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10 Places To Go For High Tea In Sydney

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    People in Sydney take great pride in their city's history and its beauty. As a result, finding truly authentic Australian cuisine outside of Australia can be challenging.

    Many of Sydney's restaurants and cafes provide high tea, however the best high tea venues can be found on Macquarie Street, not far from Circular Quay. In addition to serving up tasty refreshments, these establishments also create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of being at home.

    The custom of high tea in England is uniquely cherished around the world. Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, popularised the English upper caste tradition of high tea in the 1840s.

    Modern times have opened up this custom to everyone, and Sydney is home to a number of the best spots to partake in such activities. There's something for everyone on this list, from places with breathtaking scenery to those with delectable desserts, vegan choices, and creative twists.

    This lovely custom can be enjoyed whenever the opportunity arises, whether that be a birthday party, a get-together with friends, or a special outing with your daughter and her mother.

    High tea in Sydney may be had in some very amazing settings, such as elegant restaurants with harbour views or charming heritage gardens.

    Indulge in any one of them, and you'll feel like the a king or a queen for an entire day.

    High tea is the perfect way to unwind after a day of sight seeing in the city. This blog will point you in the direction of some of the greatest locations offering this delicacy.

    1. The Tea Room At Gunners Barracks

    The high tea at Gunners' Barracks is exquisite, and the venue boasts one of Sydney's finest panoramas.

    Gunners Barracks seems to be the best vantage point from which to take in Sydney Harbour. This world-famous landmark is also celebrated for its refined afternoon tea service.

    When it comes to Sydney landmarks, the Barracks is hard to beat for its combination of grandiose architecture and breathtaking views. Of course, we aren't referring to a narrow passageway in the harbour.

    Be sure to ask for a table on the expansive verandah at the Gunners' Barracks to take advantage of the unobstructed view of the harbour that extends from the Central Business District all the way around to North Head.

    Pastries made by chef Nathan Darling, such as scones, samosas, quiches, mini sandwiches, and cheesecakes, are artistically arranged on three-tiered stands made of English crockery and are a delight for the eyes and the stomach.

    The tea selection extends far beyond standard black mixtures (though the Black Tea is excellent) to also include seasonal ecofriendly teas as well as a delicate nectarine flavoured white tea, the tableware is Royal Albert ceramic mugs in a jaunty rose paper copy with gold trim, and the wait staff are charming in pressed white jackets.

    You can count on a lot of attention on your social media profiles after posting pictures from this trip. You can get some great photos at Gunner Barracks, from the sweeping vistas to the delicious snacks and the traditional Royal Edward Old Country Roses.

    Without advance notice or extra effort, they may replace the roast beef and fish sandwiches with fresh salad or pesto for vegans. Warm scones made with satisfyingly short pastry are available, as are crisp golden samosas.

    Located in the lush vegetation of the North Shore, the ancient Gunners' Barracks offers stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

    Enjoy freshly baked scones topped with clotted jam and cream and a glass of wine or a cocktail at Gunners' Barracks, which also serves a variety of sweet or savory sandwiches and petit cakes.

    You won't want to leave when you may choose from one of the 41 varieties of tea and take in this breathtaking scenery.

    Mango tapioca pudding is cool and creamy, like a summer day, while an opera cake wafer is as airy as a cloud of chocolate.


    2. Sydney's Four Seasons Hotel

    Free Wi-Fi, a bar, restaurants, fitness centre, and swimming pool are just some of the amenities available at this Sydney hotel, which overlooks the historic Rocks district. In Sydney CBD (Central Business District) is home to opulent accommodations with breathtaking views of the harbour, the harbour bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

    The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney has rooms that are each thoughtfully designed and tastefully furnished with high-end conveniences. An LCD TV, an apple docking station, and free toiletries by Appellees can be found in each of the rooms.

    Pei-Modern Restaurant is a trendy spot that serves up high-quality fare cooked in an Australian lumber oven and grill. Additionally, Grain Bar serves a variety of alcoholic beverages.

    The Four Seasons has a state-of-the-art, 350-square-meter fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment, including a soothing sauna. The hotel also has a spa where guests may get massages and facials to unwind. Guests can take advantage of our airport transfer services.

