bought their own tank and had it erected at the Newtown brewery. When Young Henrys expanded, Grifter bought the land.
    11. After seeing Young Henrys expand, the Grifter crew took a year and a half to find a location with room to grow.
    12. The new setting suits them.
    13. The huge warehouses stand opposite the gas station, over the Vic.
    14. The brewery occupies half the space, while tables, chairs, and a pool table occupy the other quarter.
    15. Marrickville's laid-back feel matches The Grifter's design.
    16. Their open, repurposed industrial laundrette has brewing tanks and a large tasting bar.
    17. Beer lovers rejoice—all Grifter beers are on tap!
    18. Henrys This Newtown brewery, concealed from Enmore Road on King Street in a graffiti-covered alleyway, has a cheery hum.
    19. Young Henrys' communal afternoon sessions take precedence over the weekend's high tables besides the brewery's basement door.
    20. Young Henrys' clientele suggests Sydney lacks sausage dogs, rock'n'roll babies, and beardy gents.
    21. This Newtown brewery bar is still popular, and its hazy cider is the finest way to recover from a night of partying.
    22. When hunger strikes, one of the revolving food trucks will save the day, and occasionally a mobile record store may visit to boost your Inner West street cred.
    23. A cold Newtown, Real Ale, or hazy cider are local favourites.
    24. Locals and tourists visit Young Henrys' tasting room to enjoy the brewery's sessionable beers and experimental brews like Coral Sour, Dessert White Stout, Blanc de IPA, Rumming with Devil Rum, and Raisin Brown Ale.
    25. Though Enmore Road is close, several brewers offer food trucks carry beer snacks to the brewery's gate.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Breweries

    Marrickville is a melting pot of the best breweries in Sydney, home to The Grifter, Sauce Brewing, and Philter.

    Yulli's is great for food with a Vietnamese-inspired menu. Otherwise, Hawkes has a full Chinese restaurant. If you're looking for burgers, you can't go past Dad & Dave's Brewing.

    These places are best for breweries in Sydney:

    • Sauce Brewing Co
    • Batch Brewing Co.
    • Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room
    • Wayward Brewing Co.
    • Akasha Brewing Company

    These experiences are best for breweries in Sydney:

    • Sydney The Rocks Historical Pub Tour
    • The Rocks Pub Walking Tour
    • Big Night Out Pub Crawl
    • Sydney's Secret Bars Nightlife Tour
    • 3-Hour Bar Hopping in Balmain with Beer Tasting

    These are some highly-rated breweries in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:

    • The Grifter Brewing Company (5/5)
    • Dave's Brewery Tours (5/5)
    • Newtown Growler Depot (5/5)
    • Beer Barrel (5/5)
    • Little Bottle Shop of Glebe (5/5)
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