    3. Sydney's Crown Towers

    We've never had such a strong reaction to a restroom before. Yet we couldn't help but chirp with delight when the motorised lid of the high-tech, completely mechanised robot toilet in our travertine bathroom rose in a kind greeting.

    If you pay close attention, you may hear similar squeals of surprise and sighs of contentment from other guests at the almost ostentatious Crown Towers Resort in Barangaroo. This is Sydney's first "six-star hotel," and every square inch of it is opulently decorated to impress. Rather than merely impressing or satisfying, it will absolutely drop your jaw.

    We cautiously lower ourselves into the seat, which has been pre-heated to a temperature just above our own, and it seems to us that this may be the most fitting metaphor for our time at Crown Towers.

    The hotel's lavish decor and blatant display of wealth (including a $7,000 toilet in each of the 349 rooms) are immediately eye-catching.

    What really sets it different, though, are the small touches that make you like the most special person in the room (like finding out the robot above the bathroom has an automatic, high-pressure bidet function).

    Bling is the keyword of Crown Resort aesthetic, much like the sparkling exterior of the gracefully curved sapphire shards that now commands Sydney's skyline. Not everything that shines is gold (though there is plenty of it), but the six-story chandelier rotunda in the hotel foyer certainly is made of silver, chrome, or crystal.

    It pierces the building head-on and is adorned with 396 sparkling crystals and a pulsating LED light show so that visitors on the initial six floors may look down on the action below.

    To put it mildly, the initial impression is overwhelming. However, the decor is indeed a riot all textures, finishes, materials, when you enter Crown's series reception, since why limit your options once money is no object?

    It's a tense wresting battle of interior decorating status symbols, with Parque Arabescato flooring, thick pile wool carpet, Chinese marble wall panelling, a spectacular hand-blown glass frieze, high-sheen mirrored columns, and luxurious loungers upholstered in velvet.

    Although it may seem excessive to us, in Crown's parallel universe, excess is the norm.

    Your room will corroborate this, albeit instead of the gilded flame of amber tones you'll find in the lobby, you'll find a more tranquil palette with greys & silvers.

    The aesthetic references mostly riff on classics with a modern twist, such as white leather tufted dining chairs seats on chrome legs, an asymmetrical amusement unit in rich, dark wood, and a chamfer, mirror-accented oak minibar that looks like it belongs in a 1960s Las Vegas penthouse or Kubrick's vision of 2001.

    The lord bed is draped in pure white sheets from the Italian fashion label Frette, with a cotton sheets in the thousands, adhering faithfully to the script for luxury accommodations.

    The Harbour Bridge & Opera House are visible from the room's floor-to-ceiling windows, making them an essential feature of any five-star hotel in the heart of Sydney.

    However, state-of-the-art technology serves as a bedrock for this scholarly glamour. Crown hotel owners have clearly put in a lot of thought into satisfying their guests' various requirements by including thoughtful amenities wherever available.

    Lights, drapes, and blinds may all be dimmed, brightened, or darkened to suit your every whim, and a tablet can be used to call housekeeping or get in touch with the concierge. In addition to a TV that can be seen from the comfort of your soaking tub, the entertainment system also features many terrestrial channels, streaming services, and a sizable collection of pay-per-view movies.

    The suite is equipped with USB charging connections in convenient locations, so you can power up your gadget whether you're relaxing in bed, on the sofa, or in the bathtub. All of these special privileges are included in the Executive Suite. If you're willing to splurge for one of the Crown Resort's 26th-floor villas, though, you won't have to worry about charging your phone because each villa has its own butler.

    This hotel was planned and built before the 2020 globalisation that will make the planet much smaller. It's understandable that the thought of keeping international borders closed until further notice caused a great deal of concern at this opulent venue (and probably still does, considering the well-documented regulatory troubles of the Crown Group).

    In these wacky times of staycation tourism, however, Crown's desire to carve out an unrivalled niche within Sydney's luxury accommodation sector has given it a surprise edge over its rivals.

    Crown is best not thought of as a hotel, but rather as a luxury ciy with 14 eating venues (nine are currently available, with the remaining sites debuting in the upcoming months), which includes the first Sydney observation post of Japanese fine-diner Bartenders, a world-class spa complete with infrared sauna as well as a 37-degree 'vitality pool,' and government fitness facilities along with a waterfront yoga terrace.

    There are other hotels that have promoted the idea of a "staycation" as a way to use a luxurious hotel room as both a home base while exploring the local area. Still, it has been challenging to persuade customers to part with their money when they may have a perfectly comfortable bedroom as home just a short drive away.

    The pitch is totally different at Crown. Crown Towers is more than simply a convenient city centre hideaway; in fact, if you don't want to, you don't even have to leave the building.

    Everything you could possibly want or need is right here at 1 Barangaroo Avenue.

    When you can stay in the comfort of your own neighbourhood, there's no reason to book here. Simply put, the level of extreme comfort and convenience you'll discover here is unmatched by anything in your home. Also, we're ready to bet a robot bathroom is in there somewhere.

    sydney the tea room qvb

    4. The QVB Tea Room

    The Tea Room of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is one of the most beautiful settings imaginable for a traditional English afternoon tea. This magnificent structure, steeped in European architectural tradition, offers an experience unlike any other. They also know how to properly honour the tradition of high tea.

    Located in the centre of Sydney, the Tea Room offers a European-style high tea service. Food of the highest quality and extreme European inspiration may be found inside the Queen Victoria Building.

    Petit fours are served over Royal Albert fine china at The Tea Room, where they are created by an award-winning patissier. The decor is enough to make you forget that you're in the heart of the city, right next to Sydney's busiest shopping mall.

    This QVB staple has an extensive tea menu spanning three pages. Thirty-five different kinds of tea are available, including their "splendid Earl Grey" mix and an assam bari so strong your spoon will stand upright in it.

    As much as the little, individual meringue pies with crisp pastry shells, the best part of having tea at the this Sydney business is catching up with friends.

    You should have some good conversation (or at least juicy gossip) prepared for while you're standing up straight in your small velour chair and nibbling on dainties from the three-tier tray.

    The gigantic, all-white space is decorated with glistening chandeliers and ornate gold filigree; waiters serve tea from enormous silver urns at discrete stations set up strategically throughout the room.

    Finger sandwiches made with ingredients like cucumber, egg, salmon, and ham, and plump scones served with fruit preserves & clotted cream, are brought to the table by the ever-present and ever-cheerful crew.

    It's as if you've stepped into the a royal banquet, with delectable petits fours displayed on magnificent Royal Albert china and British silverware.

    Whatever the occasion, the Tea Room is always a fantastic choice for a celebration.

    There are options for both morning and afternoon tea, as well as an a la carte meal. Particularly noteworthy is their single property tea selection, which is ideal for the most discerning palates. Undoubtedly, this central business district of Sydney high tea has become the gold standard.

    Adding a glass of sparkling wine, a cocktail, or a bottle of French champagne to your high tea will elevate the experience to a more refined level. This high-end venue caters to a diverse clientele.

    The Tea Room is a delightful oasis, tucked away in the QVB's north end on the third floor.

    5. Burnt Orange

    The Burnt Orange is the place to go for a relaxed high tea with stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

    Soak up the breathtaking scenery while you enjoy a delightful spread both savoury and sweet treats.

    How do you like your orange pekoe served in that adorable teapot with the button design? The store Burnt Orange is the type where you can buy an identical item once you're done with yours.

    Choux buns, macaroons, scones, and quiches are just some of the afternoon treats available at this restaurant, which also boasts a distinctive Burnt Orange Tart made with blood orange curd & Swiss meringue and was created by executive pastry chef Chris Razenbacher.

    Each guest will receive a big teapot, and for an additional $10 per person, they can upgrade to the a sparkling high tea. This is the kind of high tea that works for any event.

    The building that now houses the café and shop was once a 1920s golf club, making it the kind of location in which you can sit on a great old wood balcony and see Middle Harbour or perhaps the kookaburras pecking at the lawn below.

    Start yours off by a chilled bottle of Redbank Edith brut and get ready for a barrage of sweets. The pastry with salted dark chocolate ganache on top of your coffee tower will have just the right amount of saltiness to balance off the sweetness of the Moroccan orange and almond cake underneath it.

    The spread of muffins on the bottom tier is from-your-nan's-oven perfect, though we'd have prefered simple clotted cream instead of the too-sweet vanilla peanut stuff they're serving. The chicken/tarragon finger hamburgers here are made on a crumby, actually nearly cake-like brown bread, leaving us beginning to wonder whose fingers they were starting to think of when they made them.

    Banoffee pie topped with dulce de leche, a strawberry & white chocolate tart, a tomato frittata with feta and chutney created in-house, and a posset made with yuzu and blood orange.

    If the thought of high tea or high tea has your mouth watering, you must make a reservation at Burnt Orange.

    Searching for Sydney's top high teas with the kids? For $35 per youngster under 12, guests at Burnt Orange can enjoy a high tea spread that includes profiteroles, marzipan people, scones, and flavoured milk.

    There are very few better ways to get a sugar rush than by eating an excessive amount of cake while looking out over this beautiful landscape.

    sydney sir stamford at circular quay

    6. Circular Quay's Sir Stamford

    Want to spend a long afternoon doing something that's luxurious and quintessentially British? When it comes to high teas, Sir Stamford's Stamford High Tea is as classic as they come.

    High tea at the posh Sir Stamford hotel runs like clockwork. So, it's only appropriate that Sade's "Smooth Operator" be playing in the background as we wait to also be served.

    After being seated, we are each given a flute of cold Moet and or Chandon Champagne and given a kindly whispered rundown of what to expect: a tri stand will appear, and we should eat from the bottom up; tea will be provided as once savoury plate has been emptied; etc.

    Sure, you'll get to try some of the lightest, most tender scones you've ever had right out of someone's oven. However, its authenticity isn't limited to that.

    The second thing that makes a high tea feel like you're spending the afternoon at your grandmother's UK flat is... Charming artworks and magnificent antiques are the room's defining features.

    There is a vast range of teas available, from the classics to those with more nuanced, aromatic flavours. Try something new, like French rose with vanilla; it has a flavour reminiscent of Turkish delight.

    The beautiful canapés, bite-sized pastry packed with spicy potato, plus artistic sandwiches, such as curried tuna encased in a swirl of emerald bread and topped wit purple flowers, are just a few examples of the creative fare on offer.

    Elegant white chocolate & pomegranate mousse and miniature macarons lead into light, airy scones slathered with thick cream and jam and tangy berry compote.

    If you're looking for a traditional, lavish high tea in Stamford, complete wit French sparkling champagne and delectable sweets, you're in luck.

    With their own specially prepared menu, even children can appreciate the elegance of high tea. Any day is a good afternoon for high tea at Stamford.

    An excellent piece of advice is to select a seat in a window location. Even more so than Diazepam, the dim atmosphere and plentiful servings at the pub have a hypnotic effect.

    7. Primus Hotel Sydney

    The Central Business District (CBD) may not have the same late-night appeal that it once did, but there is a hotel that is enticing Sydneysiders and international visitors to not just stay out late, but to spend the night as well. It wasn't until early to mid-2015 that a five-star hotel, The Primus, arrived in a rather quiet area of the Central Business District.

    The heritage structure, albeit magnificent on the outside, doesn't stand out among the enormous grey towers on Pitt Street, and the hotel's exterior isn't something to write home about.

    However, as long as you're inside of the reception area, this instantly changes. Glossy cream marble floors and a copper-lined check-in desk may be found in a spacious atrium with imposing columns. In addition to the helpful and pleasant staff, the check-in process was quick and easy.

    There are 172 rooms, all of which are stylish and pay homage to the building's history.

    The hotel's art deco building was previously the Sydney Water Department headquarters, and many of the building's original features remain. When you return to your room, you'll discover a marble bathroom and a variety of helpful items.

    With plush oxblood accents, a deep navy carpet, and shiny gold features, this room is the epitome of opulence. Every type of apartment imaginable is available, from cosy doubles to the presidential penthouse.

    The great advantage of vacationing in this hotel was access to the unique rooftop pool. A bar, private cabanas, and a spacious pool deck make the fourth floor rooftop sanctuary the best in the building. Please arrive as early as possible and spend lots of time as you can in this area.

    There are a few great places to eat within walking distance of the Primus Hotel, including a couple of Korean barbeque restaurants and a ramen shop serving thick tonkotsu broth.

    If you do not even feel like leaving the hotel, our bar serves a wide variety of wines and nibbles late into the night. It has a classic ambience and a respectable wine list.

    8. Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

    That's what They call the breakfast of champions.

    Horizon Club guests of the Shangri-La Sydney can enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet featuring Asian, continental, or a la carte options, as well as breathtaking panoramas of Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House, at the lounge with the same name.

    Views stretch from of the Blue Mountains to the beaches and the South Pacific in the east, while below you, ferries as cruise ships bob and weave like toys in such a bathtub.

    A Shangri-La Sydney is an excellent place to stay if you share the opinion of the locals that Sydney is among the most beautiful city in the world.

    The hotel's Blu Bar on 36 & Altitude restaurant are must-sees throughout your stay.

    Blu Bar on 36 has luxury table service and well-known cocktails like the Le Formidable, which combines Bombay Sapphire vodka, apple juice, peach bitters, and raspberry, in addition to that breathtaking panorama.

    Do you want for an abundance of chocolate at your Sydney high tea? The Shangri-Wickedly La's Sweet Chocolate Tea is a high tea unlike any other.

    Disappointing for those who care about their health or who have diabetes. There are three layers : brownies, bavarois, macarons, & chocolate cakes in this sinful treat. Reserve a spot at Shangri-Coffee La's High Tea if you're a caffeine addict.

    Enjoy sophisticated European fare like Byron Bay suck pig grilled three ways on abalone or wheat Angus beef tenderloin on beetroot puree in a main dining room at Altitude, which seats 18 people in a glass box with a view of the city fit for a king.

    With carefully placed mirrors, even those seated with their backs to the windows may enjoy the breathtaking panorama.

    In 2015, the hotel had an extensive renovation that included a new colour scheme of gold and silver as well as newly commissioned carpets and pieces of art.

    Horizon Club's atrium features a magnificent chandelier made from three interlocking brass rings. The architect's intention that the building serve as a "lighthouse" was realised because it is visible from many locations along the shoreline.

    Every one of the city's harborfront hotels has rooms that exude timeless elegance with their marble bathrooms, blond wood panelling, and large windows. Among the many unique features of Horizon Club classrooms is a TV-playing toilet and a selection of pillows to choose from.

    Chi the Spa, located on the second floor of the hotel, blends Australian medicinal practises and botanical components with those of Asia and the Middle East. The Arabian Orange Renewal Therapy is a 90-minute facial and body treatment that combines the benefits of oud wood, incense, sandalwood, and rose.

    The hotel's honey is harvested from urban beehives from the outside patio on the third-floor rooftop. Anna Polyviou, the hotel's celebrity chef, is well-known for both her punk hairstyle and her visually and flavorfully arresting patisserie creations.

    Sweets and pastries made by Executive Chocolatier Anna Polyviou are paired with espresso drinks like the Martini and affogato. It's easy to see why this high tea was voted among Sydney's best.

    The Shangri-la Hotel Sydney is in a prime location for exploring the historic Rocks district, crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, going to the Sydney Opera House, and catching boats to Taronga Zoo and Manly. And don't miss the brand spanking new bars and restaurants along the neighbouring Streets of Barangaroo, as well as the gorgeous waterfront Barangaroo Reserve to the west of the hotel.

    9. Radisson Blu Hotel

    One of the nicest high teas in Sydney can be had at the Resort And spa Plaza Hotel in the city centre for as little as $79 per person.

    The Radisson Blu's high tea is a refined, low-key event. No bubbly-fueled hen parties are becoming raucous in this area.

    It's a quiet, convenient spot to regroup after a hectic day for the city or stock up on energy for the next adventure. As one of the ten classic Twinings loose-leaf mixes steeps in silver pots on the table, relax in a soft green recliner made for two and take in the view through the big arched windows.

    All of the cakelets just on top tier of a slate coffee stand are gluten-free, so accommodating those with special dietary needs is a breeze.

    You can eat everything from chocolate beetroot cake to tart raspberry jelly or lemon curd tarts. Cucumber and roast beef triangles, as well as salmon roses, are served on fluffy white bread. The food is hearty, comforting, and easy to digest.

    The only scones you'll notice a difference in texture from their wheat-based counterparts with are the flat, crumbly ones.

    Unwind in one of the cushy lounge seats and indulge in some of the finest tea time treats the city has to offer.

    La Maison Du Thé serves a variety of pastries and coffees, including beef and cress, curried puffs, and swiss rolls.

    sydney the langham sydney

    10. The Langham Sydney

    Palm Court, widely considered to be the first location to serve high tea, has been brought all the way to Sydney by The Langham Sydney from the hotel's flagship location in London.

    Afternoon Tea to Wedgwood is here to provide you with a high tea encounter thanks to a new global partner.

    The elegant Langham hotel is well recognised as the venue where the custom of having afternoon tea was first established in Australia.

    Experience the pinnacle of high tea with Wedgwood, straight from their premier London hotel, where high tea was first served more than 150 years ago.

    Take high tea inside the elegant Palm Court of the Langham and bask in the splendour of its decadent decor. Afternoon Tea at Wedgewood is held at one of Sydney's most picturesque locations for high tea and is replete with delicious treats.

    Currently, Wedgwood and Valrhona are working together to offer a chocolate-themed afternoon tea that is both luxurious and opulent.

    Dark chocolate crustless cake, hazelnut praline tinned peaches, and double butter pecan ice cream are just some of the handcrafted pastries and tea cakes that contain Valrhona's finest cacao kinds. A dream come true for all chocolate enthusiasts.

    a more luxurious and conventional one. How about some caviar and Laurent-Perrier?

    This sumptuous area, decorated in subdued blues, is frequently reserved on Friday afternoons for tea, scones, and cakes, and the emphasis is on service.

    The hibiscus and guava tart, as well as the cream, jam, and scones, are two examples of the excellent handcrafted pastries & tea cakes that you can expect to find on the menu.

    High tea at Palm Court will be an unforgettable experience, bathed in natural light.

    Afternoon tea has been served in the hotel since 1865, and it often consists of delicate finger sandwiches like salmon, ham, and cucumber, as well as little pies made with chicken and leek.

    Vegetarian? They are more than willing to juggle their resources in order to meet your needs, and as such, you can count on receiving additional scones, cheese, tomato, and eggplant sandwich options.

    Overhead, you can see a variety of desserts, including scones with jelly and whipped cream, squares of fudge brownies, mini banoffee pies, and mini layer cakes.

    A small but well-curated collection of teas is available, with several of the varieties created especially for the Langham.

    Guests of the magical afternoon teas can have their tea leaves read and their fortunes told, while those of the Tiffin Princesses and Princes teas can pretend they are royalty while dining on treats like marshmallow sandwiches, jelly cups, and biscuits. We're starting to perspire like a hot cake.


    Many of the world's finest venues for the English tradition of high tea may be found in Sydney. Indulging in a delicious high tea is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing, and this blog will take you to the best spots in town. The Tea Room at Gunners Barracks is well-known for its high-class afternoon tea service and as the ideal place to take in views of Sydney Harbour. Chef Nathan Darling bakes scones, samosas, quiches, tiny sandwiches, and cheesecakes, and these are served against breathtaking vistas of Sydney Harbour at Gunners' Barracks. White tea and seasonal eco-friendly teas are available, and the wait staff is adorable in their ironed white coats.

    Roast beef and fish sandwiches can be swapped out for fresh salad or pesto for vegetarians and vegans. The opera cake wafer is as light as a cloud of chocolate, and the mango tapioca pudding is chilled and creamy. A+.

    The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is a high-end establishment that provides guests with free Wi-Fi, as well as a bar, several restaurants, a fitness centre, and a swimming pool. Views of the harbour, the harbour bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge may be seen from here. The rooms at this hotel are luxurious and well-appointed, each with an LCD TV, an apple docking station, and complimentary amenities developed by Appellees. There's a spa, an airport shuttle, and a state-of-the-art, 350-square-meter fitness centre. Sydney's first "six-star hotel," the Crown Towers Resort in Barangaroo exudes extravagance at every turn. Although the hotel's ostentatious furnishings and obvious displays of wealth are instantly striking, it's the hotel's attention to detail that makes guests feel like they're the only ones there.

    Content Summary

    1. Sydneysiders are justifiably proud of their city's long history and picturesque setting.
    2. High tea is served at a wide variety of Sydney's restaurants and cafés, although the greatest locations may be found on Macquarie Street, not far from Circular Quay.
    3. The British tradition of high tea is universally admired for its inimitable elegance.
    4. The English upper class custom of high tea was popularised in the 1840s by Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford.
    5. The advent of the modern era has made this practise accessible to anybody, and Sydney is home to some of the best locations to indulge in it.
    6. Some of the best places to enjoy high tea in Sydney are the city's posh restaurants with harbour views and attractive heritage gardens.
    7. After a long day of exploring the city, nothing beats winding down with a traditional high tea.
    8. The Gunners' Barracks Tea Room One of the best views in all of Sydney can be seen at Gunners' Barracks, where you can also have a delicious high tea.
    9. It would appear that Gunners Barracks is the ideal spot from which to view Sydney Harbour.
    10. Chef Nathan Darling's delectable pastries, which include scones, samosas, quiches, tiny sandwiches, and cheesecakes, are presented attractively on three-tiered stands made of English china.
    11. The wait personnel are pleasant in crisp white coats, and the tea variety goes much beyond conventional black blends (though the Black Tea is outstanding) to include seasonal ecofriendly teas as well as a delicate peach flavoured white tea.
    12. Your social media profiles will explode with new followers once you share photos from this vacation.
    13. From the breathtaking scenery to the tasty treats and the classic Royal Edward Old Country Roses, Gunner Barracks has it all for a photographer.
    14. The historic Gunners' Barracks may be found amid the North Shore's verdant surroundings, providing breathtaking panoramas of Sydney Harbour.
    15. At Gunners' Barracks, you may get a bottle of wine or a cocktail to go with your freshly made scones with clotted jam and cream. They also provide a wide selection of sweet and savoury sandwiches and petit cakes.
    16. While sipping on one of the 41 available teas and admiring the surrounding natural beauty, you won't want to leave.
    17. The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney This Sydney hotel overlooks the historic Rocks district and provides guests with a number of conveniences, including free Wi-Fi, a bar, restaurants, a fitness centre, and a swimming pool.
    18. The rooms of the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney are all beautifully designed and appointed with deluxe amenities.
    19. Each room features an Appellees LCD TV, an Apple docking port, and complimentary toiletries.
    20. The fitness centre at the Four Seasons is spacious at 350 square metres and well equipped with modern machines and a relaxing sauna for post-workout relaxation.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tea

    It has been a part of many families traditions for many years. Indeed, 50% of Australians drink at least a cup of tea each week, and a common tea-time tradition is called High Tea. If you're wondering what exactly High Tea is and how it is different from Afternoon Tea, then we have the answers for you.

    High tea in Australia is very much the same as in England. Friends gather at their favourite tea houses at around 4 pm to enjoy a delicious teapot with tasty treats and light snacks.

    Cuppa - a cup of tea or coffee. 'Drop by this arvo for a cuppa' means, please visit this afternoon for a cup of tea or coffee.

    Tea is a large part of modern Australian culture due to its British origins. Australians drink afternoon tea and morning tea much the way the British do. Additionally, due to Australia's climate, tea can be grown and produced in northern Australia.

    Green tea has returned to Australia as a niche market, and Australians are keen coffee drinkers, yet a strong tea with milk – and often sugar – remains the hot beverage of choice for most Australians.

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